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Hello Wembley Predictions: The Thunderbastard Tag Team Championship



Oh, boy! The Thunderbastard match is one of PROGRESS’ star attractions, and after the series leading up to Wembley, we’ve seen tons of intense battles and rivalries form. Essentially, tag teams enter the ring as they would at WWE Royal Rumble, except instead of winning via exiting the ring over the top rope, competitors can pin, sumbit, or earn a disqualification. If one wrestler in a team loses, the other member loses, meaning anything can happen and probably will.

The current PROGRESS Tag Team Champions are Bandido and Flamita – two very difficult competitors to beat. It’s going to take a lot from them to keep the likes of the Grizzeld Young Veterans or CCKampf away from the gold, but there’s no reason to discount up and comers like Mills and Mayhew from potentially being crowned (providing the GYV don’t mess it up for them). The Aussie Open have looked strong this year, but if anyone is going to take this from the current champs, it’s The 198.

After Chapter 73: Fourth Shade of Green, many were left shaken after Flash Morgan-Webster turned his back on The Haskins Family, but with Wild Boar his current partner, the ring is going to explode. Both guys have excellent ability in the ring, and have shown some great teamwork leading up to Hello Wembley. God knows how anyone is going to survive this match, but it’ll be a great one.

Winners: The 198

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