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Ken Shamrock talks about CM Punk’s biggest UFC mistake



The Unsanctioned Podcast recently did a hour plus interview with UFC Hall of Famer and former WWF Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock that covered a variety of subjects, including fellow crossover star CM Punk.

While Shamrock was very complimentary of Punk, pointing out on more than one occasion that he respects what Punk did, he does believe that his biggest mistake was that he didn’t reach out to someone like him that could’ve given him the kind of priceless insight that not many others could have in his position.

“That’s the mistake I think that he made,” Shamrock said about Punk not reaching out to an “innovator” like him about crossing over from Pro Wrestling to the world of Mixed Martial Arts. “Out of all of it, I applaud him. I think that what he did was tremendous but I think the biggest mistake that he made was that he went with people that were his friends. He went with people that he felt comfortable with because of his insecurity about what he didn’t know,” Shamrock explained.

Shamrock had considerable success in the world of mixed martial arts before heading over to WWF/WWE with a reputation as “The World’s Most Dangerous Man,” due to his impressive resume with UFC and Pancrase.

For Punk, it was the other way around. Coming off the greatest run of his career having held the promotions most prestigious championship for 434-days, Punk would walk away from the company that made him a superstar due to health issues and frustrations. After sometime away from the limelight, he decided to follow another dream of his—the dream of competing in a mixed martial arts contest. Because of the star he created in WWE, he was able to do so at the highest level for a larger sum of money in one fight than many fighters on the UFC roster would receive over a career. And while the end result was definitely not the one he would’ve have hoped for, Shamrock believes it could’ve been different.

“That was the hardest thing for me—crossing over into pro wrestling was going up to people and going ‘I don’t know anything, teach me.’ That’s what he did not do. He didn’t want to put himself in a position to say ‘I don’t know anything.’ He was at such a status in pro wrestling that everybody believed that he was a bad ass. So then when he comes into this world he doesn’t want anybody to think anything different,” Shamrock told the Unsanctioned Podcast. “So he brings people around him that are familiar with him and he does what’s comfortable instead of what’s uncomfortable and that’s going back to the drawing board and letting people whip his ass for a while and then learning from what he has felt.”

“He wasn’t ready for it,” Shamrock continued. “And like I said, I applaud him for it because I don’t think anybody should ever have to fear chasing their goals, chasing their dreams, but I do believe that was the biggest mistake he made was that he didn’t reach out and he didn’t get to somebody, like myself, who has already been there and done that and know the things you’re gonna face and know the things that are gonna be the hardest things for you to have to face and deal with.”

You can check out Shamrock’s interview with Luis, Jae and Julio of the Unsanctioned Podcast in full below. The Punk segment begins right around the 1:12:40 marker. Shamrock also talks about The Montreal Screwjob, Triple H, Goldberg and who he’d like to face if he ever did make a comeback to WWE, so you may just want to start from the beginning.

Dave has been covering Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts for various websites since 2010. He currently runs both FightBooth and FightBoothPW with the help of some lovely and talented people.