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NJPW ‘World Tag League 2017 Night 14′ 12.5.17 Results & Review



Hard camera only for the fourteenth night of the World Tag League. New Japan edited the show, only providing us with the tournament matches.

Ishii & Yano def. Best Friends @ 9:27
Chaos collide! Best Friends believe all four stablemates should hug. Yano adamantly agrees but Ishii does not. That should tell you what kind of match this was; pure silliness. As far as a match revolved around comedy goes, I didn’t mind what they did here. Beretta would apologize for beating up Yano, Best Friends would attempt low blowing Yano; fun was had. The tiny tastes we got of Ishii and Beretta left me feeling like a singles match at New Japan Cup or G1 could be something nice and fresh. By the end, Yano low blowed Chucky T and rolled him up for the win. This was silly and entertaining for the match type.

Elgin & Cobb def. Guerrillas of Destiny @ 14:35
Match starts of with two minutes of comedy, ten minutes of nothing and ends on a strong two minutes. Being one of the longer tournament matches, this felt like at least five minutes should have been shaved off. This isn’t me being more critical now because of Elgin’s comments (though what a dumbass), it was just too long and not very engaging. For the finish Cobb took Tanga on the Tour of the Islands, scoring the win. Watch this match, then the G.O.D. versus K.E.S. and tell me what version of Tama Tonga you’d like to see. This wasn’t solely on him but the slow “methodical” style he wrestles as a heel isn’t exciting in the least.

Comedic first match and a plain ‘ol boring second. Not at all what you want to read, let alone watch. I wouldn’t recommend taking the time for either of these matches even if I do find a time bit of merit in the tag involving Chaos.

Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano (4-2)
Best Friends (4-2)
Michael Elgin & Jeff Cobb (4-2)
Guerrillas of Destiny (4-2)
War Machine (3-2)
Killer Elite Squad (3-2)
Togi Makabe & Henare (0-5) ELIMINATED
David Finlay & Katsuya Kitamura (0-5) ELIMINATED

Tomorrow’s Tag League Matches
Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi vs Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi
Minoru Suzuki & Takashi Iizuka vs Yujiro Takahashi & Hangman Page

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