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NJPW ‘G1 Climax 29’ (8.8.19) Results & Review



The B Block have their eighth night of tournament action at the Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium. More than half the block is still alive as we hit the closing stages of the tournament. Hirooki Goto must defeat Jon Moxley in order to keep both his hopes as well as the rest of the block’s hopes alive. Let’s get started!

Toru Yano (3-4) def. Taichi (3-4) @ 5:03 via Count Out – **1/2
Yano gets the fans to chant for Taichi to disrobe faster. He takes his time and bails outside at the sound of the bell. Yano doesn’t fall for the trap and instead stays inside the ring. Taichi comes in but ducks between the ropes for a break. Yano get flustered by Taichi stealing his spot and walks up the ramp to the back. Just before he makes it to the curtain, Kanemaru walks through and goes on the attack. Kanemaru brings Yano ringside where Taichi wraps him in the ring apron but he manages to hop back inside at eighteen.

Taichi brings Yano back to his feet, has his Irish whip reversed, giving Yano time to untie the buckle. They play hot potato with the pad, both Kanemaru and the referee having a turn as well. Taichi blocks a low blow but Yano removes Taichi’s pants and rolls him up for two. Yano rushes into the corner, comes up empty and is pulled into the Gedo Clutch for two. They take the match outside, Kanemaru loads up on whiskey but sprays Taichi instead and Yano wraps them both in the apron to score the win via count out.

Tetsuya Naito (4-3) def. Jeff Cobb (3-4) @ 12:47 via Destino – ***1/2
Naito makes his entrance first and has disrobed before Cobb makes his way to the ring. He gets in sumo pose and waits for Cobb who levels Naito before the bell and throws him across the ring. Naito bails, Cobb goes on the chase and delivers a chop before bringing Naito back inside. Cobb hits a headbutt, Naito fires a forearm, blocks Cobb’s corner attack with a pair of boots and shoots off for a hurricanrana but Cobb puts the brakes on. Naito escapes the hold, lands a dropkick to the knee, Cobb goes to regroup in the corner where Naito taunts coming in with a sumo attack but kicks the knee instead. Another dropkick to the knee followed by a swinging neckbreaker for a two count.

Naito puts the boots to the back of Cobb’s neck before applying a cravat. Cobb lifts Naito out of the hold, Naito spits in his face which fires up Cobb with a flurry of strikes but Naito puts an end to it with a kick to the knee. Naito takes Cobb to the corner for the slingshot dropkick but Cobb catches him and throws Naito overhead. Cobb follows with a corner flurry, a Samoan drop and a labored standing moonsault for two. He deadlifts Naito but Naito elbows free, lands an elbow followed by an enzuigiri. Cobb sidesteps a flying forearm and catches Naito into a bridging German suplex for another two count.

Hobbled, Cobb takes Naito to the top rope, lands a headbutt and drives Naito back to the ring with a delayed superplex that again only gets him a two count. Cobb swings Naito in for a swinging backdrop for another two and signals for the end. Naito comes off the ropes with a dropkick to the end but Cobb fires right back with a thrust kick and follows Naito to the corner where he puts him on the top rope once again. Cobb looks for a powerslam off the second, Naito gouges the eyes to break the hold and hits a frankensteiner, wants the tornado DDT, Cobb puts the brakes on but ends up getting planted. Naito follows with a poison rana and charges in for a Destino but Cobb stops the momentum and throws Naito off his shoulders. They trade forearms, Naito spits in Cobb’s face and they continue. Cobb unloads a flurry before turning Naito inside out with a lariat. He sends Naito to the ropes for Tour of the Islands, Naito turns it into a Destino for two and finishes Cobb with a second.

Hirooki Goto (4-3) def. Jon Moxley (5-2) @ 8:38 via GTR – ***1/4
Goto offers the fists to Moxley who obliges and the two trade forearms. Moxley staggers Goto and lariats him over the top rope to the floor. He drives Goto into the rails, hammers at his back, delivers a chop that fires Goto up. They trade forearms on the outside until the count of nineteen, rolls back in and continue the exchange. Moxley unloads a flurry, hits the ropes and eats a lariat but stays up until a third brings him down. Goto pulls Moxley up, ants a backdrop suplex but Moxley elbows free, gets sent to the corner for a spin kick followed by a backdrop for a two count. Moxley slides out of an ushigoroshi, Goto blocks a dragon and tiger suplex but gets taken down by a German followed by a corner lariat and uranage.

