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NJPW/ROH ‘Honor Rising’ 2.23.18 Results & Review



New Japan and Ring of Honor work together to produce Honor Rising from a sold out Korakuen Hall with a main event featuring the reunion of The Golden Lovers. Ring of Honor brings over some of their talent who only travel to Japan each year specifically for this tour. Let’s see what was notable from the show.

Bad Luck Fale & Yujiro Takahashi def. Toa Henare & Katsuya Kitamura @ 7:20 via Fale Gernade on Kitamura
This is a match you’re likely to skip over when you see it on paper. I won’t say it’s something you should make time for but if you did, you’d enjoy what you saw. Wrestlers who come out of the same dojo are virtually guaranteed to have good chemistry.

Liger, Delirious & Cheeseburger def. Tama, Tanga & HIKULEO @ 7:08 via Delirious Roll-up on HIKULEO
When it wasn’t goofy, it was boring. Unlike the last match, this is exactly as lackluster as it reads on paper.

The Young Bucks def. Juice Robinson & David Finlay @ 12:51 via Meltzer Driver on Finlay
A fresh Young Bucks match you would never see outside of an Honor Rising event. Both teams worked babyface and had crowd support along with them. The prototypical Young Bucks match with new dancing partners. If you’re a fan of the Bucks, you’ll be a fan of the match.

Flip Gordon def. KUSHIDA & Hiromu Takahashi @ 12:48 via 450 Splash on Hiromu
The chaotic train wreck you’d expect from looking at this match. This served as a good showcase for Flip, who didn’t have his most crisp performance, but pulled together a good showing and received fan support by the end. This featured the insane spots you’d expect for and you should seek it out if that’s what you wanted.

White, Beretta & Chuckie T def. Castle, Lethal & Taguchi @ 9:46 via White Blade Runner on Taguchi
Another mostly goofball match but without the boring heat segments. Just a group of faces (and Jay White) having a good time until White gets too serious and lays out Taguchi. Not anything particularly notable but an easy watch.

NEVER Openweight Championship Match
Hirooki Goto (c) def. The Beer City Bruiser @ 12:37 via GTR

A step above Goto’s last defense against EVIL. This is the type of match you don’t see much of in New Japan. An old school, hard-nosed match between big dudes just slugging it out. The type of match Goto should be having with this title. No, it’s not a match I’ll rank high on my list but it was exactly what it should have been.

Cody, Page & Scurll def. Omega, Ibushi & Owens @ 20:31 via Page Rite of Passage on Owens
Exactly what this needed to be, a small taste of what’s to come in the following months. You had Cody and Page reveling in taking all that they could from Omega while Scurll was hesitant. Korakuen was red hot for the reunion of the Golden Lovers and both Omega and Ibushi played up their roles as the fiery babyfaces, even coming out to their old theme. Owens has aligned with the Tongan side of Bullet Club but remained cordial with Omega. Post-match Cody tells Korakuen that Bullet Club is his, not Omega’s and backstage Page voices displeasure that Cody overshadowed his win. That’s how we end the first night of Honor Rising. Cody’s arrogance has Scurll confused and by the end of the night may have lost Page as well.

Easy to watch show from a packed and lively Korakuen Hall. The main event was the focus but there was a nice variety of matches on this show. Certainly not a show that I’ll remember much of other than the main event but by the same token it was enjoyable.

Recommended Match
Omega, Ibushi & Owens vs Cody, Page & Scurll

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