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NJPW ‘Road to Wrestling Dontaku 2019’ (4.26.19) Results & Review



The IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship main events tonight’s show in front of 2,034 fans at the Hiroshima Green Arena Sub Arena. Roppongi 3K are on their third reign as champions but are looking for their first ever title defense. Let’s get started!

Shota Umino & Ren Narita def. Yota Tsuji & Yuya Uemura @ 8:24 via Umino Briding Fisherman’s Suplex on Tsuji – **1/2
Narita and Uemura shove each other before the bell while Umino and Tsuji just stare into each other’s souls. Uemura and Narita start with a grappling exchange. Uemura gets the waistlock and lands a slam and applies a headlock. Narita sends him off but Uemura comes right back with a shoulder tackle. Uemura is brought down and Narita secures a leglock and follows with a slam when Uemura gets to the ropes. Umino gets the tag, clears the apron on Tsuji, gives Uemura a couple of slams and tags back out to Narita. Tsuji breaks Narita’s headlock and takes a couple of boots for his troubles. Narita puts the half crab on Uemura but he again manages to find the ropes.

Umino is tagged back in and lands some forearms before charging at Tsuji and knocking him back off the apron. Uemura tries to trade strikes with Umino but is brought back down with ease. Umino brings him back up only to get dropped by a dropkick and Uemura tags Tsuji. They double team Umino with an Uemura elbow drop that helps Tsuji apply the Boston Crab. Narita breaks it up and they double Tsuji in the corner. Umino gets a spinebuster and transitions the kick out into a Boston Crab. Tsuji is dragged from the ropes twice but makes it on the third attempt. Umino pulls him right back up and finishes Tsuji with a briding Fisherman’s Suplex. Uemura stands over his fallen teammate to ensure Umino and Narita don’t continue the attack.

Minoru Suzuki, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado def. YOSHI-HASHI, Tiger Mask IV & Henare @ 9:18 via Suzuki Gotch-Style Piledriver on Henare – **
Suzuki-Gun attack before the bell, sending Y-H into the rails. Desperado looks to take on Tiger one-on-one in the ring but Tiger has his number until Suzuki sneak from behind and traps Tiger in an armbreaker. Y-H is again sent to the rails before being thrown into the crowd. Suzuki drops a guardrail and chair on Y-H before making his way back to the ring. Tiger breaks the count at eighteen but Suzuki-Gun are there to lay in the boots. Desperado unties Tiger’s mask but can’t get it off. Tiger lands a kick and tries returning the favor. Desperado sends him to the corner and tags in Suzuki. Suzuki secures an armbar but Y-H is there to break it up.

They trade forearms before Y-H lands a chop that makes Suzuki up. Suzuki lands a forearms that rocks Y-H out of the ring and brings in Kanemaru. Tiger breaks out of a reverse DDT from Kanemaru and drops him with a leg lariat, Desperado tries to cut him off but takes a backbreaker and Tiger brings in Y-H who flurries on everyone. Kanemaru elbows out of a neckbreaker and lands a dropkick to Y-H’s knee. He brings Suzuki in but Y-H catches a PK and drops Suzuki before bringing in Henare. Henare ducks a boot and puts Suzuki down with a shoulder tackle. They run a train on Suzuki in the corner but Suzuki-Gun are there to break the flurry. Henare charges in on Suzuki for a slam but Suzuki is right back up, gets the sleeper and finishes Henare with a piledriver.

Togi Makabe, Toru Yano, Juice Robinson, Mikey Nicholls & Tomoaki Honma def. Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, Bad Luck Fale, Chase Owens & Jado @ 8:20 via Makabe King Kong Knee Drop on Jado – *3/4
Bullet Club jump before the bell and send everyone out but Yano. Yano unties the turnbuckle pad, takes a swing at Tama, misses the first but hits the seconds. Tama returns the favor and Honma tries to make the save but Jado trips and pulls him out of the ring. Tama brings in Owens who drives Yano into the exposed buckle. Loa, Jado and Fale come in and do the same. Tama comes in and mocks Homa by hitting the kokeshi on Yano. Honma breaks the fall with a kokeshi of his own and Yano drives Tama into the exposed buckle. He gets the tag to Juice and Nicholls follows him. They flurry on Bullet Club, taking away all of their cut offs. Owens rolls through a Pulp Friction and tries to hit it himself. Juice breaks free but Owens responds with a lariat. Makabe gets in the corner punches on Loa but can’t get the northern lights. Loa catches Makabe coming in and lands the powrrslam. Bullet Club flurry on Makabe and Tama distracts the referee so that Jado can come in with the cane. Yano cuts him off, lands a low blow, Honma a kokeshi and Makabe a King Kong Knee Drop. Tama chases after Yano as he again runs off with the belts.

