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NJPW ‘Super Jr. Tag Tournament Semifinals’ 10.30.17 Results & Review



From Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, the semifinals of the Super Junior Tag Tournament take place on this night! The winners will meet in Osaka November 5th at Power Struggle for the chance to be the 2017 Super Junior Tag Tournament winners.

Liger & Tiger def. Taka & Taichi @ 5:16
There wasn’t much to the opener, Suzuki-Gun tried to use shenanigans but were outsmarted. Taichi rolled Tiger under the ring and instructed the referee to count. Tiger popped out from the other side and rolled up Taka from behind to score the win. Silly, fun finish but not much else.

Goto & Yano def. Suzuki & Iizuka @ 5:57
Suzuki made it his point to demonstrate a bull rope match. He fastened both Yano and himself to the rope and dragged Yano around the crowd before eventually losing his temper. With closed fists he punched Yano in the face, booted the referee in the face and was disqualified. The build for their match at Power Struggle has been the best in the company. Because of match type it’s needed all the attention and it’s worked as far as I’m concerned.

Yoshi-Hashi, Ospreay & Beretta def. Omega, Scurll & Owens @ 10:47
Team Bullet Club, celebrating Halloween, come out dressed up as characters from Aladdin. Scurll as Aladdin, Owens as Genie and Omega as Princess Jasmine, of course. Stunts like this is why Omega is beloved by some and loathed by others. In any case, they had a fun match where the build was to Scurll and Omega kissing. The crowd was into everything but with this being the go-home for two title matches for next weekend, I would have preferred something more serious. Out of context this could be seen as a fun match but for the situation I wanted something different. Beretta delivered the Crunchy on the magic carpet to Owens for the victory.

Ibushi, Juice, Dragon Lee, Titan & Finlay def. Tanahashi, Makabe, Kushida, Kitamura & Kawato @ 14:08
Kawato is the most beloved young lion, possibly ever. Any time he’s in the ring, the crowd erupts and he steals the match. Tanahashi and Ibushi continue to build for Power Struggle and they give a little more each time they go out. Their match is undoubtedly going to rule. Finlay got the win via a Stunner onto Kawato. The match wasn’t anything to write home about but everyone got their stuff in and nothing sucked. Ultimately it was just there.

Switchblade promo plays before the second half.

Naito, Evil & Sanada def. Okada, Ishii & Gedo @ 11:57
Like the previous match, this was fine. Nothing major but everything worked. What is notable was the exchange between Ishii and Sanada. I believe it’s safe to say they will have a singles match next year for a championship. And this just in, Okada and Naito are incredible. The chemistry between the two increases every time they set foot in the ring. Sanada forced Gedo to tap to the Skull End.

Super Junior Tag Team Tournament Semifinal Match
Ryusuke Taguchi & ACH def. Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado @ 17:07

Due to the legitimate injury to ACH’s ribs the night before, Taguchi was forced to pick up the slack and work a little harder than his usual and his efforts really aided the match. Desperado and Kanemaru are the best of the Suzuki-Gun juniors, always working very smart. ACH was in visible pain the entire match and was worked over for the majority until Taguchi got the hot tag and showed he can go when called upon. This is always the face with Taguchi, he picks his spots, knowing when he can rely on comedy and when he has to turn it up. Very smart match with some pretty good drama in the final stretch, a step up from yesterday’s main event. Tagichi and ACH scored the pin via Super 69.

Super Junior Tag Team Tournament Semifinal Match
Roppongi 3K def. Hiromu Takahashi & Bushi @ 20:35

An improvement from last night’s main event, these two teams worked extremely hard, staying away from the comedy and fought for pride. This stood out from stereotypical junior matches, relying more on strikes and suplexes than high-flying. The crowd still doesn’t quite know what to make of 3K and its understandable. They work hard so they get support but the gimmick isn’t something that’s fun to get behind, it’s kind of just a thing. They’ve yet to get a reaction that meets the one they received upon their return at King of Pro-Wrestling. Something tells me with a different gimmick they’d be clicking better than they are now. With all that said, a very good match and 3K continue looking strong as they main event their first show, win, head to the finals and as the champions.

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