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NJPW ‘Super Jr. Tag League 2018’ (10.28.18) Results & Review



We’re back to the no commentary, single camera setup for the final matches of the tournament. Tonight it was the legends looking to upset the champions and win themselves a possible title shot down the line. Although the legends have been mathematically eliminated from the tournament, defeating champions opens up the possibility of a future challenge. Meanwhile, Suzuki-Gun are looking to take the lead as champions. Let’s get started!

Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado def. Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger & Tiger Mask IV @ 11:56 via Desperado Pinche Loco on Liger – **1/4
Suzuki-Gun cut off the legend’s entrance and drive them into the rails. Kanemaru takes Tiger in the ring and attempts to unmask him. Tiger rolls to the outside, Kanemaru boots Liger off the apron and brings Tiger back in, takes him to the top and tries unmasking again. Tiger fights out, catches Desperado with a kick and tags Liger. Desperado ducks the Shotei but can’t evade the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker or Romero Special. Kanemaru stomps Desperado free of Liger’s hold and they drive the legends back into the rails where Liger stays until the count of nineteen. They lock Liger in the Camal Clutch and after he finally manages to power out, Desperado takes him to the top and tries unmasking him. He sends Liger to the corner but Liger bounces off and lands a Shotei and tags Tiger who jumps off the top with a crossbody, followed by a Tiger Driver. Tiger’s Crucifex Driver is cut off by Desperado but Tiger makes the tag to Liger who fires off another Shotei and takes Desperado to the second for a Frankensteiner, followed up with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Tiger helps out with a Butterfly suplex off the top, Liger hits a Liger Bomb, but Kanemaru breaks the count. Liger then drops Desperado with a brainbuster only for Kanemaru to pull the referee out and load up on whiskey. Although he ducks the belt, Liger is sprayed with the mist, then hit with the belt, low blow, Pinche Loco and Suzuki-Gun win. They’re chased out by a chair-wielding Tiger to close out the video.

Exactly what you’d imagine the match to look like, nothing more, nothing less. Both sides have their roles down pat and can perform these matches in their sleep. Not a match to drop everything and see but you wouldn’t be offended if you made the time. Middle of the road match, just like most of the others have been on the off-nights.

Kanemaru & Desperado (5-2)
BUSHI & Shingo (4-2)
YOH & SHO (4-2)
KUSHIDA & Sabin (3-3)
Ishimori & Eagles (3-3)
ACH & Taguchi (3-3)
Liger & Tiger (2-5)
Volador Jr. & Soberano jr. (1-5)

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