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Hello Wembley Predictions: WALTER (c) vs Tyler Bate



The PROGRESS World Championship is on the line as current champion WALTER takes on the ‘big strong boi’ Tyler Bate in a first time ever match. WALTER has been on a meteoric rise on the independent scene, and has been dominating Progress Wrestling in both the ATLAS division and throughout the roster as a whole. It’s amazing to think these two haven’t actually met in the ring yet, and to have Hello Wembley as its host is nothing short of excellent.

It’s not been an easy road to get into this match, but Tyler Bate has earned his place, overcoming TK Cooper, Eddie Dennis, and Mark Haskins to be a part of the match. WALTER is a beast, but Bate is incredibly strong for his size, and it’s one of the only matches on the card where I’m struggling to pick a winner. This was due to be Zack Sabre Jr’s title match, but with him being tied up in New Japan, it’s Tyler Bate’s match for the taking. The NXT UK’s first Champion has all the skills to beat WALTER, but it’s going to be a tough showdown as The Ring General is more than capable of retaining.

Personally, I can see WALTER keeping hold of the belt, and doing so at Hello Wembley would mean that WALTER would be the best PROGRESS World Champion since Jimmy Havoc. That said, seeing Bate face either Mark Andrews or Eddie Dennis for the Championship would be a thrilling battle, but WALTER gets this in my opinion, and leaves Wembley the champion.

Winner: WALTER

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