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NJPW ‘World Tag League 2018’ (11.28.18) Results & Review



More of the no commentary, hard camera setup from the ninth night of the 2018 World Tag League. All fourteen teams had their sixth tournament match. Let’s get started.

World Tag League Tournament Match
EVIL & SANADA (4-1) def. Shota Umino & Ayato Yoshida (0-5) @ 9:01 via SANADA Skull End on Umino – ***1/4

Another fiery performance from Umino. He didn’t need to resort to the dropkick to take his opponents down, instead dropping them with forearms and back elbows. He caught a SANADA dropkick and turned it into a Boston Crab and later on transitioned Skull End into a cradle. SANADA reapplied the Skull End, spun Umino around in circles and Umino tapped before they dropped to the mat. Umino has come along in very quick fashion. Definitely watch this match.

World Tag League Tournament Match
Zack Sabre Jr. & Taichi (3-2) def. Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi (1-4) @ 9:21 via Sabre Abdominal Stretch on Nakanishi – **

All the best moments were non-wrestling. Taichi started off asking for a test of strength with Nakanishi, Sabre did the Blue Justice salute and motioned for the Zack Driver on Nakanishi. The wrestling was fine enough. Nakanishi had Sabre up in the Argentine Backrack so TAKA distracted the referee for a Taichi microphone attack which allowed Sabre to lock in the stretch.

World Tag League Tournament Match
Beretta & Chuckie T. (3-2) def. Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan (2-3) @ 11:20 via Strong Zero on Kojima – **1/4

It’s really nice to have Kojima back. He was once again really fired up to be in there. A lot of nice chops, got the elbow drop, turned a sunset flip into a Cozy Cutter but his lariat was caught and Beretta hoisted him up for the Strong Zero.

World Tag League Tournament Match
Minoru Suzuki & Takashi Iizuka (2-3) def. Juice Robinson & David Finlay (3-2) @ 11:17 via Suzuki Gotch-Style Piledriver on Finlay – **1/4

This started out really, really good. Suzuki-Gun isolated Finlay and tore him apart limb by limb. Juice had tears of frustration, yelling at the referee to keep an eye on Suzuki-Gun’s tricks. He eventually came in for the save, sacrificing his own leg so Suzuki would let go of Finlay. Then came the biting and airplane spins. The first five minutes were great, the last five were hit and miss, but the intensity from Suzuki was really strong throughout.

World Tag League Tournament Match
Jeff Cobb & Michael Elgin (2-3) def. Togi Makabe & Toa Henare (1-4) @ 11:37 via Elgin Bomb on Henare – **1/4

There were some nice strong man moments but the crowd’s lethargic reactions overall made this more of a struggle to sit through than it should have been. Makabe got a Northern Lights on Cobb, took a swinging backdrop in return, Henare was dropped with the powerbomb + lungblower combination and was soon after finished with an Elgin Bomb.

World Tag League Tournament Match
Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano (4-1) def. Hangman Page & Yujiro Takahashi (3-2) @ 9:36 via Yano Schoolboy on Yujiro – **1/4

The first five minutes were dry but the match started to heat up once Page hit his flurry of slams and dives. Yano picked up the pace with a couple of throws, Ishii threw in some suplexes on top of that and Yano got the roll up on Yujiro for the win.

World Tag League Tournament Match
Guerrillas of Destiny (3-2) def. Killer Elite Squad (4-1) @ 11:24 via Tama Gun Stun on Smith – **1/4

K.E.S. waited for G.O.D. at the entry way and a brawl broke out before the bell. They spent most of the match targeting Tama, grinding him down with various slams until Loa used his power to help even the score. This allowed Tama to turn a pounce attempt by Archer into a Gun Stun and gave another to Smith for the win.

By no means was this show without any faults. Every match outside of the opener had either a noticeably blown spot or pacing issues. Umino was the star of the show. He’s getting so good so fast. Watch the opener, skip the rest.

Recommended Match
EVIL & SANADA vs Umino & Yoshida

Tournament: 27/42
Overall: 34/52

Ishii & Yano (5-1)
Killer Elite Squad (4-2)
Best Friends (4-2)
Guerrillas of Destiny (4-2)
Sabre & Taichi (4-2)
FinJuice (3-3)
Page & Yujiro (3-3)
Suzuki & Iizuka (3-3)
Cobb & Elgin (3-3)
Tencozy (2-4)
Makabe & Henare (1-5)
Nagata & Nakanishi (1-5)
Umino & Yoshida (0-6)

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