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Dragon Gate

Key Takeaways: Dragon Gate ‘Champion Gate 2018’ Night 1 & 2



On both Saturday and Sunday night, Dragon Gate ran shows at the EDION Arena Osaka #2 with two titles on the line each night. The Brave Gate and Triangle Gate on Saturday and the Twin and Dream Gate on Sunday.

New Champion(s): Punch Tominaga
Punch defeated Brave Gate Champion, Yasushi Kanda, after Shingo Takagi botched an interference. Shingo intended to hit Punch with a suitcase but hit his ANTIAS stablemate, Kanda, instead. The next night Kanda lost another match and the tension in ANTIAS continues to grow.

Elevated Performers: Ben-K, Big R Shimizu & Jason Lee
– Ben-K and Masaaki Mochizuki had their work cut out for themselves. Going into the match, no one believed Ben-K has a chance of dethroning Mochizuki. If Kzy wasn’t going to do it, there wasn’t a chance for Ben-K. Both men needed to give us great a performance, and Ben-K especially, needed a career defining performances in order to make us believe. He of course lost the match but succeeded in receiving fan support and afterwards felt like a much bigger deal than he did going into the match.
– After a stretch of losses over the last couple of months, Big R Shimizu put together back-to-back wins and became Mochizuki’s next challenger. Right now he feels like he’s in the same position as Ben-K before him. He needs to string together more wins before anyone will believe he has a shot at winning. As long as he gives a performance like Ben-K, even in defeat he’ll come out of the match feeling rejuvenated. During Mochizuki’s reign it feels as if it’s his role to get the younger generation over and so far he’s been successful.
– As one-third of the Triangle Gate Champions, Jason Lee scored a big win for his team in order to retain the titles this weekend. Neither Naruki Doi or Masato Yoshino were the ones to score the pin, it was Jason Lee, the guy who needed it most. He seems to have found his role within Dragon Gate and has looked more and more comfortable as the months progress.

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