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NXT Retro #155: The Tag Title Tournament Finals are decided



Retro WWE NXT Episode 155 — Original Air Date — February 6, 2013

The show started with a video hyping the semifinals of the NXT Tag Team title tournament. It would be British Ambition versus Ohno and Kruger and The Wyatts versus Dallas and McGillicutty to see who would make the finals!

Coheed and Cambria play us in. Tony Dawson and William Regal are your announcers. Byron Saxton is your ring announcer.

NXT Tag Team Title Tournament Semifinals: British Ambition (Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey) vs Kassius Ohno and Leo Kruger

Ohno and Grey started off. They locked up and Ohno grabbed a headlock, but Grey slipped under into a waistlock and took Ohno down. Ohno tried to sit out, but Grey rode on top as Regal listed Grey’s credentials back in England. They paced a little more, but Ohno decided to tag Kruger. They paced and locked up and Grey started forcing Kruger into the corner, but Kruger spun him around. Kruger feigned a clean break and tried to throw a right hand, but Grey avoided and spun out of the corner, staring Kruger down.

They paced and locked up again, and Kruger grabbed a headlock. Grey stepped on the back of Kruger’s calf and broke the hold and spun around to apply the headlock on the other side and took Kruger over with a side mare. Kruger countered with a headscissors, but Grey quickly kicked out and caught Kruger with another headlock takedown. Kruger tried vigorously to get out of the hold and eventually worked to his feet and tossed Grey off and tried to catch him with a right, but Grey ducked and went for a reverse rollup, but Kruger held onto the ropes. Grey kipped forward to avoid him, then took him over again with a headlock takedown. Kruger bridged out and worked to his feet, but Grey dragged towards the corner and tagged in Neville, and they whipped Kruger into a double backelbow and Neville got a one count.

Neville used a head and arm chinlock, but Kruger got to his feet and hit a jawbreaker to break the hold and tagged in Ohno. Ohno went for a single leg right off the bat, but Neville spun out of it and nailed Ohno with some leg kicks before making the tag to Grey. They took turns pounding on the arm of Ohno, tagging in and out quickly until Grey settled him into the middle of the ring with an armbar, before tagging in Neville for a top rope double stomp on the arm! Grey tagged back in and went back to the armbar, but Ohno managed to finally land some body shots to stem the tide. He whipped grey in and went for a backdrop, but Grey looked to counter for a sunset flip, but Ohno managed to walk to his corner and tag Kruger before Grey took him over. Kruger hit a double axhandle to the back of Grey, and took over, working the back with strikes, before hitting a snap suplex for a two count. Commercial Break.

BFC, Ohno has Grey in a funny looking chinlock. Ohno slowly crawled to the corner with the hold still on to tag Kruger, who had a sweet side backbreaker for a two count, then went to the corner and applied an abdominal stretch. Funny moment where Ohno tries to lie to the ref and tell him Neville is getting in the ring, but the ref doesn’t buy it. They tag in and out, staying with the abdominal stretch. Grey finally managed to hip-toss Ohno out of the hold and he tried to go for the tag, but Ohno dropped an elbow to the ribs and followed a quick senton for a two count. Ohno then applied a reverse chinlock and soon as Grey started to fight out, Ohno broke the hold and shoved him into his corner. Grey came alive, nailing both men with punches and elbows and caught Ohno with a sunset flip for a two count, but Ohno rolled out and tried to stack him but Grey flipped through and went for the tag again, but Ohno grabbed the leg and pulled him back into the corner and tagged Kruger, who went to work with stomps on Grey, then hit a back suplex for a two count.

Kruger then applied a reverse chinlock with knee in the back. Grey managed to slip out and was almost to his feet when Kruger clubbed him across the back. Kruger was setting up a suplex when Grey caught him with a small package for a two count, then a backslide for a two count, but Kruger cut off the rally with a clothesline. Both men came up slowly and Kruger went for a Flying Forearm in the corner but missed and hit the post, and Grey finally made the tag to Neville! Neville caught Ohno with a running forearm, decked Kruger on the apron, then nailed Ohno with a second one. Ohno tried to cut him off with a boot, but Neville ducked and hit a flying forearm. Neville whipped him into a running back elbow in the corner and tried to whip him back but Ohno reversed it, but Neville kipped up and double handspringed into a dropkick on Kruger. Ohno tried to catch him with a roaring elbow, but Neville saw it and caught him with a superkick to the ribs but came off the ropes and Ohno took him to the floor with a big boot.

Ohno went to the ramp with Neville and held by his head and yelled at William Regal and yelled “This is your fault!’ Ohno threw something and went back towards the ring and Neville caught with a sick no ropes over the top moonsault! Neville tossed him in the ring and Ohno tried to cut him off, but Neville caught him with a head kick. Neville started to go up top and Kruger went to sneak behind him, but Grey pulled Kruger off the apron. Neville then climbed the rest of the way and hit the Red Arrow on Ohno for the three count!

Winner: British Ambition via pinfall

Ohno and Grey go to the finals!

They went to last week when Paige bumped into Summer Rae as she was announcing her as the winner of her match against Aksana. Summer then attacked Paige.

They then went to Renee Young interviewing Summer Rae. Young asked when she attacked Paige. Summer said she had spent months ring announcing and gave her into, and said she had to watch Paige get all the attention and accolades. She said Paige was “ghastly” to look at and Summer was the hottest diva in the WWE She said that she took things into her own hands last week and it felt great. She said Paige would find out that summer school was now in session for her.

They hyped Dallas and McGillicutty versus the Wyatts in the main event.

Conor O’Brian vs. Mike Dalton

This is rather funny given that O’Brian is now Konnor of the Ascension and Dalton is now Tyler Breeze. Conor is the original Ascension gear but has different music. He is now “The Ascension” Conor O’Brian.

