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Men’s Royal Rumble: Who We Want and Who We Think Will Win



Instead of our usual staff predictions pieces for WWE Network exclusive events, we’ve decided to change it up a bit this year. Our writers will also be sharing who they want to win along with who they are predicting will win for major events to help freshen things up a bit and break away from the ordinary. You can read our piece on the Women’s Rumble right here.

Feel free to tell us who you want to win and who you think will win the inaugural Men’s Royal Rumble in the comments section below or get at us on social media @FightBoothPW.

Matt Addie

Who I want to win: Elias

The actual dream is for him to win the next Money in the Bank briefcase, but I can’t resist the chance to ponder the Road to WrestleMania with Elias. That concept alone is marketing gold: walk with Elias on the Road to WrestleMania. If I could get serious for a minute (hey yo, Lance), Elias is a legitimate star who can handle any segment on Monday nights. On RAW 25, after being placed on the List of Jericho, he tangled with another all-time great, setting up a feud with John Cena. Sure, he will likely lose the match, but if the last couple of months are any indication, he will look great doing so. The Rumble is too soon, but it’s already not insane, which speaks to how good this guy is. If Elias does not win the Rumble match, can we at least get a Rusev Day concert duet with Aiden English?

Who I think will win: Shinsuke Nakamura

If they do it right, Styles vs. Nakamura at WrestleMania would be fantastic. The smart money on a Rumble winner is Roman Reigns, but if WWE wants to send the crowd home happy, Shinsuke standing tall is the move. Roman vs. Brock can still happen for other title, so the logic for Shinsuke is in place. Nakamura has had his ups and downs since being called up from NXT, but those “downs” might just be a result of his surroundings. This is a great opportunity to see what he can do in the spotlight, and the parallel presence of the Universal Championship match gives the company a bit of a safety blanket. AJ Styles vs. Nakamura would immediately become favored to be match of the night at WrestleMania, and this time, I do not think WWE will stand in the way.

Miranda Adama

Who I want to win: Dean Ambrose

Who I think will win: Randy Orton

I fear this company deeply… I don’t think Shinsuke Nakamura will have convinced
some old school people that he’ll handle promos well enough to give him the win, unfortunately, and I think we’ll want to continue to irritate AJ Styles, and as a personal affront to me… continue employing Randy Orton. Randy’s recent assault on Nakamura this close to showtime means he’s going to be an inevitable factor in our road to WrestleMania. I think they might shy away from Roman this year (but you know I’ll be pleased as punch, I never tired of my Large Dogman) and that they’ll take Cena to Mania some other way, but unfortunately, I don’t see them trusting anyone new. I hope and pray that I’m wrong.

Dave Reno

Who I want to win: Finn Balor

Finn winning the Rumble and making a surprise move to SmackDown with Gallows and Anderson to surprise AJ Styles with the attack of a lifetime would be a brilliant move to build up what would feel like a very important WWE Championship match at WrestleMania. However, it appears that we’re in store for a Balor Club versus Miztourage IC title feud but you never know, right?

Who I think will win: Roman Reigns

You brought this on yourself Philadelphia. You earned it. Just imagine this promo on Monday night: Roman walks to the ring, showered with a chorus of boos as per usual the night after he wins big at a major PPV. He gives you the following promo in full before walking to the back, “Go Patriots”. That’s all you get. And you’re definitely not winning the Super Bowl either.

Frank Anguiano

Who I want to win: Finn Balor

They haven’t really done a job setting up the Men’s Rumble. In some ways, the Universal and World Title matches, combined with the Women’s Rumble, have overshadowed this match. But based on what we saw Monday in the Manhattan Center, I think this is the optiumum time to put Finn Balor over and set up David vs Goliath at WrestleMania, or maybe Finn jumping to SD Live to face AJ Styles. I’ll take either. I will take Dolph Ziggler coming back and winning as a backup.

Who I think will win: Roman Reigns


Shannon Willis

Who I want to win: Jason Jordan

My pick to win would be Samoa Joe, but his injury is going to prevent that from happening. Nakamura is a safe bet, but I want to take a different direction. I really want Jason Jordan to win the Royal Rumble. He’s already entertainingly annoying, but a Rumble win would inflate his ego to an ungodly level.

Who I think will win: Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is my prediction to win the Rumble. Hopefully, WWE can win build a story around Brock and Roman for WrestleMania.

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