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Mae Young Classic Bracketology Recap



Immediately following one of the biggest events of the year, WWE SummerSlam, fans were treated to their first glimpse of the breakdown of matches for the Mae Young Classic tournament.

The first four episodes will premiere, exclusively on WWE Network on Monday, August 28th.

I love the pairings for the first round but for this article, I want to take the time to share my opinion of the women that were highlighted in this special. Let’s start with the current Shimmer Champion.

1. Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes is a hard-nosed chick that has been breaking her back and fighting to get recognition on the Indy scene for well over a decade now. I remember falling in love with Martinez’ Latin fire back in 2008 when I discovered promotions like Shimmer and I was so frustrated as a fan because I thought that WWE would never give her a chance. Let’s face it, around that time in WWE none of the popular Indy female wrestlers were given an opportunity because they weren’t models. And they actually wrestled. Shocking right? However, this a new era, with different expectations for women in the business. I hope that Mercedes goes far in the tournament and she can show what a powerhouse she is.

2. Kay Lee Ray

Kay Lee is someone who I just got hip to a few months ago when I started to watch Progress wrestling and ICW. She’s a Scottish born firecracker who has described her style as hardcore; she is someone to watch. I can see her enduring incredible amounts of pain delivering high-flying moves and stiff chops while maintaining a chill vibe throughout the tournament.

3. Shayna Baszler

Shayna is a unique competitor in this tournament because she had an extensive MMA career. She knows what it’s like to have the pressure of a high stakes match in your future and how to get through it. Shayna is very new to the pro wrestling scene so hopefully her inexperience to some of these women who are practically veterans doesn’t get her knocked out of the tournament early. With that being said, I still think that Shayna will be one to watch out for.

4. Jazzy Gabert

An Amazon of a women with an awesome golden Mohawk and bodybuilder physique, Jazzy looks like one of the most intimidating ladies in the tournament. German born with a life long determination to never be called ‘weak’ again, Jazzy turned herself into a machine. Her hammer like arms and legs that could only be made of steel is making me feel that she will plow through the other women like Brock Lesnar does on Raw. Jazzy is a top pick for me.

5.Marti Belle

I’m going to be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of Marti Belle. She’s never really stood out for me. Whether it was her matches on the Indy circuit or her time in Impact Wrestling as a member of the Dollhouse faction, Marti has always come off as a good worker to me but not one that really has the “IT” factor. Now I could be made to eat my words during this tournament and I would welcome that. However, as of right now, Marti isn’t someone who I see winning or making it to the last round.

6. Dakota Kai

Hailing from New Zealand, Dakota has a lot to prove and it seems like she has a laser beam on claiming the prize of the 1st Mae Young Classic winner. At first glance, you see a fun-loving girl, but once she starts to talk about the tournament, a fire glows in her eyes. I think she might be a surprise to the other competitors and climb her way up the bracket.

7. Kairi Sane

The Japanese self-proclaimed pirate, Kairi is a sift, agile, but deadly wrestler. She has the favor of WWE legend and Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze already and seems like she possesses a quiet confidence in herself that will get her far. Kairi has a good following with fans of the tournament and is coming at a time when Japanese wrestlers are getting great pushed better than that ever have in WWE. I think she will go far.

8. Lacey Evans

Already on the NXT roster, Lacey has gotten a taste of what it would be like to not only join Raw or Smackdown but to see what it’s like up close of women succeeding in WWE. This ex marine and all around patriot has her eye on the prize and I think she might take home the gold.

9. Serena Deeb

This woman made me leap out of my chair when I saw her pop up on my screen during the tournament contestant announcement a few weeks ago. I have been a fan of Serena since I saw her as the newest member of CM Punks cult and was deeply heartbroken when not only did Serena not get a push, but she was released before she could really come into her own. Personal demons played a part in WWE making that decision but this is her second chance, quite reminiscent to Brian Kendrick’s reemergence during the Cruiserweight Classic last year. Serena will have great matches like Kendrick because they both have something in common, the want to prove that they still have it.

10. Toni Storm

The Aussie rock star who toured thirteen countries before the age of 20 is already a fan favorite in the tournament and I can see why. She has a great look, a unique persona that differs from the other girls and the in ring ability. She has made huge sacrifices to get to this point and I don’t think she will let this opportunity just slip through her hands that easily.

So there you have it. My thoughts on some of the awesome competitors of this historic women’s tournament. If this Bracketology special got you excited and you have an opinion about who will be declared the winner then please leave some comments!

image credit – WWE

Canadace Louise-Julie, a Jersey native, has been a wrestling fan for 20 years. Her first memories of wrestling were with her two brothers watching Monday Night Raw, hiding under the covers, out of the site of the demonic Undertaker. Her love for wrestling grew and she loves to share her passion for it with the world. With a love for Lucha, Grappling, Catch, Strong Style, Submission, Technical, Comedy and Sports Entertainment, I doubt that she will run out of topics to talk about! You can follow her on Twitter @canadacek

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