Brian went right at Dalton with a kick to the gut and grabbed him by the hair and said “You ain’t nothing.” O’Brian tossed him into the ropes, but Dalton slid through the ropes and caught Conor with a right hand, a body kick, and a jumping spinning back kick, but couldn’t knock O’Brian off his feet. Dalton ran the ropes, but O’Brian cut him off with a right hand. O’Brian then nailed him with an avalanche in the corner and ran him down with a shoulder block. Conor whipped him into high flapjack, then finished with a leg drop across the back of the head for a three count.

Winner: O’Brian via pinfall

After the match, Conor started screaming at the ref for a five count, ala Big E, and yelled at him until he did it. But before O’Brian could leave the ring, Big E Langston’s music hit. The champ came down to those Five Chants, and promptly picked up poor Mike Dalton and hit the Big Ending on him. The two big men stared each other down on the way to the back.

Then we get Paige in the back with The ‘American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes. Paige was right in Dusty’s face and she was demanding Summer Rae. She vowed to rip Summer’s lips off her face. She said that if Dusty didn’t give her match with Summer by next week, there would be no NXT next week. She started to leave but bumped into intern Sasha Banks and yelled at her to get out-of-the-way. Dream lamented briefly about all the drama and then congratulated her on her first win two weeks ago and Dream said he was not only one impressed as there was a second note from the secret admirer. “Next week is Valentine’s Day and I can’t think of a better way to show my affection then with some PDA.” Sasha gushed and Dream looked like he was trying not to roll his eyes as Sasha walked away. He said he needed Paige back in here and started screaming for Rob Naylor. Funny stuff.

BFC, they showed highlights and interviews of the NXT Tournament that was held at the Royal Rumble Fan Fest for a spot in the Royal Rumble. The matches were Adrian Neville beating Corey Graves, Kruger beating Xavier Woods, Dallas beating Luke Harper, and O’Brian beating Grey. The semifinals showed Kruger beating Neville and Dallas upsetting O’Brian, and then Dallas beat Kruger to win the tournament.

And then we get a vignette in the back where Bo Dallas is getting ready for his match and Bray Wyatt comes up to him. He congratulates him on winning that tournament but said that Bo’s fifteen minutes of fame were up tonight when he faced his Family. Bo said that it was a lot of fun beating his boy Luke Harper and he couldn’t wait to do it again tonight, and said that time may be up for the Wyatt Family. Bray gets a funny look and starts laughing as Bo walks away.

We get our first WrestleMania 29 promo on NXT, which was an awesome series of promos they did set to “Dirty Money (Coming Home)” by Diddy and Skyler Grey. The promos were much better than the show.

NXT Tag Team Title Tournament Semifinals: The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) (with Bray Wyatt) vs Bo Dallas and Michael McGillicutty

Dallas and Harper started off. They locked up a few times to start the match, but Harper kept on shoving Dallas off before piefacing him and nailing him with a kick to the gut. Harper went to slam his face into a turnbuckle, but Dallas blocked and nailed him with some body shots and right hands up top before driving Harper into his corner and tagging McGillicutty. Michael came in with some right hands. Harper cut him off with a headbutt to the chest and whipped him in, but McGillicutty slid under and nailed him with a dropkick. He kept on Harper with a series of chops to the chest, with the crowd “yaw” with every strike. Harper tried to grab his nose (WTF), but McGillicutty swatted away and nailed him with another chop. He took his turn to drive Harper into the corner again and worked him with a series of strikes before tagging in Dallas, who hit a clothesline in the corner and backed him into another corner with right hands, but Harper just kept coming.

Dallas went for his swinging bulldog, but Harper blocked it and tossed Dallas to the mat. Harper took Dallas’ back and pushed him to his corner and tagged in Rowan, who stomped and stepped on Dallas back briefly before making the tag back to Harper. Commercial Break.

BFC, they showed Wyatt looking on from his rocking chair on the rampway as Dallas tried to come from underneath with body shots until Rowan cut him off with a sledge and locked in a Bearhug, rag-dolling Dallas before bringing him into the corner and tagging Harper. Dallas tried to come alive with punches and elbows on both men, and tried to dash for a tag, but Harper grabbed by the wrist and whipped him into the Wyatt corner. Rowan made the tag, and Harper whipped him into a body slam by Rowan, followed by a pair of elbow drops. He got a little cocky and went for a powerslam but Bo slipped out the back and made the tag to McGillicutty.

He came in lighting Rowan up with right hands and went for a whip. Rowan went to reverse, but McGillicutty stopped short and nailed Rowan with a pair of clotheslines. He decked Harper and when Rowan went to cut him off with a right, McGillicutty ducked and hit him with a Saito suplex, which Regal raved about. Bray Wyatt then came down and grabbed McGillicutty’s leg. He yelled at Bray and the ref came down and was jawing with him. Rowan tried to come from behind but McGillicutty saw it coming and grabbed a reverse roll up but the ref was with Wyatt. The ref threw him out but as he was getting Wyatt out, Harper came out of nowhere with a discus clothesline. Rowan then covered for the three count. The Wyatts are in the finals.

Winner: Wyatts via pinfall

After the match, Bray came up to Bo, who was checking on McGillicutty, and he said, “Come with me!” Bo then swatted his hand away. Bray smiled and left the ring but then waved Harper and Rowan on. They surrounded the ring and prepared to attack, but then Wyatt came from behind with an avalanche on him! Bray then danced with the dazed Bo before laying him out with Sister Abigail. This is the first time that Bray has been physical in months. He posed and yelled “This is just the beginning!” The Family was waiting by the rocking chair and Bray was sitting there as the show ended.

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