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Impact Wrestling Recap (11.30.17)



  • The show opens up with Jeremy Borash backstage with all 6 women who will be competing in a tournament to crown a new Knockouts Champion. Borash tells us that there will be 2 triple threat matches and the winners of each will go on to face each other for the Championship. 

Match #1: Laurel Van Ness defeats Madison Rayne and KC Spinelli

This was the first match in the Knockouts Championship tournament and these 3 women put on a good match. Madison Rayne made her return to Impact in this match and she looked better than ever. KC Spinelli has been super impressive since making her Impact debut a couple of weeks ago and continued to impress in this match. Laurel Van Ness is usually found in the crowd looking for a new boyfriend but tonight she was proving why she was one of the best in the world today after hitting KC with the Unprettier to pick up the win and to advance to the finals of the Knockouts Championship tournament. 

  • Alberto El Patron and Johnny Impact are both shown walking into the building 

Match #2: Taiji Ishimori defeats Hakim Zane 

This match was fine. Hakim Zane was making his Impact debut since winning Global Forged. Zane had a huge test ahead of him in Taiji Ishimori. Zane looked good but it wasn’t enough to put away Ishimori. Ishimori hits Zane with the 450 Splash to get the win. 

  • After the match Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley attack Ishimori. 
  • James Storm is backstage with McKenzie Mitchell talking about his match tonight with Texano Jr. 
  • LAX is in their clubhouse talking about their plans to take out OVE

Match #3: Sami Callihan defeats Randy Myers 

This match was brought to us by DEFY Wrestling out of Seattle, Washington. This was a really good match. Randy Myers had a couple of near falls on Callihan but Callihan turned it around on Myers after nailing him with a vicious Clothesline to get the win. 

  • McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Alberto El Patron. El Patron talks about his match with Johnny Impact and says that he is the reason people are watching Impact Wrestling. 
  • KM is backstage beating up members of security in hopes of impressing American Top Team

Match #4: James Storm defeats Texano Jr

Before the match started American Top Team are shown backstage making their way to ringside and are met by KM asking them if he’s proven he belongs yet and they ignore him. This was a great match. Storm and Texano went at each other with everything they had. Texano hits Storm with a Super Kick of his own and then puts on Storms hat but Storm turns it around connecting with a Last Call Super Kick to Texano to get the win. 

  • After the match American Top Team attacks Storm. Moose hits the ring with a steel chair and runs American Top Team out of the ring. Dan Lambert gets on the mic and challenges Moose and Storm to a match next week against hisself and Lashley. 
  • A Park Park and Park vignette is shown introducing us to Chandler Park. 
  • Johnny Impact is backstage with McKenzie Mitchell and tells her his arm isn’t 100 percent but it’s good enough to get the job done tonight against El Patron. 
  • Eli Drake and Chris Adonis are backstage and Drake says he’s watching the match tonight and that he hasn’t forgotten the 5 stitches that El Patron gave him. Drake is then met by Jimmy Jacobs but Jacobs just keeps walking by. 

Match #5: Matt Sydal defeats Tyson Dux

This is was a good match with EC3 on commentary. Tyson Dux is one of the best up and coming guys in the world right now and proved that by giving Sydal a run for his money in this match. Sydal picks up the win after hitting Dux with the Shooting Star Press. 

Match #6: Johnny Impact defeats Alberto El Patron

This a really good match. Johnny Impact and El Patron have had a storied rivalry over the past couple of years and yet again put on another good match together tonight. The referee gets taken out after Patron pulls him in the way of an Impact Elbow. Patron resorts to a low blow on Impact and continues to beat him down. Eli Drake hits the ring and nails El Patron with the Global Championship. Impact hits Patron with a Star Ship Pain to get the win. 

  • After the match Drake and Adonis attack Impact. Petey Williams runs down for the save and delivers a Canadian Destroyer to Drake to close the show. 

Brandon is a life long wrestling fan and a die hard hardcore kid. Pro wrestling and hardcore music helped him find acceptance and gave him a place to be himself at. It's what has made him the passionate fan and person he his today. If you were to ask him what keeps him going Day to day he would say these three things "pro wrestling, hardcore, and Alexa Bliss". if you ever want to hit Brandon up to chat you can get him at or Twitter(@brandonpsmc)

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