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NJPW ‘World Tag League 2017 Night 10′ 11.30.17 Results & Review



Night 10 of the World Tag League was live on New Japan World from Korakuen Hall with a crowd of 1,717. Live show with commentary and more camera angles means a more motivated roster and better show all around.

Nagata & Nakanishi def. Umino & Narita @ 7:35
The young lions tried to chop down the veterans while the veterans worked to break the young lions will. Of this current crop of lions, Narita may be my favorite. He has just a little more attitude than the others and I really enjoy the edge with which he wrestles. Narita managed to slam Nakanishi with a belly-to-belly suplex and Umino got a dropkick on Nagata. Unfortunately for them, once the vets got them into their signature holds, their wills were broken and forced to tap. I always enjoy watching the veteran versus young lion dynamic.

Fale, Yujiro, Owens, Page & Leo def. Tencozy, Death Juice @ Oka @ 8:18
Fun little car crash. Chaotic and full of high energy, couldn’t have asked or expected more. Everyone got their time to shine. Kojima had the match in the bag but Oka pleaded to be tagged. He fought hard against Owens, hitting a belly-to-belly but soon after took a package piledriver, losing for his team. These matches aren’t anything special but their high energy and relative short length make them an inoffensive watch every time.

Goto & Yoshi-Hashi def. Suzuki & Desperado @ 11:23
The team of Goto and Y-H have now defeated a Suzuki lead team twice on the tour. The purpose seems to be in order to make Goto Suzuki’s challenger for the NEVER title at Wrestle Kingdom 12. The chemistry between the two shined bright and the crowd was abnormally hot for a match involving Goto. Suzuki was bringing it, even splashing water on Tomoaki Honma who was on commentary for today’s show. The Yoshi-Hashi assisted GTR has been dubbed as the GYR and that’s what they hit on Desperado for the win. A match between Goto and Suzuki at WK12 would undoubtedly be good even if not the ideal pairing I’d hope to be seeing.

Evil & Sanada def. Tanahashi & Kawato @ 9:24
Tanahashi trusted Kawato to start off the match. Unfortunately he was unable to sustain much offense against LIJ. Later on Tanahashi refused to tag Kawato back in but eventually did when Kawato promised him he wouldn’t fail. But of course, he did. Although he hit his springboard drop kick and Tanahashi tried to best to help when he could, Evil took the ace to the outside and Sanada locked Kawato in the Skull End, spinning him in circles, and forcing the submission. Motivated performance from Tanahashi. He doesn’t need to do half the moves he did here but that’s why the fans love him.

Okada, Ospreay & Gedo def. Naito, Himoru & Bushi @ 6:32
A sassy Okada started off the match by hoisting Naito up for a German suplex when his back was turned. This turned out to be the shortest match of the night. Chaos made very quick work of LIJ. Okada debuted a new submission that kept Naito grounded and caused him to pass out. Ospreay hit the Oscutter onto Bushi, securing the win for Chaos. Easily the most shocking finish of the night. The crowd didn’t know how to react and sounded like the air was sucked out of them. The fans in Japan really seem to be hoping Naito is the one to dethrone Okada.

World Tag League Match
Guerrillas of Destiny def. Finlay & Kitamura @ 9:45

Tama Tonga will always be at his peak when wrestling at Korakuen Hall. He’s at his most goofy and the crowd is at its most receptive. Both he and his brother put Kitamura’s strength over in a huge way and Kitamura himself looked the best he his on the tour. Tama hit Tomoaki Honma’s signature Ko-kokeshi for a nice call out to the injured fan favorite sitting at ringside. Tanga eliminated Finlay and Kitamura from the possibility of winning the World Tag League when he dropped Kitamura with Apeshit for the three count.

World Tag League Match
Ishii & Yano def. Makabe & Henare @ 8:30

Mission get Henare over succeeded tonight. He was able to fire off against Ishii and look like a credible threat. The two spent the majority of the match trading strikes and refusing to back down. These are the kind of performances that will get people interested in the future of Henare. He took the brainbuster from Ishii, extending their losing streak and eliminating them from winning the tournament but his spirit was strong and this performance has the chance of carrying him to the next level.

World Tag League Match
Best Friends def. Elgin & Cobb @ 17:08

Best match of the tournament. Holy cow! They worked incredibly hard, got the crowd big time on multiple false finishes, this was great. The Japanese audience isn’t accustomed the American style so sometimes it doesn’t translate well but for the most part they were hot for this one. This is a case of the multiple cameras, commentary, crowd and hard work all working together in creating a great match. I can see purists complaining about them doing too much and I get it but these are four American independent wrestlers doing their style in Japan and it got over much more than anyone could have expected. Beretta is great in the role of a white meat babyface and Chucky T was able to help him hit Strong Zero onto Cobb in a great match that I deem must-see and the best of the tournament.

World Tag League Match
War Machine def. Killer Elite Squad @ 16:33

Two big dude teams, two completely different styles. K.E.S. are the classic big man team, sticking with power moves while War Machine are American independent style. Both styles work well for their respective teams but their chemistry together isn’t the best. I’ll recommend this one based on the work rate of both teams but after the last match, this one felt like a step down. The crowd was still hot for the big dudes to slug it out and try to flatten one another but it didn’t click as well as I felt it should have. War Machine hit Fallout to give K.E.S. their first loss of the tournament.

Korakuen was great the entire night. They were vocal for the duration of the show and helped enhance the energy throughout. Most everything tonight worked on the level that it should have and all the tournament matches were above the level set by the tour to this point. Multiple camera angles and commentary also help the show feel less monotonous and more significant.

Recommended Matches

Best Friends vs Elgin & Cobb
War Machine vs Killer Elite Squad


Guerrillas of Destiny (3-1)
War Machine (3-1)
Killer Elite Squad (3-1)
Best Friends (3-1)
Michael Elgin & Jeff Cobb (2-2)
Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano (2-2)
Togi Makabe & Henare (0-4) ELIMINATED
David Finlay & Katsuya Kitamura (0-4) ELIMINATED

Tomorrow’s Tag League Matches

Goto & Yoshi-Hashi vs Fale & Owens
Death Juice vs Suzuki & Iizuka
Evil & Sanada vs Nagata & Nakanishi
Tencozy vs Yujiro & Page

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