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Kenny Omega Triumphs at E3



Anyone who follows Kenny Omega or Xavier Woods (AKA Austin Creed) knows they are both pretty obsessive gamers.

Both have taken part in fighting game tournaments and have had a friendly rivalry over the past few years. This rivalry was given a new chapter today at the Capcom booth at E3, when both the New Day and the Elite took part in a three on three exhibition match on Street Fighter V.

Omega was accompanied by Matt and Nick Jackson and Xavier brought Big E (Big Wool) and Kofi Kingston (Mr 24/7) to the event. Both teams came out to plenty of applause and cheers from the crowd. There was plenty of pre-match promos and trash talk as The Elite were being the heels of the event.

The first round was Kofi Kingston vs Nick Jackson. Kofi was fighting as Ryu and Nick was playing as Ken. Kofi went on to win the fight two rounds to zero. This was quite a close match as both men were both utilising the striking capabilities of their character. Kofi, however, did keep ahead on health and as a result won the round.

The second round saw Kenny Omega obliterate Big E. Omega was playing as Abigail and Big E was playing Rashid. Omega easily won the first round and decided to toy with Big E for the second round letting him deal damage to him to build meter. He would then unleash a devastating combo to finish off Big E.

The third and final round was Matt Jackson against Xavier Woods. Matt was billed as an expert Street Fighter 2 turbo fighter to build the tension. He was playing as Chun Li against Ibuki. This, again, was almost a squash match as Xavier Woods took advantage of Matt’s ignorance to low blocking. This meant that originally New Day had won the event through clever planning and Omega giving away he was going to play second.

The Elite did not take this lying down however. Omega directly challenged Woods to a one vs one, best of five series. He rallied the crowd behind him and Woods accepted on the terms that the losing team would have to eat Habanero peppers.

This event was also used as a showcase for the character Cody, who is set to release soon. He is Kenny Omega’s main fighter so it is nice to see him get to use him in the latest Street Fighter incarnation. Woods stuck with his original winner picking Ibuki again.

It started off with Kenny going two rounds down as he couldn’t quite get used to the character he was playing. Woods seemed fairly dominant. This didn’t last as Kenny started making a comeback. He soon brought the two rounds back squaring up the scores. It would then fall back into Woods favour at two to three.

Throughout these rounds, the teams swapped barbs and insults. These were incredibly meta and absolutely hilarious. One of my favourites being Kenny says, “Are you waiting for creative to write your promo?”

As the action continued it was constantly neck and neck. It literally came down to the final round. Omega stole the victory in convincing fashion from woods with Cody’s pipe V trigger and a heavy kick. This stung even more as Omega had cut a promo about Xavier failing to step up to the challenge when he needs too.

Xavier was gracious in defeat, taking one for the team, or three in this case. He volunteered to eat all three peppers to save Kofi and Big E the pain. He was also doing his best to not get annoyed by Omega and the Young Bucks gloating.

This wasn’t to last however as after Woods had eaten two peppers, Omega interrupts and eats a pepper of his own, citing everything you can do I can do better. Apparently, this also applies to eating foods. However with both men in pain and semi crying, they both showed signs of respect for each other.

Omega would grab a mic and talk about the significance of the event we had all just witnessed. Two teams from rival companies had just come together to put on a competitive and entertaining event. He would also talk about his love for Xavier, their friendship and the New Day themselves. Their Kayfabe rivalry was disintegrated to prove a point on how companies can work together.

That about sums up what happened at the E3 New Day vs Elite Street Fighter V event. The Elite ended up successful due to Omega winning the main event with quite a clutch finish. However, the real winner here was wrestling and gaming fans as we got to see two of the best teams in the wrestling world take part in a friendly competition where they could relax a bit and ignore Kayfabe. Hopefully we will get to see more events like this in the future.

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.

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