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Impact Wrestling —  Bound For Glory 2017 Predictions



Bound For Glory 2017 arrives with a Canada sized mound of questions, concerns, and rumors, but also with a ton of potential for 2018. 

The restructuring of the pioneering Live Audio Wrestling brand and the release of its members, John Pollock, Wai Ting, Jason Agnew, Dan Lovranski and Braden Herrington has once again gave many wrestling fans a reason to not give Anthem another chance at building Impact. Since 2014, Impact Wrestling’s biggest Pay-Per-View has garnered more questions outside of the ring than inside of it. Unfortunately, this year is no different. Rumors of Ricochet, Tessa Blanchard, Ethan Page, Sami Callahan and others have largely been drowned out by Anthem seemingly always low blowing themselves.

But for the performers, the time has come again to put on a great, newsworthy show that can even silence the harshest of critics. Here are predictions for Bound For Glory 2017. Stream BFG on or use the FiteTV app where you can get a $20 credit by using our code!

  • Team Impact (Eddie Edwards, EC3, and James Storm) vs. Team AAA (El Hijo Del Fantasma, Texano Jr, and Pagano — The match should be good, but Storm and EC3’s rocky relationship could cost them the match. Edwards is sort of an outlier here as the GHC Champion of Pro Wrestling NOAH. Never trust a Carter, but always trust a Cowboy. Winner — Team Impact
  • Rosemary vs. Taya Valkyrie in a Red Wedding Match — Rosemary’s popularity has risen this year and Taya is a great addition to the Knockouts Division. If given time, this might be a show stealer. Rosemary has been in face mode for a while with a series of losses recently, but the Red Wedding (First Blood) match is sort of her specialty match. I also could see Tessa Blanchard costing Rosemary the match. Winner — Taya
  • Abyss vs. Grado in a Monsters Ball — Speaking of specialty matches, Abyss invites Grado to Monsters Ball. Jeremy Borash could definitely get the call for producing this one, so look for some insanity. Winner — Abyss
  • Moose and Stephan Bonnar vs. Lashley and King Mo in Six Sides Of Steel — Moose gets his second straight PPV match where he performs with a performer outside of the Impact roster. The Slammiversary match with DeAngelo Williams was great. Lashley is still a great performer, but Moose is the future of Impact. Winner — Moose and Stephan Bonnar
  • Sienna © vs. Gail Kim vs. Allie in a triple threat for the Knockouts title — The sudden release of Taryn Terrell could be a gift and curse for this match. While Taryn’s main adversary was Gail Kim, she had minimal heat with Allie on television. Sienna has been champion for most of the year, but it is definitely time for Allie gain her first title in Impact. Winner — Allie
  • OVE © vs. LAX in a 5150 Street Fight for the Impact Tag Team Titles — After months away from Impact, I expect Alberto El Patron to become involved in this match, but in the words of the late, great Bobby Heenan, “Yeah, but what side is he on?” Winner — LAX
  • Trevor Lee © vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. Garza Jr. vs. Matt Sydal vs. Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt in a 6-way X-Division title match. — Every performer here is capable of putting up a great, fast-paced match. The Cult of Lee will probably be around for some spots as well, but if Impact is trying to tell the correct story, Super X Cup winner, Dezmond Xavier wins his first X-Division title here. Winner — Dezmond Xavier
  • Eli Drake © vs. Johnny Impact for the Global Championship — One of two things will happen in this match — Either Eli Drake will win to solidify himself as a true champion or Johnny Impact comes in and wins the title in true TNA fashion. If Drake does lose, I hope its due to Chris Adonis turning on him. Winner — Johnny Impact

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