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Impact Wrestling Recap (4.26.18): Beyond Redemption



  • The show opens up with Austin Aries addressing the roster on the bleachers. Aries goes on about losing his title in a match against 2 men but he still has a back up title, the Grand Championship and says that everything is alright. He then says he’s not going to complain about defending against 2 other men when Moose interrupts him and tells Aries to screw off. Then the rest of the locker room leaves.  

Match #1: Brian Cage defeats Trevor Lee

Since making his debut, Brian Cage has been dominating singles competition in a matter of seconds. But tonight was not the case. The Carolina Cave Man Trevor Lee gave The Machine a fight. Along with the help of Caleb Konley on the outside, Lee managed to give Cage some tough competition. Cage finally overcame the tactics of Konley and delivers a Drill Claw to Lee for the win. 

  • Eddie Edwards is shown making his way into the arena. Tommy Dream stops him and tells Edwards that he’s doesn’t need to be here that he needs to be with his wife at the hospital. Edwards tells Dreamer no that OVE is here and he needs to be here. 
  • Eddie Edwards comes out to the ring to call out OVE. Edwards tell OVE that If they don’t show up that he will put both of their wives in the ICU. Dave and Jake Crist jump Edwards from behind but Eddie manages to fight back. Edwards gets the upper hand and then rolls to the outside and pulls out a kendo stick from under the ring. A video pops on the screen of a man in a wheelchair rolling into a hospital room. Alisha Edwards is shown laying in the hospital bed as the man in the wheel chair rolls by her with flowers and balloons. Sami Callihan reveals himself from behind the balloons and tells Alisha they need to talk. Eddie Edwards then runs to the back making his way to the hospital. 
  • Next a video of DJZ is shown going more in-depth about the injury he suffered in Mexico that almost ended his career. 

Match #2: Moose defeats Braxton Sutter

It’s been a rough weeks for Sutter, first he gets turned down by Su Yung and now he’s got to face Moose. Sutter tried using dirty tactics but it wasn’t enough to put Mr. Impact down. Moose hits Sutter with a spear to get the win. After the match Moose gets on the mic and says that he’s coming for Pentagon’s Title. 

  • McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Matt Sydal. Sydal talks about being on his own now and how he finally opened his third eye. The segment gets cut short after a crew member yells for help. An unidentified man is laid out backstage with an X on his chest. 
  • LAX is in their clubhouse still worried about Konnan. They argue about what’s more important, getting their titles back tonight or finding Konnan. 

Match #3: Allie( c) defeats Taya Valkyrie to retain the Knockouts Championship

Taya earned this shot after defeating Kiera Hogan at Redemption. Taya looking to prove why she’s Lucha Royalty but Allie looked to prove that she’s a worthy champion. Allie connects with a Code Breaker to Taya to get the win. After the match, the lights go out and an army of undead brides come out carrying a casket. The lights come back on and Su Yung attacks Allie. The lights go off again and come back on and Rosemary is standing face to face to Su. The lights go back off and come back on and Su is done. 

  • Next KM comes up to Fallah Bahh in the back and apologizes to Bahh for fat shaming him. KM then tells Bahh they have a tag match next week and that he will prove that he has changed  his ways. 
  • Eddie Edwards makes his way to the hospital to check on Alisha. Alisha tells Eddie that Sami just wanted to talk and then asks Eddie why he left her there. Eddie then leaves looking for Sami’s room. Eddie finds it and jumps Sami until nurses and doctors pulls Eddie off of Sami. 

Match #4: Eli Drake and Scott Steiner (c) defeats LAX to retain the Impact Tag Championships 

LAX is yet again on their own, but this time they have to attempt to win the Tag Titles back. Steiner and Drake shocked the world winning the Titles at redemption and looked to keep that momentum going. LAX had Eli Drake up for a Street Sweeper but Drake counters it mid-air with a Power Slam and gets the win.

After the match, Eli Drake talks about having the World Title briefcase and says he thinks it’s about time he cashes in. Aries is out next and tells Drake that he still holds a world title and says that the Grand Championship is the most important title in Impact because he is holding it. Eli Drake the says that he doesn’t care who is the champion cause no matter what he’s becoming champion again. Pentagon Jr is out next to confront Aries and Drake. Drake and Steiner attack Pentagon but Pentagon fights them off. Pentagon and Aries have a stare down as the show goes off the air. 

Brandon is a life long wrestling fan and a die hard hardcore kid. Pro wrestling and hardcore music helped him find acceptance and gave him a place to be himself at. It's what has made him the passionate fan and person he his today. If you were to ask him what keeps him going Day to day he would say these three things "pro wrestling, hardcore, and Alexa Bliss". if you ever want to hit Brandon up to chat you can get him at or Twitter(@brandonpsmc)

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