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NJPW ‘Best of the Super Juniors 26’ (5.30.19) Results & Review



The twelfth night of the Best of the Super Juniors 26 sees the B Block in action in front of 1,455 fans at the Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium – Sub Arena. El Phantasmo and Ryusuke Taguchi clash in the main event for the battle to sit on top of the block. Let’s get started!

YOH (4-3) def. Ren Narita (0-7) @ 12:23 via Stargazer – ***
They trade wristlocks, YOH sweeps the legs and takes the head. Narita headscissors his way free for a stalemate and they lock up. YOH takes the head, Narita tries sending him off but YOH keeps the hold. Narita finally breaks free, YOH trips him but Narita slides through and applies a headlock. YOH sends him off and Narita ducks two lariats before hitting a shoulder tackle. YOH catches Narita running in with a dropkick to the knee and stays on the attack. He pulls Narita to his feet, eats a series of overhand chops before gaining control by going back after the knee. YOH applies a knee bar but Narita is quickly to the ropes. He again brings Narita up and eats forearms, sends Narita to the corner , still winds up eats forearms followed by a dropkick.

Narita drops YOH with a vertical suplex for a two count and looks to follow with a belly-to-belly. YOH fights it off, Narita sweeps the legs and wants the Boston Crab but YOH kicks free and takes Narita down with a flying forearm. Narita meets YOH on the top rope, YOH fights free and catches Narita in a dragon screw. Narita floats through Stargazer and rolls YOH from the ropes before applying the Texas Cloverleaf. YOH struggles but makes it to the ropes, elbows free of a German suplex and catches Narita with a thrust kick and falcon arrow combination for a two count. Narita breaks out of an attempted dragon suplex and scores a variety of pin attempts before catching YOH running in with a belly-to-belly suplex. He follows with a bridging German suplex for another two count, wants the bridging belly-to-belly but YOH floats through and locks in Stargazer for the win. YOH offers his hand to the young lion but Narita slaps it away.

Bandido (3-4) def. Robbie Eagles (5-2) @ 9:36 via Reverse Guerrero Moonsault – ***1/4
Eagles charges in, Bandido sidesteps the attack and they trade handstands out of hurricanranas. Bandido lands a dropkick, Eagles kicks Bandido out of the ring and follows with a tope con hilo. Eagles comes back in and wants a sliding dropkick, Bandio ducks, charges in and is backdropped on the ramp. Eagles runs back in, Bandido beats the count at nineteen and avoids a follow up 450 from Eagles. Bandido takes to the top and lands a tornillo, Eagles sends him off and catches him with a flurry of kicks, hits the ropes and Bandido pops him up for a cutter. Bandido follows with a reverse brainbuster and a running knee for a two count.

Bandido brings Eagles up, Eagles slides over the top rope and wants a springboard dropkick to the knee followed by the Ron Miller Special. Bandido finds the ropes, boots Eagles off his knee, but gets caught with a reverse sliced bread for a two count. Eagles brings Bandido back to his feet and up on his shoulders. Bandido flips through, Eagles ducks a knee and Bandido eats a flurry of kicks for a two count. Bandido hoists Eagles up for a modified Go 2 Sleep, sets up for 21-plex, Eagles pops up to Bandido’s shoulders and plants him with a poison rana. Eagles takes to the top, wants the 450, Bandido gets his knees up and rolls Eagles into a pin for two. They trade kicks, Bandido puts the brakes on sliced bread and sends Eagles to the top rope for a reverse pudgyplex to pick up the win.

BUSHI (4-3) def. Rocky Romero (3-4) @ 10:21 via MX – **3/4
Romero comes out in a Black Tiger mask, BUSHI tells him to remove it, Romero does and sprays BUSHI with water. He sends BUSHI to the floor, looks to follow with a dive, BUSHI avoids and hits a dive of his own. BUSHI brings Romero back in, chokes him with his shirt and goes on to attack Romero’s knee. He drapes Romero over the top rope, misses a dropkick and Romero brings BUSHI’s arm over the top, following with chops. BUSHI sends Romero into the ropes, gets caught with a hurricanrana and Romero climbs to the second, dropping his knee over BUSHI’s arm. Romero sends BUSHI to the corner and follows him in with a chop, drapes BUSHI over the top and hits a dropkick.

Romero charges in with a lariat, BUSHI connects with the pendulum kick followed by a dropkick off the top. They trade overhand chops, enziguris and forearms. BUSHI kicks the knee, Romero comes back with forever clotheslines, BUSHI catches him with a dropkick and a DDT on the apron. Romero slides out of a swinging neckbreaker, connects with a falcon arrow and into a cross armbreaker. BUSHI bites his way out of the hold, Romero stays on the attack with kicks to the arm. BUSHI sends off Sliced Rocky, dropkicks the knee and drapes Romero’s leg over the ropes before bringing him down in a codebreaker. He then climbs to the second and finishes Romero with MX.

Will Ospreay (5-2) def. DOUKI (1-6) @ 16:17 via Stormbreaker – ***1/4
DOUKI swings the lead pipe before the bell, Ospreay ducks, sends DOUKI to the floor and follows him out with a plancha. Taichi teases coming after Ospreay with a chair, gets Ospreay’s attention, DOUKI tries going on the attack but Ospreay sends him into the crowd. Ospreay then jumps Taichi on commentary before sending DOUKI back in the ring. He charges in, DOUKI does the splits and Ospreay bails outside. DOUKI follows him out with a senton off the top rope to the floor and comes back in the ring to distract the referee while Taichi attacks Ospreay with a chair. Ospreay makes it in at sixteen but is taken back down with a back elbow for a two count. DOUKI double stomps Ospreay and applies a double arm bar before pulling Ospreay into a Gedo Clutch for two.

