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It’s time to “Flex” with Dana Brooke



Per usual, right on schedule, WWE tosses that faint glimmer of hope that always keeps me holding on with one hand, only half committed to letting go.

Just as I prepare to convert my attention away from WWE programming and onto other shows, they tease the possibility of a long tenured star getting a well deserved push, dangled from a hook like bait to keep us tuning for another week of what I often find to be disappointing when WWE pulls back or abruptly ends a push without notice.

Every week seems to be the “same old, same old” in both divisions. With a “stacked to the ceiling” division of female talent, you would think WWE would be anxious to build more storylines and raise the stock of those waiting in limbo, but more often than not, they seem fine with their formulaic programming that will see Becky and Charlotte compete back and forth, with hints of the same utility opponents thrown into the mix. The Becky/Lacey Evans feud has more than run its lengthy, boring course; prompting us to wonder why they would debut Evans in a program with the champ. The Becky/Charlotte feud is often entertaining in the ring, but the build up is becoming akin to living as Bill Murray’s character in the movie “Groundhog Day”, where I wonder how many times I will listen to the same back and forth before I finally escape.

Sometimes Naomi gets to glow and every couple of weeks, Carmella gets to moonwalk. Natalya is always available to give an opponent a wonderful match and Bayley is deservedly back in a top spot, but WWE has still found a way to make all of them feel less important than an often injured Alexa Bliss, or either Bella twin on any given week they decide they wish to return to the ring.

Months ago, I watched Dana Brooke get kicked in like a front door visit from a SWAT team by Ronda Rousey, putting her over solid for two weeks going into a pay per view (at great expense to her character). Before that, Brooke was given a small role with Titus Worldwide alongside Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil. In a role that originally seemed like WWE simply put three stars they didn’t know what to do with together, she shined brightly in a position that saw her valet more often than work in the ring, but the fact remains, she got it over. Recently she has been given a bit of television time, and in all aspects has been more impressive than ever.

From her televised matches going into “Money in the Bank” to her work in what was arguably the best of the women’s MITB matches so far, Brooke has shown immense growth in her skills. She is starting to become synonymous with her high spots and carving out memorable moments that have raised her character value and stock. Recently, she has teamed with Natalya, someone who can help sharpen the edges of her skills and show her the way, and to me this says a lot about what could be in store for her future. It seems like WWE is finally ready to give her a serious look judging by her more regular appearances and the emergence of a Dana Brooke “Flex Appeal” shirt in the WWE Custom Tee’s webstore.

Dana Brooke has worked and worked to get to this point and I find that deeply commendable. Originally, I wasn’t so high on her character, but she has become a proven entity in how well she has been able to make things work in a variety of situations. While others pout about positions that are often closer to the top of the card than the bottom, Brooke has handled every step of her journey with grace, and simply yearns for more time to make an impact, even choosing to remain part of the WWE after touting that she thought about leaving earlier this year. She seizes every opportunity to be part of the show and gives her all in those positions, no matter how big or small. She has the look, charisma, drive and is moving forward with her promo work. If those are not the attributes of someone who deserves a push, than I don’t know what is.

To the WWE brass and those who haven’t taken her seriously, I simply say it may be time to flex with Dana Brooke before she takes those guns elsewhere.

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Nicholas Grooms is an accomplished writer, journalist and hip hop artist with many writing credits to his name. He is best know for his work creating songs for the Kansas City Chiefs football organization and is author of the book "Me, Myself & I Hate You: Stories of Adventure, Lust & Shi**y Paychecks". He regularly writes for FightBoothPW, SteelChair Magazine, Vulturehound Magazine and freelances elsewhere. He is also host of the "Nick is Pissed!" podcast which is based on his misadventures in life. You can find him @NicholasGrooms on Twitter or @officialnicholasgrooms on Instagram.

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