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NJPW ‘World Tag League 2017 Night 18′ 12.9.17 B Block Finals Results & Review



It’s time for this year’s New Japan World Tag League B Block Finals! New Japan gave us the entire show live with commentary and multiple camera angles. We head into the final night of B Block with a six-way tie for first. The only teams without a chance are Makabe & Henare and Finlay & Kitamura.

Oka & Narita def. Liger & Yagi @ 6:29
Narita took the majority of offense from both Liger and Yagi until he managed to hit Yagi with a beautiful belly-to-belly suplex. Oka took over from there and applied the Boston Crab onto Yagi and scored the win. Simple match with some good offense from the young lions.

Evil & Sanada def. Nakanishi & Kawato @ 6:37
Kawato started off the match so you know what that means; hot tag Nakanishi! Kawato looked great when paired with Sanada. He got a lot of nice moments to shine with kick outs and his springboard dropkick. Sanada ended up locking in the Skull End, spun Kawato around and forced the submission. I always enjoy watching Kawato when he’s facing off against other athletic wrestlers.

Goto & Yoshi-Hashi def. Suzuki & Desperado @ 9:06
Suzuki looked to take out both members of Chaos on his own, focusing primarily on Goto. Unfortunately for Suzuki he got carried away with Yoshi-Hashi, leaving Desperado in the ring with Goto where he was beaten with the GTR. Post-match Goto signaled for Suzuki’s NEVER Openweight title, causing Suzuki to rage and take out young lions with chairs. The match was fine, nothing to really excite anyone. Suzuki/Goto is pretty much locked in as the Wrestle Kingdom 12 match.

Tenzan, Kojima, Nagata, Juice & Callihan def. Fale, Yujiro, Page, Owens & Leo @ 10:32
Fun little 10-man tag where everyone got some time and the faces came out on top. I enjoy Nagata much more when he isn’t linked up with Nakanishi. Death Juice continue being fun which has been constant the entire tour. They picked up the win with a Pulp Friction + Frog Splash combination. Nothing memorable but it’s never a bad match with these teams.

World Tag League Match
Makabe & Henare def. Finlay & Kitamura @ 6:33

The two teams without a win faced off on the final night of B block action. Not much here to talk about. Everyone looked fine but nothing stood out as anything more than that. I thought it was kind of lame that Makabe got the pin on Kitamura rather than giving it to Henare but that’s New Japan’s way.

World Tag League Match
Killer Elite Squad def. Best Friends @ 11:26

K.E.S are best when they have a babyface team who can use their size to base off of them. To me, they have been the standout stars of their block which is good considering they’re the champions. Smith Jr. won for his team by hitting a powerbomb onto Chucky T. This was on the upper half of the tag league matches.

World Tag League Match
War Machine def. Elgin & Cobb @ 13:08

As oppossed to K.E.S. these four big men have adopted the new western style. Although they’re big, they’ll all pull off the junior heavyweight moves just because they can. It’s a fun style that works for them just like K.E.S.’s style does for them as well. My preference leans the more traditional route but everything is good. They went all out with their crazy moves and had an entertaining match that had the crowd in awe for the entire duration. War Machine won with Fallout onto Cobb, eliminating Elgin and Cobb’s chances of being the block winners.

World Tag League Match
Guerrillas of Destiny def. Ishii & Yano @ 11:28

Anytime Tama and Yano are in a match together you know the comedy is going to be good. The two have their comedic timing down excellently. There was a lot of stiff work with Ishii and a lot of comedy with Yano and the result was alright. Not up to par with the A block finals yesterday but that’s fine, it is what it is. G.O.D. won the match and the result was a three way tie with War Machine and K.E.S. Since G.O.D. had beaten both in their tournament matches this means they won the block and face Evil & Sanada in the finals. They call out Evil & Sanada and the two meet in the middle of the ring, having a stare off before returning to the back.

Naito, Hiromu & Bushi def. Okada, Ospreay & Gedo @ 12:50
As of said this entire tour, this match doesn’t get old. Each of them are so versatile that it really seems impossible to get tired of watching them wrestle. Okada and Naito are going to tear down the Tokyo Dome in January. Every time I think I can’t be more excited for that match I get more excited. Ospreay and Hiromu have incredible chemistry and I’m really hoping for a singles match sometime next year. Bushi delivered MX to Gedo to win the match for LIJ.

Recommended Matches
Naito, Hiromu & Bushi vs Okada, Ospreay & Gedo
Killer Elite Squad vs Best Friends
War Machine vs Elgin & Cobb

B Block Results

Guerrillas of Destiny (5-2) WINNERS!!!
Killer Elite Squad (5-2)
War Machine (5-2)
Best Friends (4-3)
Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano (4-3)
Michael Elgin & Jeff Cobb (4-3)
Togi Makabe & Henare (1-6)
David Finlay & Katsuya Kitamura (0-7)

Monday’s Finals Match

Evil & Sanada vs Guerrillas of Destiny

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