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NJPW ‘Best of the Super Juniors 25’ Predictions



Tournaments are a staple of professional wrestling, especially in Japan. For people who are statistically inclined, like myself, nothing is more fun than breaking down a tournament and predicting what will happen. Once you get the feel of the pattern New Japan books, these become fairly easy to predict but never stop being fun. Here is what I see taking place in this year’s Best of the Super Juniors. Feel free to disagree, that’s the fun part of posting these predictions.

A Block
Taiji Ishimori (6-1)
Victories: Ospreay, BUSHI, Gordon, Kanemaru, Tiger, YOH
Defeats: ACH

BUSHI (5-2)
Victories: YOH, Tiger, Ospreay, ACH, Kanemaru
Defeats: Ishimori, Gordon

Will Ospreay (5-2)
Victories: ACH, YOH, Kanemaru, Tiger, Gordon
Defeats: Ishimori, BUSHI

ACH (4-3)
Victories: Kanemaru, YOH, Ishimori, Tiger
Defeats: Gordon, Ospreay, BUSHI

Flip Gordon (3-4)
Victories: ACH, Kanemaru, BUSHI
Defeats: Tiger, Ishimori, Ospreay, YOH

Yoshinobu Kanemaru (2-5)
Victories: Tiger, YOH
Defeats: ACH, Gordon, Ospreay, Ishimori, BUSHI

Tiger Mask IV (2-5)
Victories: YOH, Gordon
Defeats: Kanemaru, BUSHI, Ospreay, Ishimori, ACH

YOH (1-6)
Victories: Gordon
Defeats: BUSHI, ACH, Tiger, Ospreay, Kanemaru, Ishimori

B Block
Hiromu Takahashi (5-2)
Victories: Scurll, Desperado, Taguchi, SHO, KUSHIDA
Defeats: Lee, Sabin

Marty Scurll (4-3)
Victories: KUSHIDA, Sabin, Lee, Taguchi
Defeats: Hiromu, Desperado, SHO

Victories: Taguchi, SHO, Desperado, Lee
Defeats: Sabin, Scurll, Hiromu

El Desperado (4-3)
Victories: Taguchi, SHO, Scurll, Sabin
Defeats: Hiromu, KUSHIDA, Lee

Dragon Lee (4-3)
Victories: SHO, Hiromu, Sabin, Desperado
Defeats: Taguchi, Scurll, KUSHIDA

Ryusuke Taguchi (3-4)
Victories: Lee, SHO, Sabin
Defeats: Desperado, Scurll, Hiromu, KUSHIDA

Chris Sabin (3-4)
Victories: KUSHIDA, SHO, Hiromu
Defeats: Scurll, Lee, Taguchi, Deperado

SHO (1-6)
Victories: Scurll
Defeats: Lee, Sabin, Desperado, Taguchi, KUSHIDA, Hiromu

Robert McCauley hasn't missed an NJPW show since the launch of NJPW World. Always be on the look out for his reviews where he shares results and gives his honest opinions on the goings-on of New Japan Pro-Wrestling.