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Impact Wrestling ‘Bound for Glory’ 2017 Results



Bound For Glory

Aberdeen Pavilion
Ottawa, Canada

• At the top of the show, a pre-tape from earlier in the day is shown of Alberto El Patron making his way into the arena.

Match #1: Trevor Lee (c) defeats Petey Williams, Dezmond Xavier, Matt Sydal, Sonjay Dutt, and Garza Jr to retain the X-Division Championship

This was a really good match. All 6 men really shined in this six way challenge. Petey Williams had the upper hand when he hit the Canadian Destroyer on Dezmond Xavier but Trevor Lee had it perfectly scouted when he quickly tossed Williams out of the ring and pinned Xavier to retain his X-Division Championship.

• Eli Drake and Chris Adonis are shown walking around backstage.
• Global Forged winner Hakim Zane is shown sitting in the crowd.

Match #2: Taji Ishimori defeats Tyson Dux

This was a good match. It was a good showcase of some fresh names to the Impact crowd. Laurel Van Ness was making her way around the crowd during the match. Ishimori hits Dux with a 450 Splash to get the victory.

• Johnny Impact is shown making his way into the arena
• Grado is backstage warming up for his match when Abyss walks up to him. Grado grabs Abyss and says he knows Joseph is in there and tells him he doesn’t have to do this.
• Alberto El Patron is out next. Patron says that impact screwed him and that they listened to the reports rather than listen to the facts. Patron goes on to say that he’s the real world champion and that he has something huge planned for tonight. Patron then calls out Jeremy Borash and says he thought they were friends and says that Borash never called or texted him. Patron makes his over to Borash and Borash admits and apologizes for never reaching out to Patron and Patron extends his hand to Borash and Borash shakes Patrons hand. Patron goes on to say he’s here to make a statement and that Bound For Glory is going to be amazing.

Match #3: Abyss defeats Grado in Monsters Ball

This was a fun match. If Grado wants to stay in Impact he’s got to defeat Abyss in his own match. Grado sandwiched Abyss between two barbed wire boards and hits a Big Splash on to Abyss between the boards. Grado picks up Janice to finish the job but then Laurel Van Ness appears and low blows Grado and then delivers an Unprettier to Grado. Van Ness is holding Janice high when the lights go out and Rosemary appears and spits red mist into the eyes of Van Ness. Abyss goes to Choke Slam Rosemary but she talks him out of it. Abyss grabs Grado and Rosemary goes to spit red mist at Grado but Grado moves and the red mist goes into the mask of Abyss. While Abyss is blinded by the red mist he Choke Slams Rosemary onto thumb tacks. Abyss then delivers a Black Hole Slam to Grado onto a barbed wire bored and picks up the win and ends Grado’s career in Impact.

• EC3, James Storm, and Eddie Edwards are backstage with McKenzie Mitchell and tells her they plan to bring home a victory for team Impact.

Match #4: James Storm, Eddie Edwards, & EC3 defeat Pagano, El Hijo Del Fantasma, & Texano Jr

This was a pretty good match. Going into the match Storm and EC3 showed some mistrust in one another but they were able to put their differences aside tonight to pick up the win after James Storm hits Pagano with the Last Call Super Kick and secures a victory for Team Impact.

• McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. Drake says that he will leave still the Global Champion tonight.

Match #5: OVE (c) defeats LAX in a 5150 Street Fight to retain the Impact Tag Team Championships

This was a great match. Before the match got under way someone is shown laid out backstage and a mysterious person is standing over them holding a pipe. This match had some crazy spots. Ortiz Power Bombed Jake Crist off the ramp through a table then moments after Santana delivers a huge Spalsh from the top of one of the LED props to Dave Crist through a table. LAX is about to finish off OVE when Sami Callihan appears and throws white powder into Konnan’s face and then throws Ortiz on to a ladder. Callihan then delivers a Pile Driver to Santana through a table. OVE rolls Santana back into the ring and pins him to retain their Tag Team Championships.

• Gail Kim is backstage with McKenzie Mitchell and tells her that tonight will be final match in Impact and wants to leave as the Knockouts Champion.
• Anthony Carelli is shown in the crowd.

Match #6: Gail Kim defeats Sienna (c) and Allie to win the Knockouts Championship

This was a pretty good match. Gail Kim was set out to win one more championship before she retires from Impact. Sienna dumps Allie out of the ring then Gail Kim grabs Sienna to deliver a Eat Defeat off the top rope to win the Knockouts Championship in her final match.

• Dan Lambert is backstage pumping up American Top Team for the match later tonight.
• Eli Drake and Johnny Impact are shown getting ready for their match tonight.
• Jimmy Jacobs appears on the stage and then walks over to the commentating table and puts on a head set and announces that he works for Impact now.
• Moose and Stephan Bonnar are backstage prepping for their match coming up next.

Match #7: Lashley and King Mo defeat Moose and Stephan Bonnar in Six Sides Of Steel

This was a good match. This match quickly turned into an all out brawl. Dan Lambert and American Top Team enter the cage and they all beat down on Moose and Bonnar. Lashley picks up the win after hitting Moose with a Spear.

• McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Johnny Impact and Impact says he’s leaving tonight with the Global Championship.

Match #8: Eli Drake (c) defeats Johnny Impact to retain the Global Championship

This a good main event. Johnny Impact never fails to deliver quality match after quality match. Eli Drake has easily become one of the best wrestlers in the world today since coming to Impact a couple of years ago. Impact seemed to have Drake beat after hitting him with. Star Ship Pain but El Patron comes out of no where and pulls the ref out of the ring to stop the count. After the ref gets taken out El Patron hits Drake with the belt and then nails Impact with it. El Patron lays Drake on top of Impact and Drake retains the Global Championship.

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