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NJPW ‘G1 Climax 29’ (8.11.19) Results & Review



The B Block have their final night of tournament action at Budokan Hall. Tetsuya Naito, Jay White, Jon Moxley and Hirooki Goto all have a chance to take the block and advance to the final where they’ll meet Kota Ibushi for the chance to win the G1 Climax 29. Let’s get started!

Jeff Cobb (3-5) def. Toru Yano (4-4) @ 5:18 via Tour of the Islands – **1/2
Cobb requests Yano remove his shirt before they start. Yano obliges and the referee sees a bulge in Yano’s pants. He reaches inside and finds half a dozen rolls of tape which he removes. Yano requests the referee check Cobb too and rolls him up when in the process, receiving a two count. He tucks Cobb’s arms inside his singlet and gets another two. Cobb sends Yano off for Tour of the Islands but Yano hangs onto the ropes and bails outside. Yano removes the turnbuckle pad from the outside, comes in and removes another, collides with the exposed buckle and is taken over head with a belly-to-belly suplex. He catches Cobb in a belly-to-belly of his own and thumps Cobb on the back of the head but is taken down with a lariat followed by a standing moonsault for two. Cobb blocked a low blow, Yano pulls the referee them, Cobb catches a boot, thrust kicks Yano into the ropes and catches him bouncing off the ropes with a Tour of the Islands for the win.

Taichi (3-5) def. Tomohiro Ishii (4-4) @ 11:56 via Black Mephisto – ****1/4
Taichi drops Iizuka’s satchel on the outside of the ring as a way to show Ishii this will be a clean match. He rushes in at the sound of the bell and puts Ishii down with an Axe Bomber followed by a Dangerous Suplex for a two count. Ishii fights off the powerbomb, Taichi boots him into the corner and the crowd breaks into dueling Taichi chants. Taichi stomps Ishii into the mat, goes to pick him up and takes headbutts to the gut but catches Ishii running in with a boot and stomps him into the mat once more. The crowd’s support for Ishii is drowned out by Taichi chants. He repeatedly kicks Ishii across the back, Ishii fires up and catches Taichi running in with a powerslam.

Taichi avoids a corner lariat and blasts Ishii with a rope-assisted enzuigiri but Ishii catches the buzzsaw kick and drops Taichi with a backdrop suplex. Ishii eats a boot but stays on his feet and they have a kick versus chop exchange. Taichi wins the battle but gets sent to the corner where Ishii follows him in wih a lariat. He takes Taichi to the top rope and drives him off with a superplex for a two count. Dueling chants from Budokan. Taichi blocks a lariat, gets caught in a backdrop, fires up but is dropped with another lariat followed by a sliding lariat for a two count. Ishii picks Taichi up, Taichi slides out of a vertical suplex and drives Ishii to the corner for another rope-assisted enzuigiri. Taichi’s lariat is block but he connects with a buzzsaw kick and an Axe Bomber for two.

Ishii backdrops out of a powerbomb, takes an enzuigiri, gamengiri and a powerbomb stack for a two count. The crowd is heavily in support of Taichi. He removes his pants, sets up for the thrust kick but Ishii side steps it, fights out of Black Mephisto, Taichi escapes the powerbomb, they trade lariats and Ishii drops Taichi with a headbutt. Taichi is blasted with a lariat for a two count. More heavy support for Taichi as he escapes a brainbuster, blasts Ishii with a series of kicks, Ishii tries firing up but Taichi grounds him in a Dangerous Suplex for another two count. Budokan is going nuts. Ishii catches the thrust kick, lands an enzuigiri, eats a thrust kick and is finished with Black Mephisto.

Juice Robinson (3-5) def. Jon Moxley (5-3) @ 16:26 via Pulp Friction – ***1/2
Moxley wants the leg but Juice evades. Moxley puts his arms behind his back and invites Juice in. They trade forearms, Moxley hits a headbutt, Juice sends him to the corner and follows in with a lariat. Moxley comes back at Juice and they trade forearms, Moxley sends Juice to the corner and follows in with a lariat, Juice comes back at them and they continue. He attacks Juice’s leg, puts it over the second rope and drops a knee over the back of Juice’s knee. Moxley stays on the knee, invites Juice back up and takes him down with a chop followed by a boot and an elbow for a one count, immediately going into a figure four. The crowd rally for Juice to come back as the two trade slaps in the hold and Juice reverses the pressure. Moxley is able to find the ropes but eats an elbow and is hoisted up for Juice Box, Moxley avoids the attack and pulls Juice into a Texas Cloverleaf.

