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Impact Wrestling Recap (5.17.18): New Tag Team Champs!



Match #1: Z&E (DJZ and Andrew Everett) defeats Eli Drake and Scott Steiner (c) to win the Impact Tag Team titles

Last week Scott Steiner was upset that Eli Drake wouldn’t let him be at ringside during his match against Pentagon Jr so it was up in the air if they would be on the same page tonight. Z&E quickly earned a shot at the titles after a good showing the last 2 weeks. The frustration between Steiner and Drake continues after Steiner went to hot DJZ with a chair but instead accidentally hits Drake. Everett takes advantage of it and hits Drake and a Running Shooting Star Press to win the titles for his team. 

  • Z&E are backstage celebrating their victory and says they are just getting started. 

Match #2: Tessa Blanchard defeats Kiera Hogan

Since Blanchard’s debut she’s been going out of her to make Hogan’s life miserable. Hogan wanted to finally get her revenge but came up short after Blanchard hits Hogan with a Hanmerlock DDT to get the win. After he match Blanchard attacks Hogan but Madison Rayne runs down to make the save. 

  • Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong are backstage and Grado confronts them about Joseph Park. Jacobs tells Grado if he doesn’t hush that his body will be found laid out next. Katarina then tells Grado to not let them talk to him like that and gets him into a match with Kongo Kong.
  • Pentagon and Fantasma are backstage talking about their match tonight against Aries and Sydal. 

Match #3: Kongo Kong defeats Grado

Grado got into this match cause his girlfriend goaded him into it. Grado almost had the upper hand but Kong proved why he’s the new monster of impact powering back on a Grado putting down Grado with a Big Splash off the top rope. After the match Kong attacks Grado but Moose runs down to make the save. 

  • LAX is backstage on the phone with someone and is interrupted by Cult Of Lee. Cult Of Lee provokes them about Konnan being gone and LAX challenges them to a match. 
  • Tommy Dreamer is talking to Eddie Edwards about his street fight with Sami Callihan.

Match #4: Eddie Edwards defeats Sami Callihan in a Street Fight 

After everything these two have been through it all ends here. After Callihan attacked Don Callis Impact decided to fire him but Edwards pleaded for them to not do it so they could have one more match. Impact told Edwards it couldn’t be on Impacts turf so they went to House of Hardcore. These 2 beat each other with weapon after wearing attempting to put each other away. Edwards hits Callihan with a Boston Knee Party to get the win.

Match #5: Brian Cage defeats Facade

Brian Cage continues his world tour as he heads down to Destiny wrestling in Canada to take on Facade. Facade pulled out as much innovative offense as he could against the machine but it wasn’t enough. Cage hits facade with Weapon X to get the win. 

  • KM complements Fallah Bahh on his weight loss and then takes him to get a Makeover.
  • Up next is the Funeral Of Rosemary. Su Yung and her undead army are dragging the coffin with Rosemary in it through a graveyard and ends up way back into the woods. Su Yung ends things after she spits red mist onto the coffin that turns into flames burning the coffin. 

Match #6: Pentagon Jr and Fantasma defeats Austin Aries and Matt Sydal

On paper this match looked like a big main event, and it definitely delivered as so. It was a classic champion and challenger vs champion and challenger tag match. Austin Aries is determined to get his Impact World Title back from Pentagon Jr and Fantasma is fixated on taking the X-Division Title from Sydal. Fantasma got the upper hand on Sydal and hit him with a Thrill Of The Hunt to get the win for his team and to get a huge win before he challenges Sydal for the X-Division title next week. 

Brandon is a life long wrestling fan and a die hard hardcore kid. Pro wrestling and hardcore music helped him find acceptance and gave him a place to be himself at. It's what has made him the passionate fan and person he his today. If you were to ask him what keeps him going Day to day he would say these three things "pro wrestling, hardcore, and Alexa Bliss". if you ever want to hit Brandon up to chat you can get him at or Twitter(@brandonpsmc)

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