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NJPW ‘Super Jr. Tag League 2018’ (10.27.18) Results & Review



Back-to-back nights at Korakuen Hall where all eight teams in the junior tag league have their sixth of seven tournament matches. The margin for error is getting smaller but seven of the eight teams still have a chance at winning so let’s get started!

Honma, Umino & Narita def. Yoshida, Tsuji & Uemura @ 9:37 via Narita Boston Crab on Uemura – **1/2
Tsuji wants a piece of Umino and demands not to be overlooked in favor of Yoshida. Tsuji proves his worth by taking it to Umino and forcing Narita to come in and help match Tsuji’s power. They equalize Tsuji and tag in Honma, who has his way on the young lion as expected. Umino locks in a Camal Clutch on the now beaten down Tsuji which prompts Yoshida to take the open shot and PK Umino’s exposed back. Yoshida obliterates Umino with kicks, chops, forearms and lariats but Umino doesn’t care. He screams in Yoshida’s face and hits a desperation dropkick to even the score and they tag out to Narita and Uemura. Tsuji helps Uemura gain the advantage on Narita and locks in the Boston Crab. Umino breaks it up and both Narita and Uemura begin trading forearms until Narita catches him in a bridging belly-to-belly suplex and transitions it into a Boston Crab for the win. Post-match, Yoshida and Umino meet forehead to forehead.

Tomohiro Ishii & Hirooki Goto def. Minoru Suzuki & TAKA Michinoku @ 9:12 via Goto GTR on TAKA – **1/2
Taichi comes out with Suzuki-Gun and joins the Japanese commentary team. Ishii rushes Suzuki before the bell and takes the match to the outside where he hits Suzuki with chairs and chokes with his shirt. Suzuki is quick to return the favor and takes the match back inside. They have an extended sequence of trading forearms and screaming at each other to bring it until they both collapse and tag out. Goto hits his spin kick in the corner to TAKA, followed by a Saito suplex causing Suzuki to come make the save. Ishii runs in and both he and Suzuki brawl to the outside and out beyond the curtain. Goto lands an Ushigorishi before finishing TAKA with the GTR. Post-match, Goto challenges Taichi for the NEVER title but Taichi shoots him down and says that people are tired of rematches.

Ibushi, Yujiro & Owens def. Tanahashi, Makabe & Henare @ 9:05 via Owens Package Piledriver on Henare – **1/2
Yujiro and Owens looked to use the numbers against Makabe early but his team saw it coming and all three picked an opponent to deliver the corner punches on. Still, Yujiro and Owens stuck to their plan and managed to sweep Makabe’s leg and take him outside and grind him down. Ibushi refuses the gang mentality, choosing to fight Makabe one-on-one instead which led to him taking a lariat and allowing Makabe to get the to Tanahashi. Ibushi’s dropkick is caught and turned into a Texas Cloverleaf and Yujiro’s run in turned into a Dragon Screw. Ibushi fired up a flurry of kicks but Tanahashi got the knees up before the standing moonsault. Owens and Henare trade forearms and Owens is taken down by a shoulder tackle, followed by a corner lariat and Samoan Drop. Owens sidesteps the shoulder tackle off the top and looks for the Package Piledriver but Tanahashi cuts it off, who immediately takes a springboard dropkick from Ibushi who is taken down by a Makabe lariat. Henare rolls through a second piledriver attempt but is cut off by Yujiro with a backdrop + neckbreaker combo and finished with the Package Piledriver. Post-match, Tanahashi hesitates but decides to allow Ibushi to celebrate the win with his team.

White, Fale, Tama, Tanga & Gedo def. Okada, Yano, Beretta, Chuckie T. & Romero @ 14:44 via White Blade Runner on Romero – ***
Okada tries to attack White before the bell but White bails to the outside. Yano decides to start the match and immedately regrets his decision when Bullet Club chooses Fale. He thumps Fale on the back of the head and tags out to Beretta. He trades forearms with Tama and lands a half and half suplex before tagging out to Chuck, all the while Okada and White are brawling outside. Bullet Club throw Chuck into the exposed buckle and begin wearing him down. White slams Tsuji on Chuck’s injured back, Jado hits Chuck with the cane but Chuck floats though a suplex and tags Okada who takes care of all five of his opponents. White manages to get a hold of the ropes to nullify Okada’s dropkick, sets up for Blade Runner, Okada escapes and attempts the Rainmaker but White dodges that as well. They tag in Romero and Gedo and Romero comes in hot, delivering a hurricanrana to Gedo, Tama and Tanga before being shouldered down by Fale. Okada cuts off the Blade Runner to Romero, dropkicks Gedo and Rocky knocks Jado off the apron to even the numbers. Just then, White sneaks in with a Blade Runner on Romero and pulls Gedo on top of Romero for the win. Post-match, Bullet Club continue the attack on Okada which prompts Tanahashi to come make the save. Okada and Tanahashi agree to work together, dropping Gedo with a pair of elbows and look to do the same to White but he bails to the outside and walks off, stunned to see Okada and Tanahashi cooperating.