The crowd continue to rally for Juice as he pulls Moxley in and bites the earring out of Moxley’s ear. They trade lariats, Juice ducks one and catches Moxley with a flapjack, rains down punches in the corner and follows up with a cannonball. He climbs to the top for a crossbody but Moxley floats through and tries for another cloverleaf, Juice sends him off and Moxley tumbles to the floor. He pulls a table out from under the ring but before he can set it up Juice comes out with a plancha and sends Moxley into the rails. Juice slides the table back inside the ring, shoots a thumbs up to the referee and goes to pull Moxley back in but gets driven into the rails. Moxley drives Juice’s knees into the post and pulls a chair out from under the ring but misses the attack and is sent into the post.

Juice follows up with a cannonball off the apron, grabs the chair and sets it back before sending Moxley in and catches him with a top rope crossbody for two. He pulls down his knee pad, they trade punches with dueling Juice and Mox chants. Moxley kicks the knee and takes Juice down with a lariat. Juice fights off the Death Rider, sets up for Pulp Friction, Moxley slides through and applies an ankle lock. He pulls Juice from the ropes and applies an STF. The crowd rally for Juice as he begins to fade. The arm drops twice but on the third time down, Juice grips the referee’s pants to show he’s still alive. Moxley argues with the referee, pulls down his knee pad and comes in with a knee followed by a release vertical suplex. He throws chairs in the ring, a bucket and a table. While he’s setting the table up, Juice comes from behind and rolls Moxley up for two. Moxley eats a punch, bites Juice, eats a flurry of punches and is finished with Pulp Friction.

Shingo Takagi (3-5) def. Hirooki Goto (5-3) @ 15:10 via Last of the Dragon – ***3/4
They lock up, Goto backs Shingo to the ropes but gives a clean break. They lock up again, Shingo backs Goto to the ropes and delivers a chop. Goto gets a boot, grabs a headlock, Shingo sends him off and they trade shoulder tackles before breaking into a forearm exchange. Goto shoulders Shingo to the ropes, Shingo bounces off and groups Goto with a shoulder, follows with a series of elbow drops and a senton before getting a waistlock but Goto is quick to the ropes. Shingo drives the knee to the gut and pulls Goto into a vertical suplex but only gets a one count. He hammers down elbows to the neck and puts the boots to Goto who catches a boot and lands a discuss lariat. Shingo regroups outside, comes in but Goto is there with the boots and drapes Shingo over the top rope for a neckbreaker that gets him a two count. Snapmare and a check across the back gets Goto one.

Goto applies a chinlock, drops an elbow over the head and grinds Shingo with a headscissors. Shingo finds the ropes, Goto stays on the attack with a corner lariat that sends Shingo collapsing into the mat. He fights back up and they trade forearms for chops. Goto eats a double overhand, Shingo blocks his lariat and drives Goto down with a backdrop suplex but Goto fights out of the powerbomb. Shingo is quick to stay on the attack, lands a flurry of strikes for two as the crowd comes alive for a Shingo chant. Goto reverses the vertical suplex into one of his own, comes in the corner with a spin kick and backdrop suplex for two. Shingo fights off the shoulders, lands a lariat to the back of the head and hits the ropes where Goto is able to catch him in a sleeper. He hoists Goto up to his shoulders and drives him down, followed with a lariat and Noshigami for two.

The crowd rally for Shingo as he sets up for Made in Japan, Goto fights it off but eats two lariats, comes in with his own and they battle lariats until Goto comes out on top. Goto hoists Shingo up and drops him with an ushigoroshi for two, grabs the wrist and lands a series of kicks to the chest that get him another two. He picks Shingo up, sets up for the GTR but Shingo fights out, counters the headbutt with a forearm, they both headbutt and Shingo pulls Goto in for Made in Japan that only receives a two. The crowd rally for Shingo as he connects with two lariats that again only manage to receive a two count. He signals for the end, picks Goto up in Last of the Dragon, Goto slides out, eats a punch and combination forearms but fires back with a headbutt and reverse GTR. Shingo catches him coming in with a lariat, turns Goto inside out with a Pumping Bomber and finishes him with Last of the Dragon.

