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Impact Wrestling Recap (3.22.18): EC3’s final show



The fallout for ‘Feast or Fired’ builds toward April 22nd’s ‘Redemption’.

We get to see which wrestlers will be awarded title shots and who got their pink slip. We also get another meeting between Alberto El Patron and current Impact World Champ Austin Aries. Check out the full recap and some highlights from last night’s show below.

  • Alberto El Patron is out to kick off the show and says he’s here to fight. Patron goes on to say that Aries is not the greatest man to ever live, that he is. Aries comes out and tells Patron he’s full of crap and then grants him a match at Redemption for the Championship. Patron tells Aries that he’s not truly the champion until he beats the man who never lost it.

Match #1: Trevor Lee defeats Fallah Bahh

This match was fine. Fallah Bahh had his hands full dealing with the shenanigans of Trevor Lee and the outside interference of Caleb Konley but kept managing to overcome. The match comes to an end after Lee pulls Bahh down from the second rope and rolls him up for the win. 

  • There is video footage of Sami Callihan following Eddie Edwards wife, Alisha at her hotel and ends with Callihan getting one of the hotel employees to let him into Alisha’s room. 
  • McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Petey Williams talking to him about his Feist or Fired briefcase. Williams says he doesn’t even care if it’s the pink slip cause he’s been fired before and they he would risk his job to get a Championship shot. 

Match #2: Matt Sydal (c) defeats Rohit Raju to retain the X-Division Championship

This was a good match. This was Sydal’s first match since revealing that Josh Matthews is his spiritual adviser. Raju is still new to Impact and had a huge opportunity to capture the X-Division Championship this early in his Impact career. Sydal gets the win after hitting Raju with a Shooting Star Press. 

  • McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Moose and his Feist or Fired briefcase. Moose says 2018 is the year of Moose. 
  • McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Eli Drake and his Feist or Fired briefcase. Drake says that it doesn’t matter what’s in his briefcase that he will keep coming back. 

Match #3: Allie (c) defeats Sienna to retain the Knockouts Championship

This was a good match. This was Allie’s first defense since winning the Knockouts Championship. Sienna has been out for a while with an injury and made her return tonight to recapture what was once hers. Allie connects with a Super Kick to Sienna to pick up the win. After the match Braxton Sutter comes out and tells Allie she’s the most important thing he sees when he tries sleep at night. Sutter then asks Allie to marry him. While Allie is turned around Su Yung makes her impact debut and attacks Allie. 

  • McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with EC3 and his Feast or Fired briefcase. EC3 keeps trying to say he’s getting another shot at the World Championship but he keeps getting interrupted by different members of the roster saying that he’s going to get fired.
  • Impact sends a camera crew the hotel Alisha Edwards is at. Eddie Edwards is there and barges in the room to find his wife sleeping and she says she’s fine. He checks the rooms and then leaves. Sami Callihan is disguised as a hotel maid and attacks Edwards as he walks out of the room. 

Match #4 Kongo Kong defeats Abyss in Monsters Ball

This match was fine. For weeks, Jimmy Jacobs has been trying to get Abyss to come out and face his monster and tonight he finally got what he wanted. Kongo Kong did what Jacobs said he would do and became the new monster of Impact. Kong choke slams Abyss onto a barbed wired board and the hits Abyss with a big splash from the top to get the win. 

  • Up next, the contents of the Feist or Fired briefcases are revealed. Eli Drake opens his first and gets the Tag Title Shots. Next Petey Williams opens his to reveal that he has the X-Division title shot. Moose and EC3 open their briefcases at the same time. Moose opens his up before EC3 can and is revealed that he got the Impact Global Championship. EC3 ended up with the pink slip and is fired. EC3 says his farewell and then attacks Borash with his briefcase. Cage makes the save and then hits EC3 with the Drill Claw. 

Brandon is a life long wrestling fan and a die hard hardcore kid. Pro wrestling and hardcore music helped him find acceptance and gave him a place to be himself at. It's what has made him the passionate fan and person he his today. If you were to ask him what keeps him going Day to day he would say these three things "pro wrestling, hardcore, and Alexa Bliss". if you ever want to hit Brandon up to chat you can get him at or Twitter(@brandonpsmc)

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