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Kofi Kingston on working with ‘The Elite’, The New Day being rejected and much more



WWE superstar Kofi Kingston of the ever-popular New Day stable joined Luis, Jae, and Julio on the Unsanctioned Podcast to discuss the group’s future plans, working with Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks at E3, potentially becoming a grand slam champion, pancakes versus waffles, and more. Listen, rate, subscribe!

On his upcoming first pitch at Fenway Park, July 11, before the Red Sox game:
“A lot of people I grew up with are going to be there, I’m bringing my family. It’s a lot of pressure but I’m bringing the high heat. I posted on my Facebook page and everyone kept sending me 50 Cent’s pitch, they sent me Ric Flair’s pitch, they sent Baba Booey’s pitch, everyone just messing up. I wonder why no one can just send me like a good pitch, like how about some positive reinforcement? I am a professional athlete extraordinaire. I’m not worried about it.”
How New Day came together:
“Myself, Xavier Woods, and Big E were just three guys who were just not satisfied with our positions in the company, and we wanted to come together in order to be stronger and have a stronger presence on TV. So we went into Vince McMahon’s office and talked to him about possibly being a faction or group together, and we basically told him that whatever he gave us, we would go out there and make succeed. We had about 5 or 6 months of going back and forth with him trying to figure out what we wanted to do, and then one day he pulled us into his office and said ‘Okay guys, I got it, I want you guys to be preachers. I want you to preach positivity.’ And we all were kind of feeling the same thing, like oh my gosh, he took us for our word. In his mind, he thought it would be well received by people, but in our minds we knew that it was not, but we knew that our chemistry would be able to carry it though.”
On initially being rejected by fans as The New Day:
“We’re three guys who are trying our hardest to be on the television, and to be rejected by the people so heavily was disheartening in a way. But at the same time in WWE, if you’re getting a reaction out of people, then you’re winning, so we knew that we had something there. Even if the people didn’t like us, the fact that they reacted with such vitriol and hate and anger, we knew that we could actually make it into something. So that’s what we did. We went out and we were the positive preachers, and basically we were really hypocritical, we’d be preaching positivity yet at the same time we’d be going around doing negative things. This got under people’s skin, but after a while of being the bad guys, people started to embrace us. This is the thing that is very telling of our society today, is that we came out telling people to be better, be anything that you can be, be positive, and they rejected us. And then when we started doing bad things, they embraced us. Where are we in society that we do bad things and get cheered for it. But either way, it’s been a wild ride, man.”
What singles careers could look like for the New Day moving forward:
“I’m very fortunate to have been here and to have been on television for over ten years, so I have no complaints where my career is right now. As far as pursuing a singles career, everyone for whatever reason thinks that we as the New Day have to break up in order to do that. And that’s like… why would we do that? We’ve all had singles careers before and you saw how they went. The reason that we formed the New Day in the first place is because we weren’t satisfied with where we were as singles competitors. And now, we have three people, which makes going for a singles championship that much easier, because why wouldn’t you come out there with your friends? Every time we go out there it’s a three on one situation. So, as far as pursuing singles careers, we’ve talked about that and it would be cool to have a ‘New Day Rules’ where we defend a singles title.”
On recently working with Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks at E3:
“To see where his [Kenny Omega] career has gone, and to see him just rise over there in Japan has been awesome to watch. So I always regretted not being able to have personal interaction with him, so for me, it was kind of a dream come true. It was just great, man. And the Young Bucks are just so cool. It was just an instant vibe, just instant chemistry. We were all on the same page and just went out there. And honestly, the vibe in general like leading up to it was like, okay, this is probably going to get cancelled because there’s no way that Vince knows this is happening. When was the last time you saw WWE doing anything inter-promotional? Granted it was on the video game stage, but still. Ever since we came out, there was talk of The Elite versus The New Day, all this talk on the internet, on social media. We get those comments every single day. And hopefully this was like the first step to open up some doors to do more things in the future. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.”
The Unsanctioned Podcast is hosted by Luis Vasquez (@LuisVasquez617), Jae Holland (@JayoCity), and Julio Jeune (@TheJuice_UPW). Find FULL EPISODES today on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Plex, and Tune In. Drop a line at

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