Jeff Cobb & Ryusuke Taguchi def. Taichi & TAKA Michonku @ 9:33 via Cobb Tour of the Islands on TAKA – **1/4
Taichi shows off Iizuka’s pouch to the crowd and demands to start with Cobb. They circle but Taichi doesn’t lock up, instead tagging out to TAKA. Cobb tags Taguchi who lands forearms, takes TAKA’s eye poke and drops him with a hip attack. Coach Taguchi has Cobb run a train on TAKA in the corner. Cobb reverses the roles by having Taguchi do the same and they double shoulder TAKA to the mat. Taichi tries to sneak up on Cobb, sends him into Taguchi’s butt and TAKA follows with a kick to the butt, sending Taguchi to the floor. All four brawl on the outside. Taichi hits Cobb with a chair and they isolate Taguchi back in the ring.

Chokes and eye gouges for Taguchi. He fires up but Taichi sidesteps the hip attack. Taguchi eats Taichi’s kicks and asks for more. Taichi falls for the trap and is taken down with a hip attack. Cobb is in, two corner lariats, Samoan Drop and standing moonsault but TAKA breaks the count. Taichi avoids another corner lariat and hits an enziguri. Cobb ducks the Buzzsaw, looks for a German but Taichi grabs the referee and drops Cobb with a kick. They flurry on Cobb, Taguchi makes the save with a hip attack and Cobb finishes TAKA with a Tour of the Islands. Taichi attacks Cobb after the match by choking him with the mic stand and poses with the NEVER title before throwing it up in the air.

Hirooki Goto, Will Ospreay & Dragon Lee def. Jay White, Taiji Ishimori & Hikuleo @ 10:40 via Goto GTR on Hikuleo – **3/4
Bullet Club attack before the bell but Ospreay boots Hikuleo out only for his dive to be cut off by White. Ospreay jumps over Ishimori, uses him as a springboard for a rana on White, Hikuleo is there to cut Ospreay off. Bullet Club take the match outside, White slams a young lion on Goto before coming back in to help his crew grind on Ospreay. They take turns on keeping Ospreay grounded until he flips out of a suplex and makes his way to Goto. White knocks Goto off the apron before Ospreay can make the tag and they continue the attack. Ospreay lands forearms on Ishimori, ducks his handspring attack, hits his own and tags in Lee. Lee connects with the corner dropkick and does Shibata’s pose.

Ishimori and Lee trade forearms and boots until a Lee DDT exhausts them both and they bring in Goto and White. Goto is quick on the attack, landing the Saito suplex and setting up for Ushigoroshi. White slips out and suplexes Goto into the turnbuckle, tags in Hikuleo who drops Goto with a swinging neckbreaker. Goto escapes the flatliner, Lee helps Goto by hitting a dropkick, Hikuleo takes them both down and catches Ospreay’s springboard forearm. Goto takes Hikuleo down with a lariat, sets up for GTR but White breaks it up. Goto drops White and finishes Hikuleo with a reverse GTR followed by a standard GTR. White thinks about rushing the ring but decides otherwise. Lee shoots the finger gun at Ishimori and Goto points at White from the corner.

Tetsuya Naito, EVIL & SANADA def. Kazuchika Okada, Kota Ibushi & Tomohiro Ishii @ 16:58 via EVIL EVIL on Ishii – ***1/2
Ibushi escorts his partners to the apron and Naito agrees to start. They lock up, Naito takes the waistlock, Ibushi back him to the apron and gives a clean break. Naito attacks, ducks two kicks, gets an armdrag and hits his pose before tagging in EVIL. Ishii gets the tag from Ibushi and the two trade forearms. After an extended exchange, it turns to shoulder tackles. Ishii shoulders EVIL to the mat, takes him to his corner and tags in Okada but EVIL is right there to chop Ishii to the mat before tagging SANADA. Okada and SANADA circle before locking up. SANADA gets the waistlock, Okada the wristlock and they trade control until Okada transitions into a headlock. SANADA sends him off, gets shouldered to the mat, ducks a rainmaker and Okada quickly escapes a Skull End attempt.

Naito trips Okada from the apron and SANADA comes in with a dropkick. Naito slams Ibushi on the ramp before coming back in to turn his attention on Okada. He elbows Okada down, follows with a dropkick and spits at the referee. He catches Okada’s boot and tags in EVIL. Naito holds Ishii for EVIL to get in a chop. EVIL and SANADA double team Okada with a suplex combo but Okada escapes a TKO, holds the ropes on an attempted dropkick and takes SANADA down with a reverse neckbreaker. Ibushi gets the tag, takes Naito down with a springboard dropkick followed by a plancha. He brings Naito back in, catches him with a powerslam and second rope moonsault combo and look for a dragon. Naito escapes, lands an elbow, catches Ibushi’s boots and drops him with a neckbreaker. He takes Ibushi to the top and lands a frankensteiner, looks for Gloria but Ibushi elbows free.

