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NJPW ‘World Tag League 2018’ (12.4.18) Results & Review



Night fourteen of the 2018 World Tag League is the final of the no commentary, hard camera setup. After tonight there will be two final nights of block action, followed by the finals. All three of those shows will feature English commentary and the full camera treatment. Alright, enough about the future shows, let’s get started!

World Tag League Tournament Match
Guerrillas of Destiny (8-2) def. Shota Umino & Ayato Yoshida (0-10) @ 7:52 via Super Powerbomb on Yoshida – **1/4

The young lions fired off several flurries of dropkicks. G.O.D. made them look competitive and resorted to Jado’s interference to help them out. Yoshida got a backslide on Loa that the crowd bit on but Tama took him out with a Gun Stun immediately after and that wasn’t enough for Loa. They took Yoshida up to the second rope for a Super Powerbomb and the win.

World Tag League Tournament Match
Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi (1-9) def. Hangman Page & Yujiro Takahashi (4-6) @ 8:15 via Nagata Back Drop Hold on Yujiro – **1/2

This was Nagata’s best showing since the early stages of the tournament. I don’t want to accuse him of taking the night off when he’s scheduled to lose but this was a whole lot better than what he’s been giving lately. Yujiro pie-faced him early on so he fired off on Yujiro in the closing stretch by hitting the corner boot, corner kneelift and an exploder before finishing with the back drop hold. No top rope Nakanishi but he did fire off the double suplex so not a complete night off for the monster. One of the better outings by the legends.

World Tag League Tournament Match
Zack Sabre Jr. & Taichi (5-5) def. Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima (3-7) @ 10:30 via Sabre European Clutch on Tenzan – **1/2

Really solid back and forth. Everyone had good fire and kept it up the entire time. Tenzan overpowered Sabre so he resorted to the wacky pins and managed to lock in an armbar. Kojima made the save, Tenzan went for a moonsault but Sabre avoided and Taichi came in with the mic stand, took out both Tenzan and Kojima, allowing Sabre to pick up the win.

World Tag League Tournament Match
Killer Elite Squad (7-3) def. Togi Makabe & Toa Henare (4-6) @ 10:06 via Killer Bomb on Henare – **1/2

Henare couldn’t find the same success he found against Ishii the night before. He was consistently demolished by K.E.S., only managing to get a breather thanks for a couple of headbutts. Makabe did his best to carry the team, hitting a few lariats and a German suplex to Archer. It wasn’t enough to beat K.E.S. but a lot of spirit shown and K.E.S. had to keep the pedal to the floor in order to keep them down.

World Tag League Tournament Match
Jeff Cobb & Michael Elgin (6-4) def. Minoru Suzuki & Takashi Iizuka (5-5) @ 11:37 via Cobb Tour of the Island on Iizuka – **1/2

Suzuki had good exchanges between both Cobb and Elgin. Cobb threw him around with some suplexes and he and Elgin traded forearms. Iizuka cut off Cobb’s standing moonsault by biting the back of his le. He went for the iron fingers but Elgin dropped him with a German and Cobb finished with a Tour of the Island.

World Tag League Tournament Match
Beretta & Chuckie T. (5-5) def. Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano (8-2) @ 8:50 via Chuckie T. Backslide on Yano – **1/2

Chuckie T. out Yano’d Yano! Best Friends started with a hug and urged Chaos brothers, Ishii and Yano to join. Ishii wanted to part but Yano joined. There were some good interactions between Beretta and Ishii with Beretta straight murdering him with a satellite DDT. Best Friends hit a double team cutter and G.O.D. have moved to the Super Powerbomb finisher. That’s interesting. Ishii later came in to help Yano but Beretta ducked the lariat, turned it to a half & half suplex and Chuckie changed position of the backslide to his favor. Post-match, Chuckie refused to hug Beretta, opting for a handshake instead and called Narita his new son.

World Tag League Tournament Match
Juice Robinson & David Finlay (6-4) def. EVIL & SANADA (8-2) @ 11:15 via Juice Pulp Friction on SANADA – ***

Huge statement win for FinJuice. Finlay’s offense is still pretty bland but he was able to showcase his speed and quickness here and all four were going at a really high pace throughout the match. FinJuice, especially Finlay, showed a lot of spunk in the closing stretch. He countered out of EVIL, turned around and hit EVIL with EVIL, countered Skull End and put Skull End on SANADA, then landed Prima Nocta and Juice finished with Pulp Friction. Again, this was a statement win for FinJuice. They’ve done much better than anyone could have imagined going into the tournament.

This was one of the better nights in terms of consistency. All seven matches moved at a good clip and there was a strong statement to close out the show. I’m not going to recommend any of the matches to those who weren’t already planning on watching but anyone who watches these shows will enjoy themselves for what the show is worth.

Tournament: 52/77
Overall: 59/90

Guerrillas of Destiny (9-2)
Ishii & Yano (8-3)
Killer Elite Squad (8-3)
FinJuice (7-4)
Cobb & Elgin (7-4)
Sabre & Taichi (6-5) ELIMINATED
Best Friends (6-5) ELIMINATED
Suzuki & Iizuka (5-6) ELIMINATED
Makabe & Henare (4-7) ELIMINATED
Page & Yujiro (4-7) ELIMINATED
Tencozy (3-8) ELIMINATED
Nagata & Nakanishi (2-9) ELIMINATED
Umino & Yoshida (0-11) ELIMINATED

Along with providing show reviews from across Japan, Robert McCauley is also an editor for FightboothPW.

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