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NJPW ‘Twenty Best Sub-12 Minute Matches of BOSJ 26’



Didn’t have time to stay up to date with this year’s Best of The Super Juniors? Here is a list compiling the twenty best matches that went under twelve minutes. This list goes the exact length of RAW so instead of watching RAW, use tonight to catch up on the BOSJ before Wednesday’s final.

May 14th (ENG/JPN)
El Phantasmo vs Bandido (1:44:20)

May 15th (ENG/JPN)
Tiger Mask IV vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru (1:19:40)

May 22nd (ENG/JPN)
Taiji Ishimori vs TAKA Michinoku (6:50)
Bandido vs Ren Narita (14:35)
Jonathan Gresham vs Titán (26:10)
Dragon Lee vs Tiger Mask IV (1:02:55)
BUSHI vs DOUKI (1:16:35)
Robbie Eagles vs Ryusuke Taguchi (1:35:40)

May 23rd (ENG/JPN)
Jonathan Gresham vs Tiger Mask IV (48:25)
YOH vs DOUKI (1:02:25)

May 24th (ENG/JPN)
SHO vs Tiger Mask IV (11:55)
Will Ospreay vs Ren Narita (23:55)
Robbie Eagles vs DOUKI (46:45)
Shingo Takagi vs TAKA Michinoku (59:40)
Ryusuke Taguchi vs Bandido (1:12:25)

May 26th (ENG/JPN)
Rocky Romero vs DOUKI (36:20)
Shingo Takagi vs Tiger Mask IV (1:26:15)

May 29th (ENG/JPN)
Shingo Takagi vs Jonathan Gresham (1:44:30)

May 30th (ENG/JPN)
Bandido vs Robbie Eagles (1:30:10)

May 31st (ENG/JPN)
SHO vs Jonathan Gresham (1:26:35)

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