Ibushi catches Naito’s forearm, hits a German but Naito is hit back up with a dropkick. EVIL is tagged in, sets up for Darkness Falls but Ibushi breaks free and connects with a dropkick, tags in Ishii. EVIL and Ishii duck lariats, Ishii avoids a suplex and puts EVIL down with one of his own. Violence Party on EVIL in the corner, sends him to the opposite corner, EVIL gets the boots up and takes Ibushi down with a fisherman’s buster. LIJ clear the apron and EVIL secures the Scorpion Deathlock on Ishii. Ibushi kicks Ishii free, Naito drops Ibushi with a slingshot DDT, Okada drops Naito with a flajack, SANADA drops Okada with a dropkick to the knee. Ishii avoids the STO, lands a German, EVIL ducks the sliding lariat and finishes Ishii with the STO. Naito poses and reaches for the IC title but Ibushi pulls the belt away.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
Roppongi 3K (c) def. Shingo Takagi & BUSHI @ 25:10 via YOH Dragon Suplex on BUSHI – ****

SHO and Shingo stare a hole into one another. Shingo shoves SHO, they lock up and Shingo drives to the corner and unloads a chop. They run at each other with shoulder tackles, Shingo puts the breaks on a hip toss and drives SHO to the mat but misses a senton and takes several kicks across the back. SHO fires off forearms, hits the ropes and BUSHI cuts him off. YOH does the same to Shingo and 3K double on both. LIJ cut off their double team dive and Shingo shoulders SHO as BUSHI dropkicks YOH. They take the match outside and drive 3K into the rails. Shingo drops SHO throat first onto the rails and stands on YOH. BUSHI takes off his shirt and chokes YOH before dishing out overhand chops. YOH returns the strikes but BUSHI wins the exchange. Shingo lands a knee drop on YOH’s neck and stands on his neck for a pin attempt but the referee waves it off.

Senton + legdrog combo from LIJ and BUSHI applies an STF. SHO breaks the hold and both he and Shingo brawl outside. BUSHI drops YOH with a swinging neckbreaker and holds the ropes on YOH’s attempted comeback dropkick but is taken down on the second attempt. Shingo clear the apron on SHO so prohibit the tag and they look to double YOH but he catches their kicks and turns them into dragon screws. SHO gets the tag, looks for a brainbuster on Shingo but BUSHI breaks it up. SHO spears them both and takes Shingo to the corner for forearms. Shingo catches a boot, lands a lariat, SHO returns the favor and looks for a spear. Shingo puts the breaks on, SHO transitions to a brainbuster followed up by a spear and armbreaker. BUSHI breaks the hold, YOH sends him out and SHO continues focus on Shingo’s arm. Shingo elbows and lariats SHO to the mat, hoists him up for a powerbomb but only gets a two count. He sets up for Last of the Dragons but SHO escapes. BUSHI comes in and they double team lungblower SHO followed by a lariat from Shingo.

They look for Rebellion but YOH breaks it up. 3K hit kneelifts on Shingo, he takes them both down with a lariat. SHO and Shingo trade forearms, SHO comes out on top until a headbutt from Shingo evens the exchange. They trade lariats, neither man going down. Shingo runs in for another, eats a knee and is dropped with a lariat from SHO. SHO deadlifts Shingo into a bridging German, looks for Shock Arrow but Shingo backdrops out. SHO continues with forearms, ducks a Shingo lariat and hits a German but Shingo is right back up with a lariat and so is SHO, dropping Shingo with a lariat of his own. YOH and BUSHI are in and YOH flurries on BUSHI. The crowd rallies for YOH. He attempts a suplex but BUSHI escapes, catches YOH running in with a peddalum kick followed by a springboard dropkick. YOH ducks a corner lariat and 3K run a train in the corner on BUSHI. BUSHI ends their flurry with a double rana, Shingo sends both into a corner for lariats and shoulder tackles. SHO is sent to the floor with a lariat, BUSHI comes in with Rebellion on YOH but he’s out at two.

BUSHI sets up for MX, YOH lands a superkick instead. YOH ducks Shingo’s lariat and SHO is there to absorb the hit. They land 3K on Shingo and he bails out. They look for 3K on BUSHI but he escapes and catches YOH in the Bushi Roll, YOH escapes. BUSHI hit a codebreaker, climbs to the second for MX and the crowd rallies. YOH rolls through the attack, they hit BUSHI with 3K but Shingo is there to break the count. YOH is right there to continue. He lands the Dragon Suplex on BUSHI, secures the hold and picks up the win. 3K explain this was their first ever defense of these titles in their three reigns as champions. They are proud to have been tonight’s main event and to be the first champions in the Reiwa era. Rocky takes the mic and sings Queen’s ‘We Are the Champions’. SHO says his plan is to take these titles to the Best of the Super Juniors final and that he feels he has to beat Shingo.

What a main event. This was by far the best junior tag title match I’ve seen in my time following New Japan. The match was slotted in the main event and they gave the match a proper main event feel. The semi main event hit all of its marks too. Both matches are what should be watched from tonight. Incredible main event.

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