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John Cena vs. Triple H ‘Greatest Royal Rumble’ play-by-play



Michael Cole informs us that it’s 82 degrees in the ring 87 degrees inside of the King Abdullah International Stadium. Triple H is out first.

We get a fairly large amount of pyro and fireworks for the opening match here between the most decorated champions on the roster today.

This crowd is super hot. Cena and Trips engage in a test of strength after a couple of lock ups. HHH ends this test with a kick to the groin of Cena establishing his heel persona.

HHH hits a shoulder tackle and does some mocking, making sure Cena can’t see him. Cena hits a shoulder tackle of his own but is dropped by a quick right hand by HHH. Another right hand drops Cena. 

HHH mocks Cena with the hand gesture again to the crowd and they boo. HHH whips Cena into the corner where the 16-time world champ faceplants. He does it again to the opposite corner. HHH is soaking it in out there. He looks great. Cena is looking a little weathered. Finally, Cena pours on some offense of his own but HHH sinks in a sleeper hold. Some more shoulder tackles from Cena but HHH puts an end to him again, this time with a clothesline. 

The two begin to trade strikes. Cena gets the better of him but HHH hits a knee before going for a pinfall. Cena kicks out. Five knuckle shuffle attempt, HHH counters, hits a five knuckle shuffle of his  own after another you can’t see me and a DX crotch chop. Cena counters a Pedigree by whipping HHH over the top rope. HHH then hammers Cena with a Spinebuster after Cena attempts something off the top rope. The two engage in another striking exchange. 

Cena locks in the STF but HHH is able to get out after Cena readjusts unsuccessfully. You can’t see me, five knuckle shuffle, AA, Trips kicks out. AA into a Pedigree but Cena kicks out. 

STF into a crossface. Cena rises from his knees to deliver another AA, slingshot into the corner and a final AA for the victory. 

Cena takes the mic as the crowd chants his name. “What an honor and a privilege to be a part of an event like today. Regardless of what is going on in my Universe, I was not going to miss this event for anything in the world. I want to send a genuine thank you to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its unmatched hospitality that expands far beyond this evening.” Cena closes out his speech by thanking the fans for allowing him to be a part of something so special. 

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