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NJPW ‘The New Beginning in Osaka’ (2.11.19) Results & Review



The New Beginning 2019 comes to its conclusion in front of 5,570 fans at the EDION Arena in Osaka, Japan. Both the IWGP Junior and IWGP Heavyweight titles are on the line with the Bullet Club featured in each of the top five matches. Jay White has promised to usher in a new era but will his words become the truth? Let’s get started!

Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Satoshi Kojima & Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger def. Minoru Suzuki, Takashi Iizuka & TAKA Michinoku @ 12:57 via Disqualification – **3/4
Tenzan came out with a vintage shirt from his time tagging with Iizuka. He wants them to tag once more before Iizuka retires but Iizuka has refused to respond. There was a lot of brawling, Tenzan managed a flurry consisting of a suplex, Moutan Bomb and locked in the Anaconda Vice. He stood over Iizuka with the shirt but Suzuki made the save, went to hit Tenzan with a chair only for it to be ripped ferom his hand by Iizuka. Everyone hoped Iizuka was planning to save Tenzan but instead he wanted to hit Tenxan himself. Suzuki-Gun are disqualified but Iizuka isn’t done. He pulls out the Iron Fingers and both he and Suzuki tear Tenzan’s shirt before stomping off to the back.

EVIL & SANADA def. Shota Umino & Ayato Yoshida @ 10:09 via Magic Killer on Umino – **1/2
Yoshida proved worthy of taking it to the tag champs but Umino struggled. They double teamed Umino with relative ease, Umino needing the help from Yoshida to make his come back. Umino managed a few dropkicks off both the second and top rope and got a big bridging German suplex on SANADA for a two count. He tried following up with a bridging Fisherman but SANADA countered, looking for Skull End. Umino cradled the attempt, SANADA kicked out and EVIL was quick to charge in with a lariat followed by a suplex from SANADA and Umino was finished by the Magic Killer.

Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi & BUSHI def. Taichi, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado @ 11:06 via Naito Destino on Kanemaru – ***
Taichi jumped Naito before the bell and Suzuki-Gun wasted no time with the beatdown. They tripled Naito with each member hitting signature spots. Naito rana’d himself out of a Last Ride from Taichi, landed a single-leg dropkick and tagged BUSHI. More dropkicks and rana from BUSHI, tags in Shingo for some power. He stops a spear from Desperado in its tracks and they begin trading strikes. LIJ begin teeing off on Suzuki-Gun, BUSHI with a rana from over the top, Shingo a Pumping Bomber and Naito finishing Kanemaru with Destino.

Naito and Taichi stare each other down after the match and Naito takes off to the back, allowing the junior tag champs their opportunity to pose for the camera. When they make their way to the back they’re cut off by Roppongi 3K. LIJ try to sidestep them but 3K attack, take the titles and head back to the ring. They state that they want to be the next challengers. The champions agree to the challenge.

Chase Owens & Yujiro Takahashi def. Tomoaki Honma & YOSHI-HASHI @ 9:37 via Owens Package Piledriver on Honma – **1/2
Bullet Club bully Honma with a series of cutoffs, making him dig deep with a brainbuster to even the score. Y-H comes in hot but is tripped by Owens and taken to the outside. Instead of falling victim, Y-H drops Owerns with a suplex outside and continues his attack on Yujiro. Honma fires off on Owens with a headbutt, Kokeshi Rocket and standard Kokeshi. Yujiro makes the save, allowing Owens the opportunity to finish Honma with the Package Piledriver.

Next Kota Ibushi’s music plays. The crowd erupts as he makes his way to the ring. He thanks the fans for supporting him while he was recovering from his injury. He states that he’s officially back and will participate in the New Japan Cup.

Guerrillas of Destiny def. Most Violent Players @ 9:44 via Tama Gun Stun on Yano – **1/2
Makabe and Yano have first entry but GOD come out and attack from behind. They isolate Yano and look to finish with the Magic Killer early. Makabe makes the save but is soon tripped up by Jado. GOD take control thanks to even more help from Jado, this time using a cane on Makabe from behind. Yano looks to get the cheap win by shoving the referee, hits a low blow on Loa but with the referee still down, Tama uses the cane and wins the match with a Gun Stun.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship
Taiji Ishimori (c) def. Ryusuke Taguchi @ 16:11 via Bloody Cross – ***3/4

Ever the troll, Tagichi comes out dressed as a Sailor Boy, a previous comedy gimmick used by Ishimori. He uses the mind games to gain the advantage early, even doing the Sailor Boy dance. Ishimori responds to the trolling by doing the dance himself, showing Taguchi that the games won’t work. Taguchi still tries to goof, going for hip attacks. Again, Ishimori responds with counters. Taguchi has to change his game plan. Serious Taguchi comes out to play. He fires up with a dropkick, springboard plancha, springboard dropkick and a huge tope con hilo. Taguchi isn’t done there. He hits 3 Amigos, Ishimori getting in no offense. Ishimori does eventually manage to slide out of a backdrop and quickly follows up with a handspring enziguri.

His flurry is short-lived though as Taguchi avoids the double knees in the corner, slides out of a fireman’s carry and applies the Oh My & Garankle. Taguchi continues the attack with a spinbuster, front suplex, Bummer Ye and back to the ankle lock. Ishimori victory rolls through the hold, connects with a double knee gutbuster but Taguchi escapes the Bloody Cross, drops an elbow on the back of the knee and locks in Oh My & Garankle once again. Taguchi hits the finishing Dodon, or so everyone thought. Ishimori kicked out of Dodon, caught Taguchi running in with a lariat, double knees in the corner and DVD for two. Taguchi ducks a lariat, drops Ishimori with an enziguri, hooks him up for Dodon but Ishimori escapes and transitions to Bloody Cross for the win.

