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NJPW ‘Super Jr. Tag League 2018’ (10.23.18) Results & Review



The tournament’s sixth night took place in Tottori at the Tottori Prefectural Industrial Gym. All eight teams have officially crossed the halfway point of the tournament. Each only have three matches remaining and after tonight two teams find themselves in desperate need of a hot finish in order to have any shot at advancing to the finals. Once again, hard camera and no commentary but let’s get started!

Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado def. Taiji Ishimori & Robbie Eagles @ 10:13 via Desperado El Es Culero on Eagles – **
Suzuki-Gun attack before the bell, dump Ishimori to the outside and grind down Eagles. He finds separation and dropkicks Desperado into Kanemaru and Ishimori catches Desperado with a hurricanrana off the top. Bullet Club isolate Kanemaru and target his knee until Desperado cuts Eagles off and they dump both Eagles and Ishimori to the outside, throwing them into the crowd. Suzuki-Gun go after Eagles knee, Kanemaru locking him in a Boston Crab while Desperado pulls Ishimori away from the save. Eagles eventually finds the ropes, flips out of a vertical suplex and lands a lariat to the back of Kanemaru’s head before making the tag to Ishimori. Springboard splash, handspring kick and an inverted DDT + flatliner combination, Ishimori is on fire. A handspring overhead kick to Desperado from Ishimori, followed by a top rope dropkick from Eagles, everything is coming up Bullet Club. Desperado pulls the referee for a distraction, Kanemaru mists Eagles and Desperado rolls him up for the win.

KUSHIDA & Chris Sabin def. ACH & Ryusuke Taguchi @ 13:58 via KUSHIDA Hoverboard Lock on ACH – **1/2
KUSHIDA’s theme is so catchy that ACH and Taguchi can’t help but to dance as he makes his entrance. The match starts with a handshake between ACH and Sabin. They trade wristlocks and cradles but find themselves in a stalemate so they fist bump and tag out. KUSHIDA refuses to fist bump Taguchi, opting to land a few hip attacks instead. Taguchi cuts him off with one of his own, sends ACH in to clear out Sabin and proceeds to coach ACH into corner lariats on KUSHIDA. ACH is pushed past his limit and collapses, leading to KUSHDA springing off his back and landing a dropkick onto Taguchi. Sabin springs off KUSHIDA’s back for an elbow that sends Taguchi to the outside and allows them to isolate ACH.
They focus on his elbow and completely suffocate any chance of a comeback until he finally manages to reach the ropes. ACH avoids a corner attack, lands a sitout splash, tags Taguchi who fires off a flurry of hip attacks, two vertical suplexes and a DDT + inverted DDT combination. Sabin puts an end to the flurry with an atomic drop, rolls through a Dodon and catches ACH running in with a Dragon Screw. KUSHIDA and Sabin miss Outatime, Sabin gets sent to the floor, ACH sweeps KUSHIDA’s leg, follows with a stomp and a low dropkick before a sitout splash to Sabin on the outside. Taguchi and ACH connect with a facebuster + bulldog combo, Sabin rushes in, misses an enziguri on ACH but lands a DDT on Taguchi, successfully land Outatime on ACH but Taguchi breaks up the fall. Sabin dumps Taguchi to the outside, hits a PK from the apron and KUSHIDA locks ACH in the Hoverboard Lock. Taguchi looks to make the save again but Sabin cuts him off, dumps him back out and follows with a tope suicida and KUSHIDA rolls ACH away from the ropes, forcing him to tap. The winners leave to the back while ACH is left staring at the mat in disappointment.

The second match is my favorite of the house show portion of the tournament so far. I’d almost go as far as to recommend it because if it was given the proper camera treatment, this would have been great. Both teams are extra fiery and put on a relatively hot match considering the situation. Bullet Club versus Suzuki-Gun went exactly how you pictured it in your head. We should keep reminding ourselves that these are house show matches and that while the match was perfectly fine, no one was going all out. The completionists will be pleasantly surprised by the second match and perfectly accepting of the first. The next two nights will be back at Korakuen Hall where the shows will receive both the multi-camera and commentary treatment.

BUSHI & Shingo (3-1)
YOH & SHO (3-1)
Ishimori & Eagles (2-2)
Liger & Tiger (2-2)
Kanemaru & Desperado (2-2)
KUSHIDA & Sabin (2-2)
ACH & Taguchi (1-3)
Volador Jr. & Soberano jr. (1-3)

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