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NJPW ‘G1 Climax 29’ (7.13.19) Results & Review



The G1 Climax 29 makes its first stop in Japan at the Ota City General Gymnasium in Tokyo. The B Block have their first set of tournament matches, headlined by the Hi no Kuni rematch between Jay White and Hirooki Goto. Let’s get started!

Juice Robinson def. Shingo Takagi @ 14:42 via Pulp Friction – ***1/2
They lock up and make their way to the ropes where Juice gives a clean break. Again, they lock up and Shingo takes control. Juice sends him off and the two trade shoulder tackles, neither go down so they begin trading forearms. Shingo catches Juice coming up with a back elbow, Juice responds with a leg lariat and Shingo bails outside. Juice wants a plancha but Shingo pulls him to the floor and follows up with a DDT before sending him back inside. He shoulders Juice to the mat, hits a DDT in the ring for a two count and applies a headlock. Juice fights free and they two begin trading chops.

Shingo wins the exchange with a double overhand and lariats Juice over the top rope to the floor, wants to follow him out with a dive but Juice cuts him off with a slingshot spear. After a pair of back elbows and a spinebuster, Juice heads to the top where he lands a crossbody for a two count. The crowd begins to rally for Shingo, he lands on his feet on a Juice Box attempt but Juice ducks a sliding lariat, blocks a chop and lands a series of punches. Shingo manages to block a punch and lariat Juice to the mat. They trade corner lariats, Juice comes up empty on a cannonball and Shingo catches him in a deadlift German for two. Juice fights off Noshigami and pulls Shingo onto his shoulders, connecting with Juice Box.

The crowd rallies for Juice as he hits a cannonball, takes Shingo to the top and hits a headbutt before dropping him with a superplex. Juice keeps a hold of Shingo on the way down and follows the superplex with a jackhammer for two. He sets up for Pulp Friction but Shingo slides out, hits the ropes and connects with a sliding lariat. They charges at each other with lariats, Shingo connects with combination forearms, Juice fires off a chop, hits the ropes but Shingo follows and hits a backdrop suplex. Juice pops back up, fires off a lariat, sets up for Pulp Friction but Shingo turns it into Noshigami followed by a Pumping Bomber for a two count. Juice fights off Last of the Dragon and rolls Shingo up for a two count of his own, connects with two punches and finishes Shingo with Pulp Friction.

Jon Moxley def. Taichi @ 7:35 via Death Rider – ***1/4
Taichi comes out with a song to serenade the crowd and Moxley enters through the crowd. The mood has been set. Taichi attacks Moxley on his way to the ring and drives him into the post followed by a chair across the back. Dueling ‘let’s go Taichi’ and ‘Taichi go home’ chants echo throughout the building. He waits for Moxley to make it back in the ring at nineteen and follows with a buzzsaw kick for a two count. Taichi rips his pants off, lands a gamengiri but Moxley fights off Black Mephisto and catches Taichi with a lariat, sends him to floor and follows up with a tope suicida.

Moxley sets up a table on the outside and sends Taichi through with a uranage. The crowd rallies behind Moxley as he sends Taichi in and blows a kiss to Miho Abe. He enters the ring and lands a running knee for a two count, looks for a Death Rider but Taichi sends him into the referee and hits a gamengiri. Miho slides in a chair, Moxley fights it out of Taichi’s control and throws it to his face. He looks for a Death Rider, Taichi slides him into a Gedo Clutch for two but Moxley quickly recovers and finishes Taichi with a Death Rider.

Toru Yano def. Tetsuya Naito @ 3:42 via Schoolboy – ***
Yano quickly grows impatient with Naito’s stalling as he disrobes and begins pacing. Naito keeps his shirt on so Yano puts his on and the bell sounds to start the match. Yano charges in to lock up but Naito backs away to further stall and get under Yano’s skin. Yano decides to go for the turnbuckle, turns and Naito is there to cuts him off. He sends Yano to the ropes, Yano hangs on, Naito shrugs and goes for the buckle.

Yano sends Naito to the ropes, Naito hangs on and pulls Yano’s shirt over his head before rolling him up for two. Naito stalls on a slingshot dropkick, grabs the turnbuckle pad but the referee pulls it away. Yano pulls the referee’s shirt over his head, does the same to Naito, hits him with a low blow followed by a Kokeshi Rocket and a roll up for the win.

Tomohiro Ishii def. Jeff Cobb @ 18:34 via Brainbuster – ****1/4
They lock up, Ishii gets the headlock but Cobb stands and walks Ishii to the ropes for a break. Ishii fires forearms, hits a pair of shoulder tackles but Cobb doesn’t budge. He fires more forearms and goes for more shoulder tackles but gets taken down by one from Cobb. A series of chops from Cobb, Ishii screams for more and gets sent to the corner where Cobb rains down forearms. Ishii shrugs them off switches positions where he lands a series of chops and forearms of his own. The series goes long enough for the crowd to erupt with approval and rally for Ishii. Cobb begins firing back but Ishii quickly goes on the attack, again chopping Cobb into the corner. He tells Cob to bring it, eats a few strikes but is back on the attack.

Cobb puts the brakes on an Irish whip and catches Ishii running in with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. He rushes Ishii in the corner, ducks a lariat and lands a swinging backdrop suplex for a two count. Cobb taunts Ishii and tells him to come on. Ishii makes it to his feet and the two begin trading forearms for a long series to a roaring approval from the crowd. Ishii wins the exchange until Cobb comes at him with a jab and backs Ishii into the corner. Ishii hits the corner and fires off a shoulder tackle that sends Cobb to the mat, followed by a vertical suplex. Cobb rolls through the pin and deadlifts Ishii but Ishii fights off. Cobb catches Ishii running in with a vertical suplex and a standing moonsault for a two count. With Ishii grounded, Cobb tells him to come on as he rains down forearms.