Post-match, Ishimori points to Liger at the commentary table. Liger comes in and accepts Ishimori’s challenge.

Kazuchika Okada def. Bad Luck Fale @ 18:10 via Rainmaker – ***3/4
Owens and Yujiro come out with Fale so you know shenanigans will come into play. Okada combats that by throwing his robe at Fale for the distraction, dumps him over the top with a lariat and follows with a plancha to the floor. Owens and Yujiro attack Okada while Fale distracts the referee. They send Okada back in where Fale begins working on the lower back. That doesn’t stop Okada from trying the slam but Fale’s weight is too much. Okada manages a big elbow that rocks Fale, bouncing him off the ropes and giving Okada leverage for the slam. He follows by tripping Fale and keeping him grounded with a dropkick and DDT. Fale avoids the elbow from the top, drops Okada with the Samoan Drop but Okada is back up and the two begin trading forearms. Three Okada forearms equal the power of one from Fale.

Okada gets separation via a John Woo, lands an elbow drop from the top, sets up for the Rainmaker but is dropped with a lariat from Fale. Two big Fale splashes, sets up for Bad Luck Fall, Okada escapes over the top, hits a series of strikes and comes off the top with a John Woo. Bullet Club distract Okada, his elbow strike, intended for Fale, is taken by the referee and the beatdown starts again. YOSHI-HASHI comes to make the save, the numbers once again evened for Okada. He fights out of the Bad Luck Fall, hits a dropkick to both the back and chest of Fale, dropkicks out of a Grenade but wins up eating a Grenade for two. Fale takes to the top but is cutoff by a dropkick and subsequently takes a superplex. In desperation mode, Fale begins clubbing at Okada however possible. Okada ducks a blow, drops Fale via Discuss Rainmaker and finishes with the standard Rainmaker. He and Y-H fist bump and make their way to the back.

IWGP Heavyweight Championship
Jay White def. Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) @ 30:29 via Blade Runner – ****1/4

The crowd rallies behind Tanahashi as the bell rings. White responds by bailing to the crowd’s disappointment. Tanahashi taunt’s White by striking his leg out and offering it to White. They lock up, White looks for Blade Runner early but Tanahashi takes him over and White needs Gedo’s assistance in order to regroup. Tanahashi is able to completely overpower White on the mat and it isn’t until White grabs Tanahashi’s hair that he’s able to get control. He goes to kick Tanahashi’s knee but his boot is caught. White sweeps the leg and the two go outside. Gedo distracts Tanahashi, allowing White to dump him over top with a Saito suplex. That’s where the beatdown begins. Tanahashi’s back is thrown into the rails and apron repeatedly and when he tries to power up, White attacks the knee.

Tanahashi manages a desperation forearm, attempts the apply the Cloverleaf, but White kicks the knee out. Two can play at that game as Tanahashi begins to attack the knee of White who then bails to the outside. Tanahashi thinks about Aces High to the outside but White rolls back in and drops him with a Flatliner + German suplex combo. He ties Tanahashi in the ropes and gives him a series of chops and European uppercuts. Tanahashi tells him to bring it, catches White with a Dragon Screw between the ropes and hits Aces High when White bails to the outside.

Tanahashi sends White back in but Gedo causes a distraction. White grabs a chair, Tanahashi ducks and the two trade counters in and out of over half a dozen signatures each before Tanahashi gains the upper hand by way of as series of Twist & Shouts. White sidesteps the Slingblade but Tanahashi follows him to the corner and dishes out a flurry of Dragon Screws. Again, White avoids a Slingblade so Tanahashi decides a Straightjacket German will do. Gedo tries to distract but Tanahashi is aware this time, knocks him off the apron and lands a High Fly Flow to White’s back. The follow up HHF is avoided but as White sets up for TTO, Tanahashi delivers a couple of slaps to the face. Two inverted Dragon Screws from White does the trick, he locks in TTO.

The crowd rally behind Tanahashi, who gets the ropes but White milks the five count to their displeasure. Two Saito suplexes, a DVD and Kiwi Crusher aren’t enough to break Tanahashi. White responds with a Sleeper suplex, sets up for Blade Runner but Tanahashi rolls into a cradle. He catches White’s boot, hits several Dragon Screws and locks in the Cloverleaf, White gets the ropes but Tanahashi doesn’t let go. Instead he transitions the hold into a Styles Clash for two. Crowd rallies big for Tanahashi. Two Slingblades, a bridging Dragon suplex and Tanahashi takes to the top. He looks to finish White with a HFF but White makes it to his feet, catches Tanahashi midair and wins the match with the Blade Runner. Jay White becomes the 68th IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

White takes the microphone and denounces Osaka as his home. They turned their back on him and now he fights for himself, Gedo and Bullet Club. This is a new beginning. Welcome to his new era. Backstage he calls himself the best wrestler and sports entertainer. He’s the future maker and will defend the title at Madison Square Garden.

Solid undercard compliments what was a strong main card to cap off this year’s New Beginning. New challengers were made for both junior titles, Kota Ibushi made his New Japan Cup announcement and Jay White has become the new IWGP Heavyweight Champion. The result of the main event truly makes this feel like a new beginning for New Japan. White has been made to look extremely dominant ever since his loss to Tanahashi last September and has now avenged that loss. A new era is officially underway.

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