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ICW Barramania 4 Preview



Insane Championship Wrestling is a promotion that’s near and dear to my heart. One of the most successful indies in the UK, and the first independent wrestling show I became a fan of. ICW is unashamedly 18+, but not at the expense of long-term storylines.

We are only days away from one of ICW’s “Big Four” shows, Barramania. An annual show, typically around Wrestlemania season, that takes place in The Barrowland Ballroom (or “The Barras”).

It’s a great time of year to be an ICW fan, so whether you’re a long-term fan, a lapsed viewer, or want to try something new; join me as I run through the Barramania card and help give you some context to Sunday’s huge event.

Ravie Davie & James Storm vs. Bram & Iestyn Rees

Ravie Davie and Bram have been embroiled in an intense and overly violent feud for almost a year now. Beginning with the crashing of Ravie Davie and Martina’s wedding, The King of all Evil has been slowly destroying everything positive in Davie’s life.

Since Bram allied with Iestyn Rees under the Rudo Sports brand, the numbers game has not been in Davie’s favour. He’s fallen victim to attack after brutal attack for months at the hands of these two monsters of men.

Recently imported star James Storm (luckily for Ravie Davie) is not a fan of this bullying, and at Barramania will fight side by side against the Rudo Sports pair. We have a sympathetic hero and an Impact Wrestling legend taking on one of the most dominant and despicable pairs in ICW.

Chain Match – Tor Atterhagen vs. Wolfgang

New monster on the block, Tor Atterhagen, has made a huge impact in his few appearances for ICW so far. After unsuccessfully trying to eliminate Wolfgang in the annual Square Go match (ICW’s take on a Royal Rumble), Atterhagen wasn’t finished. One night later we were treated to a brutal ambush, which included throttling the ICW veteran with a chain. Wolfgang is looking to redeem himself in what promises to be a heavy hitting affair.

Falls Count Anywhere Match – Joe Hendry vs. Chris Renfrew

For my money, this has been the most entertaining feud in the run up to Barramania, and with a selection of highlights on YouTube I would urge readers to spend a few minutes watching the ridiculousness yourselves.

Joe Hendry and Chris Renfrew has been involved in a Falls Count Anywhere match since February 12th. With the help of his intern Leyton Buzzard, Joe has been escaping Renfrew ever since. There has been referees locked in cages, a live concert and a poisoning since then. These 3 men have been the comedy highlight of ICW for months, and at Barramania it will all end.

ICW Tag Team Championship Match – The Kinky Party vs. Rampage & Ashton vs. The Kings of Catch vs. The Purge

On the go home show for Barramania, The Kinky Party finally captured their first Tag Team Gold from Rampage & Ashton. It was a perfect feel-good moment for a team that has all of the fans’ support.

Unfortunately the belts may not be around Jack and Sha’s waists for very long, as 3 other teams all have good reason to be granted a title opportunity. This match could easily be won by any of these talented pairs, so pick a favourite and enjoy!

ICW Zero G Championship Gauntlet Match – Mark Coffey vs. DCT vs. Andy Wild vs. ? vs. ? vs. ?

After both Mark Coffey and Jody Fleisch had their shoulders down for a 3 count in their recent Triple Threat Title match, ICW owner Mark Dallas vacated the title. To crown a new champion we now have a Zero G Championship gauntlet match. Unfortunately Jody is out with an injury and is no longer able to compete. With only three out of six competitors announced, there is not much I can tell you about what to expect.

ICW Women’s Championship Match – Viper (c) vs. Kasey

After a breakout year in 2017, Kasey proved that she had enough talent to be the backbone of the entire ICW women’s division and held the title for the majority of that time. Taking offense at Viper returning from worldwide success to a successful title match, Kasey was granted this match at the Barras. With Viper delivering an incredibly emotional promo on this week’s episode of Fight Club, she’ll be looking to retain on Sunday and show that ICW will always be her home.

Square go contract vs. ICW contract match – Stevie Boy vs. Kenny Williams

Stevie Boy finally cemented his place at the top of ICW in the last 6 months, winning both the King of Insanity Deathmatch and the Square Go match on the last two big shows. This was all at the expense of Kenny Williams; who at the Square Go, was under-handedly thrown over the top rope by Stevie’s previously eliminated partner, Kay Lee Ray.

After refusing to ignore this injustice, Kenny managed to coerce Stevie Boy into putting his Square Go contract (similar to the Money in the Bank contract, but for winning the Square Go) on the line in a ladder match. Stevie only agreed to do this if Kenny put his ICW career in jeopardy. The stakes are incredibly high for both men, and I’d expect some amazing high spots from these two risk takers.

Lionheart vs. Jackie Polo

To say these two men have a history, would be a gross understatement. Spanning back years, Lionheart and Jackie Polo have hated each other. It isn’t easy to find where their issues began, but when Polo made a joke of Lionheart breaking his neck in 2014, it was clear this wasn’t just a wrestling feud. Everything about their dislike for one another blurs the lines between wrestling and real life. Locker rooms have been divided over these two men, and the rivalry has never really been put to bed.

When Jackie Polo gave his retirement speech the night after the Square Go, Lionheart wasn’t going to allow him to hang up the boots with their issues unresolved. With a lot of convincing from Mark Dallas, the match was eventually signed. Get ready to witness a piece of ICW history.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship Deathmatch – BT Gunn (c) vs. Mikey Whiplash

Another match drenched in history, so much so that ICW released an hour-long documentary presented by Mikey Whiplash summing it all up. Despite all their issues of the past, the reason Whiplash has rekindled this feud is an issue of the current condition of BT Gunn. Mikey believes Gunn is a shell of his former self, and is unwilling to compete with enough violence for him to deserve to be the top guy in ICW.

To demonstrate how much carnage BT will be put through, Mikey has competed in 3 deathmatches en route to their clash, offering the opportunity to be added to the Barramania match to anyone who defeats him. He has won all 3 in bloody, brutal fashion. This will not be for the faint of heart. You have been warned!

So there you have it. Barramania takes place on Sunday, 29th of April, with the full show uploaded to ICW on demand on Monday 30th. I’ll be covering the show here, until then feel free to get in touch, ask questions and just talk wrestling!

Chips lives in a tiny seaside village in the north of England, where he watches a ridiculous amount of wrestling on demand, and then writes about it! His main passion is British wrestling, but he has an eclectic taste. Follow him on twitter @fishchipswhips where he talks more about wrestling, video games and everything else!

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