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NJPW ‘Best of the Super Juniors 25’ 5.25.18 Results & Review



The B block receives its first night of the hard camera treatment from the Osaka Central Gymnasium Sub Arena in Osaka, Japan, in front of a sold out 1,645 in attendance. One of CMLL’s hottest feuds of the last several years makes its way to tonight’s main event as Hiromu Takahashi looks to bounce back after suffering a loss on Tuesday to El Desperado by defeating his Mexican rival, Dragon Lee.

Best of the Super Juniors Tournament Match
Marty Scurll def. Chris Sabin @ 13:58 via Black Plague – **3/4

Scurll was in desperate need of a victory after dropping his first two matches to Hiromu and KUSHIDA. Both men showcased their similar styles with a lot of chain and counter wrestling. Even in underhanded tactics they were evenly matched. After betraying one another on multiple accounts, they were forced to entrust the referee to help keep them honest. This was a really good back and forth match, neither looked out of step from the other. Scurll was able to find his way into the Chickenwing but once Sabin found a way out, Scurll changed his plan and abandoned the move, beating Sabin with the Black Plague instead. Really strong match and the crowd was behind them every step of the way. Scurll was able to show a new way to win which caught everyone off guard. He had been attempting to land this move in his first two matches and finally was able to show its power by coming out with the win.

Best of the Super Juniors Tournament Match
Ryusuke Taguchi def. KUSHIDA @ 1:34 via Small Package Hold – **

Like Scurll, Taguchi was coming into the night without any points and in desperate need of a win. After such a slow start, there was almost no hope that Taguchi could out-wrestle KUSHIDA so he had another plan. He used KUSHIDA’s speed against him and was able to roll him up into a cradle after attempting a rolling DDT. Sneaky Taguchi pulled off a shocking win over his buddy KUSHIDA in what can’t entirely be called an upset in result but is definitely shocking in its method. Not much of a match, they countered one another until Taguchi caught KUSHIDA in a costly mistake for a fun and shocking result.

Best of the Super Juniors Tournament Match
SHO def. El Desperado @ 12:48 via Shock Arrow – **1/2

Desperado, coming out of arguably the biggest win of his singles career, choked in his follow up match against SHO. He came in with a solid game plan of attacking SHO’s knee by any means necessary. Early on, Desperado speared SHO into the crowd and attacked his knee with chairs and continued focusing on that knee throughout the match. SHO was forced to dig deep and push the pain as far out of his mind as possible. He landed a desperation dropkick which helped give him some breathing room for a while but Desperado was soon back on the attack, applying the Numero Dos. SHO was able to reach the ropes and caught Desperado running in for a lariat with a snap German into a Powerbomb onto his knees. Feeling as if he knee targeting wasn’t going to be enough, Desperado attempted but missed a low blow and was floored by a running lariat and finished with the Shock Arrow. SHO’s heart was put on display as he walks away with what’s undoubtedly the biggest win of his singles career. Desperado was unable to follow up on what felt like a monumental win against Hiromu.

Best of the Super Juniors Tournament Match
Dragon Lee def. Hiromu Takahashi @ 20:48 via Dragon Driver – ***1/2

The craziest feud of the last couple of years saw its next chapter here in the main event. During his excursion in CMLL, Hiromu was known as a masked wrestler by the name of Kamaitachi. It was there that he and Dragon Lee had a series of jaw-dropping encounters which spanned over a year. This is their third singles match since Hiromu returned to NJPW, each of them having a win over the other coming into this show. Lee came out wearing a mask that was half his and half Kamaitachi’s, signaling back to their feud. No one brings the fire out of Hiromu more than Lee. He ripped at Lee’s mask and received an uncharacteristic chorus of boos.

This was filled with the craziness everyone has come to expect in a match between these two. At one point Lee gained enough of an advantage to take time and hit Naito’s poses while Hiromu was laid out. On two occasions they traded German suplexes back and forth, neither wanting to give in to the other. Lee hopped over the top rope and delivered a dropkick to Hiromu, who was standing out on the floor. When Lee went to break the twenty count, Hiromu captured him with a waistlock from behind and German’d him onto the floor. Hiromu wasn’t going to accept a twenty count and waved the ref off from continuing to count. Back in the ring they exchanged chops before Lee ran in with a knee, was caught with a superkick but fired back with another knee and directly went into a Poison Rana. Hiromu popped right back up and drilled Lee with a Destroyer. They went to the top rope where Hiromu’s Sunset Bomb was blocked and instead took a double stomp from the top. Lee quickly followed with a standing Spanish Fly into a Dragon Driver and picked up his third straight victory. Great main event and an easy recommendation.

Osaka provided a nice atmosphere in a night filled with surprise wins and very good wrestling from start to finish. The B block continues delivering some of the best and most talked about matches of the tournament. The main event is without a doubt the match to watch from the show but each match accomplished its goal. Scurll and Sabin over-delivered, the two surprise wins after that and capped off by a great main event, what more could you want? Desperado came out of night four looking like the guy to beat but after dropping a big match to SHO, all eyes are now on Dragon Lee as he remains the only wrestler in the block to be undefeated.

Dragon Lee (3-0)
SHO (2-1)
El Desperado (2-1)
Hiromu Takahashi (1-2)
Marty Scurll (1-2)
Chris Sabin (1-2)
Ryusuke Taguchi (1-2)

Recommended Match
Hiromu vs Lee

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