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NJPW ‘Super Jr. Tag League 2018’ (10.22.18) Results & Review



The tournament rolls onto its fifth night in Shimane at Kunibiki Messe. Half of the field move into their fourth match of the tournament, officially passing their halfway point. No commentary and hard camera only but let’s get started!

BUSHI & Shingo Takagi def. Volador Jr. & Soberano Jr. @ 13:42 via Shingo Last of the Dragon on Soberano – **1/4
Naito makes a special appearance, coming out alongside his stablemates. BUSHI offers his hand to an apprehensive Soberano who shakes anyway and takes a kick to the gut, as he probably expected. Soberano regroups quickly, hitting a Hurricanrana, enziguri and a jumping armdrag off the top. They tag out to their partners where Shingo catches Volador’s handspring elbow, looks for a suplex but Volador flips through and puts Shingo in electric chair position where Soberano splashes him to the mat. BUSHI puts an end to fun by sweeping Soberano’s legs out from under him, Shingo does the same and they beat down team CMLL on the outside before BUSHI takes Soberano to the top and attempts to unmask the luchador. Volador cuts him off but LIJ hiptoss into their senton + legdrop tandem offense and BUSHI dropkicks Soberano off the top.
After wearing Soberano down with an STF, BUSHI dumps him to the outside where Shingo drives him into the apron and beats him down more in the ring. Shingo ducks a desperation enziguri but Soberano traps him in a headscissors followed by a dropkick. They tag out and Volador springs off the top with a splash quickly followed by a tiltawhirl backbreak that sends BUSHI to the outside. Soberano lands a top rope dropkick that sends Shingo out with him and Soberano hit a tope onto both, immediately followed by an Asai moonsault from Volador. Back in the ring, Soberano connects with a tornillo and second rope springboard dropkick on BUSHI into the corner. Volador double underhooks Shingo, Soberano dropkicks him off the top, lands on BUSHI and Volador drives Shingo down with a lungblower. BUSHI avoids a corner elbow and turns it into a diving rana off the second rope. Soberano hits both a powerslam and standing moonsault on Shingo, BUSHI puts an end to the flurry with an enziguri + lungblower, springboards over the top onto Volador with a rana and Shingo finishes Soberano with Blood Fall, Pumping Bomber, Last of the Dragon combination. The crowd chants for Naito so he comes in and hits his pose before walking off with his team.

YOH & SHO def. Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger & Tiger Mask IV @ 11:34 via YOH Five Star Clutch on Liger – *3/4
Tiger and YOH start off with a back and forth stalemate and tag out to their partners. SHO denied two of Liger’s shoulder tackles, looked to jump over but Liger grabs the ropes and shoulders SHO to the mat. YOH comes in to help, sweeps Liger’s leg followed by a dropkick from SHO. Liger uses YOH’s speed to counter into a backbreaker and puts him in the Romero Special but SHO breaks it up. Tiger goes after YOH’s back, locking in the Camal Clutch and this time slapping SHO for making the save. YOH catches Tiger’s kick and transitions into a Dragon Screw before making the tag to SHO. Coming in hot with three consecutive lariats, 3K then double team Tiger with a trio of back elbows into the corner. Tiger fights out of the 3K, eats double running knees and the lungblower + running kick combo but fights to lands the Tiger Driver and makes the tag to Liger. Shotei, powerbomb, splash off the top, Liger is on fire. He hits a second Shotei and takes YOH to the top. SHO cuts it off and takes Liger to the mat but Tiger catches YOH still on top and lands a Butterfly suplex directly to a Liger Bomb for two. YOH floats through the brainbuster and rolls up Liger for a two count of his own. Liger takes to the ropes but YOH hangs on and floats him into the Five Star Clutch for the win. Liger apologizes to Tiger for the loss while 3K celebrate their victory.

We continued to see some miscommunication between team CMLL and their opponents, most noticeably with Shingo. Credit to BUSHI for putting the match on his shoulders and delivering a fine match under the circumstances. The legends decided to heel up on the youngsters which fell flat. No one really believes in them as a juggernaut team, they’re more in the underdog old timers role, so that decision caused the match dragged in the middle. BUSHI was the star performer on the night and I’m taking time to note that because it rarely happens and shows how ‘just fine’ these shows have been. I haven’t expected anything better than what we’ve got these last three nights but it hasn’t exceeded my low expectations either. They’ve been fine shows. Props to BUSHI, you were the star tonight.

BUSHI & Shingo (3-1)
YOH & SHO (3-1)
Ishimori & Eagles (2-1)
Liger & Tiger (2-2)
ACH & Taguchi (1-2)
Kanemaru & Desperado (1-2)
KUSHIDA & Sabin (1-2)
Volador Jr. & Soberano jr. (1-3)

Along with providing show reviews from across Japan, Robert McCauley is also an editor for FightboothPW.

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