ACH & Ryusuke Taguchi def. Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger & Tiger Mask IV @ 12:42 via Taguchi Roll Up on Tiger – **3/4
ACH and Taguchi enter wearing the masks of Liger and Tiger which leads to a fun stare down with the veterans to start the match. The referee gets the biggest heel reaction of the night when he forces them to remove their masks. We saw ultra goofy Taguchi here, selling punches to the gut in the most over the top fashion possible. He eventually fires up with a hip attack, tags in ACH who is quick to splash on Tiger to the outside before landing one off the top on Liger. He misses the second splash to the outside and is turned inside out by a Shotei. Taguchi is back in but is quickly sent to the top by Tiger for a Butterfly suplex. ACH tries to cut it off, instead boots Taguchi and makes the suplex easier for Tiger. A hip attack from ACH evens the score and allows Taguchi to land a Tiger Driver on Tiger, who returns the favor by hitting Taguchi with Dodon. With both men down, ACH pulls Taguchi on Tiger for a two count. Liger responds by pulling Tiger on Taguchi for another two. Taguchi fires up for the Nakamura mimic but Tiger catches him into a pin, Taguchi responds to a pin of his own and picks up the win. All four shake and fist bump after the match.

YOH & SHO def. Volador Jr. & Soberano Jr. @ 11:56 via 3K on Soberano – ***
YOH and Volador stalemate off the jump and tag out. Soberano cartwheels out of a rana, SHO puts the breaks on a rana which leads to Soberano going to the top and finally connecting with a rana. 3K gain the advantage with a double team and grind Soberano. He eventually overcomes with a flurry consisting of a superkick, lariat, springboard dropkick off the second and splashes down on SHO on the landing. Volador continues the flurry with a splash of his own, lands a hndspring back elbow on both, causing 3K to bail and Soberano follows them out with a tope and Volador with an Asai moonsault. SHO catches the following handspring into a German suplex but Volador recovers quickly by floating through a vertical suplex and connecting with a superkick. Soberano comes off the top with a tornillo and a moonsault off the second before taking YOH to the top, looking for a suplex. SHO cuts off by powerbombing Soberano who still manages to hold on for the suplex on YOH. Volador and SHO exchange strikes and SHO is able to turn a rana into a powerbomb and 3K finish Soberano with a 3K out of nowhere.

Taiji Ishimori & Robbie Eagles def. KUSHIDA & Chris Sabin @ 12:32 via Ishimori Bloody Cross on KUSHIDA – ***
Both Sabin and Ishimori instil the help of their respective partners in order to gain an edge at the start. Sabin and KUSHIDA come out on top with a chinlock + dropkick combo. Ishimori kicks out KUSHIDA’s knee and tags in Eagles who lands a dropkick onto the same knee and they grind on that knee until KUSHIDA digs deep with an enziguri and finds Sabin for the tag. Sabin dropkicks both off the top, finds success with the enzigui + satelite DDT and comes off the top with another dropkick. KUSHIDA looks to finish with Outatime but Ishimori moves and KUSHIDA’s knee gives out. Ishimori takes them both down with a DDT + flatliner combo and tags in Eagles who has a forearm exchange with KUSHIDA until he’s had enough and kicks the knee out once again. Eagles takes to the top in hopes for a 450 Splash but KUSHIDA transitions it into a triangle choke and into a cross armbreaker then a hanging kimura. Eagles gets to the ropes, stereo superkicks by Bullet Club, sliding German to KUSHIDA, a pair of double knees in the corner but he cartwheels into a dropkick, Eagles bails and Sabin grounds him with a PK from the apron. KUSHIDA looks for Back the the Future, Ishimori counters to double knees and finishes with Bloody Cross.

Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado def. BUSHI & Shingo Takagi @ 18:05 via Desperado El Es Culero on BUSHI – ***1/4
Suzuki-Gun jumps before the bell and take the match outside. They climb the stairs but LIJ fire back, whip the two into each other and Shingo holds them together while BUSHI hits a crossbody off the second level awning. LIJ take it back to the ring and BUSHI chokes Kanemaru with his shirt. Desperado dumps Shingo back over and throws him into the barricade, hitting him with chairs on top of that. SZKG grind Shingo back in the ring, standing on his neck and staying on top of him until he manages to fire back with a Saito suplex and tag BUSHI. Hurricanrana, double knees in the corner, dropkick off the second, double rana to SZKG, BUSHI is fired up. Shingo comes back in but is cut back down with a satellite DDT from Kanemaru and Desperado gives him the boots. He hits a desperation pop up DVD, tags back out to BUSHI but Desperado rips at the eyes and tries unmasking. BUSHI hits the swinging neckbreaker, Shingo helps with a lungblower, follows with the Pumping Bomber but Kanemaru cuts off Rebellion. BUSHI sends Desperado over the top, shoots through the ropes with a tope only to hit Tsuji as Desperado sidesteps the flurry. Dropkick + backdrop suplex from SZKG bit Shingo breaks it up. BUSHI backs Desperado into the corner, sprays him with mist, rolls him up only for Kanemaru to pull the referee out of the ring. Kanemaru loads up with mist of his own, BUSHI ducks, can’t avoid the follow up low blow by Desperado and is then unmasked by Desperado who rolls him up for the win.

Another strong show, maybe not quite as strong as the night before but there were significant developments. Taichi outright refused Goto’s challenge, Tanahashi and Okada worked together and Ishimori pinned KUSHIDA. The main event was the best match of the night. LIJ having to overcome the SZKG shenanigans and ultimately coming up short is significant. We’ve been seeing LIJ’s transformation into the face roll for a long time now but it’s continuing to take shape with BUSHI gaining the sympathy by being unmasked.

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