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NJPW/ROH ‘Honor Rising’ 2.24.18 Results & Review



Live from Korakuen Hall, the second and final night of this year’s Honor Rising concludes with The Golden Lovers tagging in the main event against both Cody and Marty Scurll. Also, the ROH World Championship is on the line as Beretta challenges champion, Dalton Castle, in the semi-main event.

The Beer City Bruiser def. Toa Henare @ 4:26 via Frog Splash
Bruiser demanded that Henare not wrestle him but instead fight him. Henare got a big shoulder tackle that took the big dude off his feet but that about ended Henare’s offense. Not much of anything, just a way for Bruiser to get his win back after losing to Goto yesterday.

Juice, Lethal & Finlay def. Yujiro, Owens & HIKULEO @ 6:36 via Lethal Hail to the King on HIKULEO
I really have been enjoying Finlay and Juice as a team. They could definitely be good challengers for the tag titles, especially at Korakuen where they are fan favorites. Lethal as a fiery babyface works really well in this environment. Not a match to make time for but it was decent enough.

Hiromu Takahashi & BUSHI def. Flip Gordon & Ryusuke Taguchi @ 10:17 via BUSHI Super MX on Gordon
Fine junior tag match with a good closing stretch when they sped it up. Nothing particularly notable other than Flip already seeming to be over with Korakuen so maybe this will lead him participating in this year’s BOSJ. Time will tell.

NEVER Openweight Championship
Fale, Tama & Tanga (c) def. Liger, Delirious & Cheeseburger @ 9:17 via Guerilla Warfare on Cheeseburger

Actually better than you’d expect. Cheeseburger is a great underdog babyface and he got the majority of the time in the match. There were a couple of nearfalls he got in the closing minutes on Tama that were a lot of fun and the match was short enough to where it didn’t overstay its welcome. I’m not recommending you take the time but it was better than expected.

The Young Bucks & Page def. White, HASHI & Chuckie T. @ 12:35 via Page Rite of Passage on White
Another fun one from the Bucks, as should be expected. The taste we got of White and Page is making me look forward to their impending singles match for the US title, which will likely take place in Long Beach. Post-match, Page continues his beat down on White, delivering another Rite of Passage but this time onto a chair.

ROH World Championship
Dalton Castle (c) def. Beretta & The Beer City Bruiser @ 16:01 via German Suplex Hold on Bruiser

Going into these shows I was most looking forward to Castle versus Beretta. Due to Beretta’s injury, ROH decided last minute to turn the match into a three-way in order to protect him as much as possible. Unfortunate, but they made the most that they could of the situation and managed to produce a great match. I do recommend you go out of your way for this one. A gutsy performance from each man, this was a lot of fun start to finish. It was wild, chaotic and most importantly, a good representation of the talent ROH holds.

The Golden Lovers def. Cody & Marty Scurll @ 20:16 via Golden Trigger on Scurll
Really great match to close out Honor Rising. Korakuen was dying for some Golden Lovers and once again they delivered. Omega and Ibushi debuted their new tag team finish, the Golden Trigger, to end the match. Wrinkles in the story of the Bullet Club continue to unfold. Post-match Omega declares The Golden Lovers the best tag team in the world. This prompts The Young Bucks to rush the ring. They take offense to Omega’s claim and state that they will be moving up into the heavyweight division. The show closes out with both Omega and Ibushi embracing one another and high-fiving the fans before heading to the back.

Two great matches to close out this year’s edition of Honor Rising. A lot of questions about the Bullet Club remain but the story is progressing in a way that keeps you wanting to stay engaged. The Golden Lovers are back and New Japan is for the better because of the reunion.

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