DOUKI sends Ospreay to the ropes and gets dropped with a handspring enziguri. Ospreay flurries and kicks DOUKI into the corner. He sweeps the leg, connects with a corner dropkick followed by a standing shooting star press for a two count. DOUKI catches a kick, gets drilled with the other foot followed by a top rope 619. He avoids a springboard forearm and absorbs a standing shooting star press to pull Ospreay into a double wrist clutch triangle. Ospreay gets the ropes, fights out of Suplex De La Luna, hits a wallflip enziguri but is dropped by a lariat from DOUKI. A series of forearms from DOUKI, Ospreay fires off with strikes of his own and drops DOUKI after a headkick. Ospreay charges in, gets sent over the top but regroups with a springboard forearm.

Ospreay wants Stormbreaker, DOUKI counters into a Gory Special and slides Ospreay into a pin for two. DOUKI heads to the apron wanting a slingshot DDT, Ospreay lands a kick instead and with DOUKI draped over the top hits a shooting star press for a two count. DOUKI fights out of Stormbreaker and catches Ospreay running in with a frankensteiner pin for a two count of his own. Ospreay pulls DOUKI up into a sitout powerbomb for two, looks for Stormbreaker, DOUKI slides over his shoulders and sets up for Suplex De La Luna but Ospreay breaks free, hits a hook kick and wants the Oscutter but Taichi is at the apron. Taichi slides the pipe to DOUKI who uses it on Ospreay and rolls him up for two. Ospreay flips out of Suplex De La Luna, connects with a hook kick and signals for the young lions to hold Taichi back. He hits hidden blade and finishes DOUKI with the Stormbreaker.

Ryusuke Taguchi (5-2) def. El Phantasmo (5-2) @ 20:18 via Oh My & Garankle – *
ELP asks Taguchi to pass him the rugby ball and boots it to the stage. Taguchi takes the wrist, ELP flips through and Taguchi sweeps the leg into an ankle lock but ELP quickly finds the ropes. ELP turns a headlock into a headscissors, Taguchi handstands out and they stalemate. Taguchi catches ELP in a headscissors, looks to handstand out but Taguchi slaps him back down. ELP quickly escapes and applies a headlock, gets sent off and they trade running the ropes until Taguchi collapses. ELP gets a two count, grabs the wrists and walks the ropes before hitting a hurricanrana for another two. He begins hitting Taguchi with hip attacks, Taguchi turns one into a school boy for two, grabs the wrist and walks the ropes. Taguchi slips and crotches himself across the top rope. ELP sends him to the floor and drops a knee over the groin before sending Taguchi in and hits a handstand senton. He puts Taguchi in the tree of woe and stomps him low, applies a double armbar, Taguchi breaks free but ELP turns hip attacks into atomic drops.

Taguchi sends ELP to the ropes and finally connects with a hip attack and follows with a flurry before hitting the springboard variety. They trade vertical suplexes, Taguchi’s hip attack sends ELP to the floor and follows him out with a tope con hilo. ELP drives Taguchi into the post, climbs to the top rope and hits a moonsault to the floor. His knee buckles but he brings Taguchi back in and looks for CR II. Taguchi escapes, lands a hip attack and sets up for Dodon. ELP breaks free, shoves the referee, hits Taguchi low and hoists Taguchi up for a spinning neckbreaker. He comes up empty on a frog splash off the top, Taguchi follows with Bummer Ye for two and then Dodon for another two count. He takes to the top rope, ELP cuts him off, Taguchi slaps his butt to send ELP off. ELP comes back up for an enziguri but Taguchi ducks and locks in the ankle lock on the top. He brings ELP down to the mat, hits a Tiger suplex for two, Dodon for another two and locks in Oh My & Garankle, drops the elbow and picks up the win.

Taguchi takes the mic and says he’ll do his best to win. He says to support him but don’t expect anything of him.

Let’s get the bad out of the way first. The main event was garbage. ELP clowned on Taguchi with cringeworthy trash talk that made my skin crawl. They decided on comedy match rather than anything that resembled wrestling. The fact that this was slotted in the main event is embarrassing. Taguchi crotching himself on a rope walk, ELP’s repeated stomps to the groin, did I mention his awful trash talk? The guy hasn’t shown any signs all tournament that he can actually wrestle, everything has been high spots. There was no foundation to the match, everything was built on a house of cards and that house was filled with bad comedy and low blows. I cannot believe this was a main event.

The first match saw Narita holding himself back as to not outclass YOH on the mat. Narita is so ready it’s ridiculous. Bandido and Eagles had a great sprint. Both of those guys have been very consistent all tournament. BUSHI and Romero started hot but the fire burned out quickly as BUSHI took control of the match. Ospreay has been bringing the best out of his opponents all tournament, this time though the focus was more on Taichi. DOUKI has been firing on all cylinders since the Korakuen run. He’s more than proved himself worthy of this spot. Again, the main event sucked. Bad comedy, no foundation, an embarrassing main event. The block comes down to Ospreay and Taguchi, winner takes all.

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Ospreay vs DOUKI
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Will Ospreay (6-2)
Ryusuke Taguchi (6-2)
El Phantasmo (5-3) ELIMINATED
Robbie Eagles (5-3) ELIMINATED
Bandido (4-4) ELIMINATED
Rocky Romero (3-5) ELIMINATED
Ren Narita (0-8) ELIMINATED

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