Ishii pounds his own head into the mat and fires up. He shrugs off Cobb’s forearms and begins fighting the forearms with headbutts. Ishii takes Cobb up to the top rope and drops him with a superplex, follows with a lariat but Cobb shrugs it off and hits one of his own. Cobb takes Ishii to the top and responds with his own superplex for a two count. Ishii fights off a German, catches Cobb’s kick but gets leveled by a headbutt. Cobb wants a German, Ishii fights it so Cobb drops him with a piledriver for two.

Cobb sends Ishii to the ropes, Ishii holds on, ducks a lariat and hits a backdrop suplex. Cobb catches Ishii’s corner lariat and sends him off. Ishii catches Cobb running in with a powerslam. Cobb catches Ishii with an exploder suplex but Ishii turns him inside out with a lariat, unloads a sliding lariat that Cobb catches and lands a bridging German for two. Ishii fights Cobb off, lands a gamengiri, gets a sliding lariat for two, they trade strikes before Ishii catches Cobb and drops him with a brainbuster for the win.

Hirooki Goto def. Jay White @ 21:07 via GTR – ***
The bell sounds and White bails outside to grab a chair. He sets it up and asks Gedo to take a seat because he feels he doesn’t need Gedo for a match against Goto. He comes back in, their shoulders meet, Goto rains down forearms so White bails. Goto follows him out, sends White into the rails, brings him back in before lariating White over the ropes and back to the floor. He follows White out but White slides in and as Goto makes his way to the apron, Gedo captures the leg and White lands an uppercut. White drops Goto face first over the apron and sends him into the rails but Goto makes it back in before twenty.

White takes Goto back outside and drives him into both the rails and apron repeatedly before bringing him back inside where the referee refuses the count. Goto fights back up and delivers a series of overhands, hits the ropes where White catches him in a neckbreaker for a two count. White fires off a series of chops and tells Goto to bring it but before he can, White gouges the eyes and applies a cravat and hammers down elbows to the back of the head. Goto reverses a suplex but White slides out and drives Goto down by the hair and slaps the back of his head. Goto fires off a series of overhands until White kicks out the knee and delivers boots to the face.

Goto catches a boot and lands a discuss lariat followed by one to the corner but White fights off both a suplex and Ushigoroshi. Goto settles by sending White to the corner for a spin kick and backdrop suplex for two. White again fights off Ushigorishi, Goto ducks his chop and lands a corner lariat, charges in but is caught with a DDT from White. White lands a pair of half nelson suplexes, Goto tries fighting the third but ends up taking it in the corner followed by a twisting brainbuster for another two count. Goto manages to fight off the sleeper suplex and pulls White down by the hair with White colliding headfirst onto Goto’s knee. They trade forearms, White begins to flurry, ducks a Goto lariat and connects with a backdrop suplex. He picks Goto back up and drops him with a lariat and tells Gedo this is too easy.

He again picks Goto up, Goto wants a headbutt but eats a slap. White ducks a lariat and lands a uranage, stands on Goto’s chest but the referee refuses the count. White plays with Goto’s face while he’s knocked out, goes to pick him up but Goto is dead weight. The referee tries to stop White but White shoves him aside. When White turns around, Goto is there with a lariat followed by an Ushigoroshi. Goto tries waiting for White to make it to his feet but grows impatient and begins stomping White. The referee pulls Goto away and White charges in but is caught with a reverse GTR, sets up for a GTR but White fights it off and wants the Blade Runner but Goto rains down headbutts and lands the GTR. Gedo rushes the ring, Goto backs him off and drops White with Shouten Kai for two, follows with a pop up GTR for another two, lands a PK and finishes White with a GTR for the win.

Goto takes the mic and declares this as his year. We’ll believe it when we see it, Goto.

Similar to night one, the tournament portion of show started with a hot opener. Unlike the night one, it continued to stay that way. Since this show was scheduled to go three hours rather than four, the matches were more condensed than what we saw in Dallas which helped the show stay at a nice pace. The main event was no Tanahashi versus Okada and actually may have been the weakest match on the show. When comparing the first two nights, it’s close and will probably depend on your preferences. Overall, I thought today flowed much better than last week and managed to have peaked higher, albeit earlier.

Shingo and Juice started the show off hot and showed great chemistry. Shingo’s G1 is going to be a lot of fun to watch. New Japan have someone really special and if you weren’t already convinced by BOSJ, it’s only going to get better from here. If Taichi matches continue at this pace and stay under eight minutes, it’ll be an absolute breeze to watch his tournament but of course I’m not holding my breath. Still, this was a strong start for both him and Moxley. Yano matches are never my thing but working off Naito’s charisma ended up being a lot of fun and they kept it really short (even for a Yano match) and to the point so that was a win in my book.

As expected, Ishii went out there and stole the show. He can wrestle absolutely anyone and claim the show as his. Both he and Cobb have a ton of chemistry and built an extremely fun match. We’re only two nights in but so far this is clearly the match of the tournament. The main event was good enough but having seen these guys wrestle another match (that was also just good enough) only a few months ago, there was very little to be exited about. Every other match went by quickly but the main event dragged. You can watch everything else and save yourself the twenty minutes at the end.

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