Goto sidesteps a running knee, gets caught in a double underhook side suplex and pulled into a kimura. Moxley transitions into a cross armbreak but Goto finds the ropes. Goto makes it back to his feet where they exchange more forearms, Goto wants a headbutt but eats a forearm followed by a lariat for two and a running knee for another two count. Moxley pulls Goto back to his feet, gets caught in an ushigoroshi and they charge at each other with lariats that cause both to collapse to the mat. Goto lands a headbutt, flurries with kicks, Moxley catches a boot and drops Goto with a double arm DDT. He brings Goto back up, can’t connect with Death Rider, Goto throws Moxley off his shoulders and catches him in a GTR for the win.

Jay White (4-3) def. Juice Robinson (3-4) @ 23:00 via TTO – ***1/2
White bails at the sound of the bell. Juice grabs a Switchblade towel, wipes his butt with it and throws it out of the ring. White comes in offering a handshake but Juice waves it away and they lock up. Juice is backed to the ropes, White gives a clean break but Gedo grabs Juice’s leg and White snapmares Juice, slapping him over the top of the head and stomping him into the mat. He brings Juice to his feet, gets hip tossed, snapmared and slapped over the top of the head. Juice hits his pose and lands a punch but White bails after one. He goes on the chase, gets distracted by Gedo and is thrown into the rails by White who looks to break Juice’s hands with a chair.

Juice avoids the attack and gives the chair to the referee but before Juice can make it back inside, Gedo grabs the leg and White drops him with a chop block and drives Juice’s leg into the apron. White throws Juice back first into the rails and apron, drapes his leg over the rail and delivers a kick. He brings Juice into the crowd and drops him knee first over a chair. The referee refuses to make the count, instead letting Juice come in on his own time. Once he does, White stays on the knee with stomps but Juice fires back with a headbutt which doesn’t afford him enough time to recover before White goes back to the leg with a half crab.

Juice makes it to the ropes and while he’s recovering on the mat, White hits Juice’s pose and unloads punches. Juice fires back with a chop and lands a pair of punches before White picks the leg and drives an elbow over the knee. White charges in but is caught with a spinbuster that affords him the time he knees to recover. He hits his pose, unloads a series of punches, White ducks the left hand and looks for the reverse figure four, Juice boots him off and White bails to the floor. Juice follows him out with a plancha and drives White into and throat first over the rails. He rolls White inside but pulls him to the corner from the outside and drives White’s knees into the post.

Gedo distracts Juice and when Juice goes back on the attack, White pulls Juice face first into the post. White takes Juice back in the ring, comes up empty on a corner attack and eats a lariat from Juice, ducks a second but is pulled into a jackhammer for a two count. Juice climbs to the top, White hits the ropes to crotch Juice and rushes in with a DDT followed by a bladebuster for a two count of his own. The Bladerunner is elbowed out of but White transitions into a backdrop suplex and looks to backdrop Juice over the top to the apron. Juice avoids the first attempt, gets caught in the second and falls to the rails. White is quick to bring Juice back inside and hits a uranage for a two count.

The sleeper suplex is elbowed out of and Juice catches White with a full nelson bomb, looks to follow but White hammers at the knee and dragon screws Juice’s knee into the mat and locks in the TTO. Juice manages to find the ropes, White catches a boot and connects with a knee buster, kicks out the knee but Juice powers up, eats a sleeper suplex, turns a Bladerunner into a schoolboy for two and looks for Pulp Friction but White slides free and lands a chop block. White sets up for Bladerunner again, Juice gets free and lands the left hand that crumples White. As Juice sets up for Pulp Friction, Gedo hops to the apron for the distraction, White low blows Juice and sends him into the referee who crashes on the outside. Gedo slides White a chair, sets up to hit Juice but eats a left hand, Juice sets up the chair to Pulp Friction White on but Juice comes down alone back first. White applies the TTO, Gedo slides the referee back inside the ring and Juice taps out.

Shingo Takagi (2-5) def. Tomohiro Ishii (4-3) @ 22:41 via Last of the Dragon – ****1/4
They lock up, Shingo backs Ishii to the ropes and delivers a chop. Ishii shoves him off, they hit the ropes and meet with shoulders, duck both lariats and sliding lariat and stalemate. Shingo shoves Ishii and the two begin trading forearms before hitting the ropes for more should tackles. Shingo finally grounding Ishii and staying on him with both elbows drop and a senton but only gets a one count. Ishii gets to the ropes to force a break on the body scissors, Shingo stays on him with knee lifts, hits the ropes and is taken down by a shoulder from Ishii followed by a kick across the back. Ishii brings him back to his feet to deliver chops. Shingo tries firing back but gets taken back down and takes a flurry of kicks across the back.

