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Konnan Says What? Women’s Wrestling, Keepin’ it 100 & more



After having such a great conversation with Konnan about various topics with his current roles in the wrestling business in our last interview, I thought it would be fitting to have an exclusive monthly segment entitled Konnan Says What?

Konnan will put his honest to God opinion out there, about any wrestling based topic that I throw at him.

So, without further ado, check out the first installment of Konnan Says What?

Q: How you seen the Mae Young Classic? What are thoughts on the tournament so far?

A: When I was growing up you hardly saw women’s wrestling. When I started wrestling in Mexico and went to Japan I fell in love with women’s wrestling because I had no idea how athletic, hard-hitting and creative their wrestling could be but overtime I watch American wrestling and it was horrendous. But this new generation Anti-Diva – I’m loving it. The Mae Young Classic has been very well done with a lot of females I had not seen.

Q: What do you think about Ronda Rousey possibly competing in WWE after she challenged the Four Horsewomen from Raw and Smackdown?

A: It’s great for the Women’s division, for WWE. The fans for Ronda, who is such a big fan as well as her friends who I believe two are already in the business and one is in the Mae Young tournament. I can’t wait to see her against any of the Four Horsewomen in tags, trios or singles.

Q: Do you think that Latin stars are finally getting the recognition for the style they invented in America with the popularity of Lucha Underground?

A: 100%, LU helped but it was already on its way to blowing up. Lucha has totally changed wrestling on the indy scene and now we see it in the big companies. Fenix told me the other day that there isn’t a show he goes to anymore internationally where they don’t have at least one lucha match.

Q: Do you feel that the Lucha art form can only be truly appreciated in Mexico?

A: The Young Bucks, Ricochet, TJP, Shane Strickland, Jack Evans and Teddy Hart all incorporate lucha and they aren’t Mexican…

Q: Lastly, can you give us a teaser of something that might be discussed during your next episode of Keepin’ it 100 with Konnan? 

A: We will have Eli Drake on and Canelo/GGG fight with Shane Helms. We’ll talk lucha libre and talk about RAW. People send in music and we review it…The disco list and we will talk about week 2 in football…

Guys, check out the highly entertaining Keepin’ it 100 with Konnan, which drops every Thursday on iTunes, for free. For bonus content, become a Patreon for the show, starting at $1 a month.

Canadace Louise-Julie, a Jersey native, has been a wrestling fan for 20 years. Her first memories of wrestling were with her two brothers watching Monday Night Raw, hiding under the covers, out of the site of the demonic Undertaker. Her love for wrestling grew and she loves to share her passion for it with the world. With a love for Lucha, Grappling, Catch, Strong Style, Submission, Technical, Comedy and Sports Entertainment, I doubt that she will run out of topics to talk about! You can follow her on Twitter @canadacek

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