Jay White (5-3) def. Tetsuya Naito (5-3) @ 18:51 via Bladerunner – ***1/2
A big chorus of boos for White as he makes his entrance. White doesn’t play into Naito’s stalling tactics and instead rolls out of the ring as the bell sounds. Naito doesn’t play into White’s stalling either and waits for White to enter the ring. White comes in, rolls back out and Naito does a fake out dive into his pose to throw White off his game and rolls to the outside when White rushes back inside. White falls into the trap by rushing out to meet Naito who goes on the attack, driving repeated back elbows to the neck and sending White in the ring staying on him with boots. Naito takes White by the hair and sends him to the ropes. White holds on and looks to bail but Naito kicks the middle rope into White’s crotch and backs him into the corner.

White sidesteps the corner attack and lands a series of chops, hits the ropes and gets caught by Naito but still manages to cut off Naito on the apron and drives him into the rails repeatedly before coming back inside and hits Naito’s pose. He sends Naito back in, follows him in the corner with a back elbow and a DDT for a two count. The crowd rally for Naito as White brings him to the floor and drives him into both the apron and rails. The referee refuses the count when White brings Naito in so White applies a chinlock. Naito tries elbowing free but gets driven down to the mat where White taunts him before landing a huge chop and a flying forearm but Naito catches White coming off the drops with a single-leg dropkick.

A quick flurry from Naito as he lights White up with a series of strikes, lands a hurricanrana, sends him to the corner and connects with the slingshot dropkick. White’s neck to driven down into the knee and the mat before Naito applies a cravat and scissors the arms, forcing White to find the ropes. Naito picks White back up, eats elbows, hits one of his own but is pulled into a flatliner + deadlift German suplex combination. White looks for a urange, Naito elbows free and hits the ropes but is caught in the uranage. Naito manages to turn the Kiwi Crusher into a DDT as the crowd breaks into a chant for his comeback. White forearms out of Gloria, pulls Naito’s hair and sends the referee into Naito.

With the referee down, Gedo rushes in with the brass knuckles but Naito kicks him low and drops White with Gloria for a two count followed by a slingshot DDT and looks for Destino but White collapses to the mat. Naito goes to picks White up, White counters into a backdrop suplex, picks Naito up into a second and hits a Kiwi Crusher for a two count. He signals for the end, Naito fights out of the Bladerunner into a poison rana and a running Destino for two. White fights off the second Destino and turns it into a sleeper suplex. The crowd rally for Naito as White picks him up for Bladerunner, he counters into position for Destino, White back into Bladerunner position, Naito to Valientia but White connects with a sleeper suplex, bloody sunday and a Bladerunner to win the B Block. He stands on Naito and hits the LIJ pose to a chorus of boos.

White takes the mic and calls out Ibushi. The crowd chant in support for Ibushi as he enters the ring. White tells Ibushi there will be no Gedo tomorrow, it’ll be a one-on-one contest for the final. They go to shake hands, White comes in with a boot, Ibushi avoids the attack and White ducks a kick. As Ibushi goes to leave, Gedo grabs a hold of the leg and White goes on the beatdown. He attacks Ibushi’s ankles with chairs, takes the mic and says Ibushi will breathe with the Switchblade.

The result some expected and most feared, Jay White wins the block. Naito looks to have found his ceiling as the IC champion, a ceiling no one wants but it’s becoming the reality. This was a bummer ending to what had been the stronger block all tournament long. Jay White is a good wrestler but this isn’t the story most fans wanted yet it’s the one we’ve received. New Japan sure have created a heel but at what cost? With so many options for alternatives in wrestling I’m not sure this was the move to make.

Taichi stole the show fourth from the top. Aside from Naito, he was the most over guy of the night and he had a career match with Ishii. If you’re going to watch one match from the show, that’s what you should spend your time on. Shingo’s match quality throughout the tournament was on another level. The only man who rivals him is Ishii, both guys were on fire and carried this block all tour. Both Juice and Taichi are set up for their championship rematches which should take place in the next month or two.

Recommended Matches
Taichi vs Ishii
Shingo vs Goto
Juice vs Moxley
White vs Naito

Final Standings
Jay White (6-3) WINNER
Tetsuya Naito (5-4)
Jon Moxley (5-4)
Hirooki Goto (5-4)
Taichi (4-5)
Tomohiro Ishii (4-5)
Shingo Takagi (4-5)
Juice Robinson (4-5)
Jeff Cobb (4-5)
Toru Yano (4-5)

Along with providing show reviews from across Japan, Robert McCauley is also an editor for FightboothPW.

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