Ishii stands on Shingo’s head and tells him to bring it. Shingo fires off chops but Ishii cuts him off with chops to the throat and drives Shingo into the turnbuckle pad before dishing out a series of headbutts. He tells Shingo to keep it coming and the two engage in a chop battle which Shingo wins via the double overhand variety, lands an elbows and a punch but Ishii blocks the lariat only to get taken down with a vertical suplex. Shingo catches a boot, lands a lariat and drops an elbow off the top for a two count. Ishii fights off Noshigami, takes a DDT followed by a backdrop suplex for another two. Shingo fires elbows to the neck followed by a knee drop, wants a powerbomb, Ishii fights it off and catches Shingo with a powerslam. He boots Shingo into the corner, delivers a chop and forearm combination, Shingo fires up and switches position to a punch and chop combination, shoves the referee aside and grinds Ishii’s face into the mat.

Ishii makes it back to his feet and begins no-selling the forearms from Shingo before walking right into them. Shingo lands a punch that staggers Ishii and takes him down with a lariat. He looks to follow with a vertical suplex but Ishii reverses into one of his own. They make it back to their feet and have a forearm exchange that leads to a flurry from each and they charge in with lariats, trade backdrops, Ishii lands two which gains him the advantage. He runs in the corner with a lariat, takes Shingo to the top rop where he drops Shingo with a superplex for a two count. Shingo blocks a powerbomb, Ishii lets go of the hold and kicks Shingo across the face. Shingo powers up, lands forearms but gets dropped by Ishii’s followed up with a powerbomb stack for a two count.

Ishii wants the brainbuster, Shingo elbows free and tries for Made in Japan, Ishii escapes and hits the ropes but gets blasted by a lariat. Shingo picks him up and connects with Noshigami followed by a sliding lariat for two. He comes up empty on Made in Japan again, delivers a slap, a lariat, a second lariat but Ishii fires back one of his own and lands a headbutt that crumbles Shingo. Ishii runs in with a sliding lariat, Shingo catches it and locks Ishii into position for Made in Japan for two followed by a pumping bomber for another two. He picks Ishii up wanting Last of the Dragon but Ishii fights it off, has his enzuigiri blocked and drops Shingo with a German suplex.

They trade lariats, Ishii’s turns Shingo inside out but only gets a two. Ishii follows with a sliding lariat that again only receives a two count. Shingo slides out of the brainbuster, Ishii slides out of Last of the Dragon, Shingo again escapes the brainbuster and drops Ishii in an Emerald Flowsion. They trade lariats, trade headbutts, Ishii connects with an enzuigiri, powers up and turns Shingo inside out with another lariat but Shingo kicks out at one. Shingo’s lariat only gets a one as well and they charge in for more lariats. Shingo lands a pumping bomber and that only gets a two, powers up and finishes Ishii with Last of the Dragon. They trade headbutts on their knees after the match.

Shingo takes the mic and says he’s happy he won but he lost too many matches to make the final. He joined the G1 for a fight and he takes it one night at a time. His next fight is Hirooki Goto, another warrior.

Another strong night for the B Block, as per usual. Nothing blow-away until the main event but after the Yano match everything was good. Unlike the A Block, four still have a chance to make the final. Moxley has the tiebreaker over Naito so Naito will need Moxley to lose. Goto has the tiebreaker over White so White will need Goto to lose. If both Moxley and Goto lose, the match between White and Naito will be winner takes all.

Like most nights of this block have been, you’re not going to leave this show disappointed. Every match hit in its own way. I’d be willing to bet I’m lower than most on the main event but I still thought it was incredible. The magic of both Shingo and Ishii is their versatility in matches against men of contrasting styles to their own. Them having similar styles didn’t highlight what truly makes these men special, instead it was war between two bulls which is still great to watch.

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Shingo vs Ishii
Naito vs Cobb
White vs Juice
Moxley vs Goto

Jon Moxley (5-3)
Tetsuya Naito (5-3)
Hirooki Goto (5-3)
Jay White (5-3)
Tomohiro Ishii (4-4) ELIMINATED
Toru Yano (4-4) ELIMINATED
Jeff Cobb (3-5) ELIMINATED
Shingo Takagi (3-5) ELIMINATED
Taichi (3-5) ELIMINATED
Juice Robinson (3-5) ELIMINATED

Along with providing show reviews from across Japan, Robert McCauley is also an editor for FightboothPW.

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