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Mae Young Classic Episode 8: The Best of the Best



Episode Eight: The Best Of The Best

From 32 of the very best, we’ve narrowed it down to just four extremely talented women: Toni Storm, Kairi Sane, Mercedes Martinez and Shayna Baszler.

Match One: Shayna Baszler versus Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes and Shayna, teacher versus student, this would be an interesting one. Shayna had been dominating the entire tournament, but this could be Mercedes moment. If you ask me, it should have been Mercedes moment.

For the first time in the tournament, Shayna gave a handshake to Mercedes, to a rousing chant of “Trifecta” (the independent stable they are both apart of). Once respect was established, friendship was out the window. This was going to be Mercedes’ time, her moment.

Of course Toni wouldn’t go down lightly, even after a submission attempt by Kairi, Toni would use her signature hip attacks to try and swing momentum back in her favor. It was short lasting as Kairi hit a massive spear.

One of Toni’s best moments of the match was getting Kairi caught in a massive armbar; Toni put a lot of torque on Kairi’s arm. But amazingly, Kairi did not tapout. This match honestly could have been the finals, this was an amazing performance by both women.

Winner by elbow drop: Kairi Sane

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