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Impact Wrestling Recap (12.7.17)



  • The show opens up with Alberto El Patron talking about getting revenge on Eli Drake tonight after Drake cost him his match against Johnny Impact last week. 

Match #1: Taiji Ishimori defeats Caleb Konley 

This match was fine. Ishimori was looking to get some revenge on Cult Of Lee after what they did to him last week. Ishimori hits Konley with the 450 Splash to get the win. 

  • After the match Cult Of Lee attack Ishimori but is saved by Desmond Xavier. 
  • American Top Team are shown making their way into the building. 

Match #2: Rosemary defeats Allie and Sienna to advance to the finals of the Knockouts Championship Tournament

This was a good match. Sienna has been angry since losing the Championship to Gail Kim at BFG and all she had on her mind she as getting one step closer to getting back what was once hers. Sienna’s plans got changed after Rosemary hits Allie with the red Wedding to win the match and to face Laurel Van Ness for the Knockouts Championship next week. 

  • OVE are out to air their grievances. Callihan says If LAX wants another shot at the Championships they can have one, but it will be on their terms. Callihan then goes on to insult the Ottawa crowd. TDT Interrupt Callihan and attack’s OVE. Callihan then hits the ring and beats TDT down with a kendo stick and Pile Drives a member of TDT. OVE sets up the other member of TDT for the All Seeing Eye but is stoped by LAX. 
  • Allie is backstage upset over losing her match and Gail Kim tells her to not be upset and that it is her time. 
  • A pre-tape is shown of KM outside of a gym and tells American Top Team to watch what he is about to do. KM goes into the gym and destroys everyone in the gym. 
  • LAX is in their clubhouse talking about how they will handle OVE next week. 
  • McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Chris Adonis and Eli Drake. They say they are going to defeat Johnny Impact and Petey Williams tonight. Drake then calls out El Patron.

Match #3: EC3 (c) vs. Matt Sydal for the Impact Grand Championship ends in a draw 

This was a good match. Fallah Bah comes down and makes himself a judge for this match. It’s tied 1-1 going into the 3rd round. At the end of the 3rd round the judges rules the round 10-10 and the match is a draw and EC3 retains. 

  • A Park Park and Park vignette is shown. 

Match #3: Lashley and Dan Lambert defeat Moose and James Storm 

This was an alright match. Lashley wrestled most of the match for his team. After some interference from ATT, Lashley hits Storm with a Spear. Lambert tags him self in and gets the pin and the win for his team. 

  • McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Johnny Impact and Petey Williams and they tell us that they are gonna beat Drake and Adonis tonight’s 

Match #4: Johnny Impact and Petey Williams defeat Eli Drake and Chris Adonis

This was solid main event. Adonis and Drake pull out some of their dirty tactics but it wasn’t enough to put away Impact and Williams. Impact hits Adonis with the Star Ship Pain to pick up the win. 

  • After the match Alberto El Patron comes through the crowd and attacks Drake. The show ends with El Patron standing tall over Drake. 

Brandon is a life long wrestling fan and a die hard hardcore kid. Pro wrestling and hardcore music helped him find acceptance and gave him a place to be himself at. It's what has made him the passionate fan and person he his today. If you were to ask him what keeps him going Day to day he would say these three things "pro wrestling, hardcore, and Alexa Bliss". if you ever want to hit Brandon up to chat you can get him at or Twitter(@brandonpsmc)

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