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Impact Wrestling Recap (1.4.18): LAX vs. OVE Championship Match



  • The show opens up with Dan Lambert telling ATT that he doesn’t need them in his corner for his match tonight with James Storm and tells them to take the night off. 

Match #1: Taji Ishimori defeats Trevor Lee (c) to win the X-Division Championship 

Impact picked a great match to start off 2018 with. Trevor lee looked more dominant than ever trying to defend the gold but Ishimori stopped his dominance after connecting with a 450 Splash on Lee to get the win and to become the first ever Pro Wrestling Noah star to win the X-Division championship. 

  • Ishimori is stopped backstage by Dezmomd Xavier. Xavier reminds Ishimori of the first time they wrestled that Xavier won and challenges him to one more for the Championship and Ishimori agrees to it. 
  • Konnan is in the LAX clubhouse talking about how bad he wants to end Sami Callihan and OVE.
  • McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with James Storm talking to him about his career vs career match with Dan Lambert. Storm says tonight it’s Lambert vs everyone in that locker room. 

Match #2: EC3 (c) defeats Fallah Bah and Matt Sydal to retain the Impact Grand Championship

This was a good match. It was interesting to see a triple threat set in Grand Championship rules. Fallah Bah won the first round. EC3 won the second round. In the third round Sydal hits EC3 with the Shooting Star Press but isn’t able to get to the 3 count in time before the round ended. EC3 wins the third round by judges decision and retains his Impact Grand Championship. 

  • Footage is shown of Moose entering the building but is jumped from behind by KM. 
  • McKenzie is backstage with Allie asking her how she feels to be the #1 contender for Knockouts Championship. Allie says that this is her time. Laurel Van Ness jumps Allie from behind to end the interview. 

Match #3: Dan Lambert defeats James Storm in a No Holds Barred Career vs. Career match 

This wasn’t much of a match. Not long after the match started, ATT runs down and jumps Storm. Storm manages to get the upper hand after fighting everyone off and finally had Lambert in a corner but is then hit in the head by a beer bottle by KM. Storm kicks out after the attack by KM and stands tall but is then hit by 2 beer bottles by two members of ATT. Lambert falls on top to get the pin and defeats James Storm ending his career in impact Wrestling. 

  • James Storm is greeted in the back by the locker room as everyone hugs him goodbye. Then Storm is shown on his phone telling his wife he would be home soon and then walks off.

Match #4: Chandler Park defeats Jon Bolen

This was a short match. Chandler Park started his Impact career facing off with a veteran in Jon Bolen. Bolen controlled most of the match. Park got the upper hand for a second but then distracted him self when he went to high-five Joseph Park and Bolen captivated by kicking the rope into Parks crotch. Joseph distracts Bolen long enough for park to roll up Bolen up to pick up the win.  

  • Sydal is backstage and says that EC3 keeps avoiding facing him 1 on 1 like a man and is scared of him. 

Match #5: Eli Drake (c) defeats Alberto El Patron to retain the Impact Global Championship

This was a good match. This match came to us from WrestlePro out of New Jersey. Drake and Patron spent a lot of time brawling in the crowd. Moments after the match got brought back into the ring Drake hits Patron with the Championship and then lays on him to get the pin and to retain his Impact Global Championship. 

Match #6: LAX defeats OVE (c) to become the new Impact Tag Team Champions

This was a great match. LAX had a lot riding on this match. If LAX loses, LAX has to leave. OVE jumps LAX as they were making their entrance. Santana wrestled most of the match cause Ortiz was still down after the attack. Ortiz made his way to the ring. LAX managed to come back from a brutal beating by OVE. LAX hits Jake Christ with the Street Sweeper to get the win and to regain the Impact Tag Team Championships.

Brandon is a life long wrestling fan and a die hard hardcore kid. Pro wrestling and hardcore music helped him find acceptance and gave him a place to be himself at. It's what has made him the passionate fan and person he his today. If you were to ask him what keeps him going Day to day he would say these three things "pro wrestling, hardcore, and Alexa Bliss". if you ever want to hit Brandon up to chat you can get him at or Twitter(@brandonpsmc)

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