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NXT Retro Review Episode 14: Seth Rollins vs. Rick Victor



Retro WWE NXT Episode 14 – Original Air Date – September 19, 2012

Coheed and Cambria welcomed us to the show like always, but this time Seth with the title belt was at the end of the package. This would be the standard to this day, the champion at the end. Also, Raquel Diaz is no longer in the opening package. Despite the successful gimmick she has been doing on TV, I believe this around the time she was Future Endeavored.

Byron Saxton and William Regal are on commentary. They announce Seth Rollins vs. Rick Victor in a non-title match main event.

Trent Barretta vs. Johnny Curtis

Barretta got a nice little “Welcome Back” from the smark fans in the front row. Trent had been out for six months with a torn triceps. I loved the weird gimmick Johnny was working here. They go to lock up to start the match, but Curtis slipped under to grab the waist lock. Trent countered with a drop toe hold and Curtis went to the ropes. They go for a test of strength, but Curtis nails him with a boot to the gut and a right hand. Trent pushes off and catches him with a chop to the chest, then a couple of forearms, before Curtis slaps on a headlock. Trent backs up and throws him into the ropes, but Curtis nails him with a shoulder block. Trent drops down and leapfrogs over and goes for a reverse monkey flip, but Curtis cartwheels over and posed, but Trent nipped up and caught him with a dropkick. Trent hit him with a forearm and then went for a whip, but Curtis reversed it, but charged right into a back elbow. Trent went up looking for a moonsault, but Curtis took out the leg and Trent went rib first into the top rope. Curtis immediately went after the injured arm, removing the pad as Regal expertly pointed out. Curtis hit an arm crank, then snapmared him into a keylock. Trent worked to his feet and tried to break the hold with some bodyshots, but Curtis cut him off a knee to the gut and caught him with a high fireman’s carry. Curtis then dropped a knee to the arm for a two count.

Curtis then crotched Barretta on the top rope and went for a superplex, but Trent fought out with punches and sledges and countered with a sunset flip into a powerbomb, but didn’t get all of it and Curtis kicked out at two. They came up trading chops until Curtis tried to cut him off with a kick to the gut and tried to go after the arm, but Trent pulled it out and hit some more chops and hit an enzigir. Trent whipped him and caught him with a step up back elbow in the corner, then followed up with a corkscrew moonsault press, but landed on his arm and was delayed on making the cover and got only two. Trent for the climbing Tornado DDT, but Curtis countered with a vicious Release Northern Light suplex into the turnbuckles. Curtis hesitated on the cover and only got a two count. Curtis then set him and went for a top rope leg drop, but Trent moved out of way. Trent then followed up with his running knee to the head ala KENTA for the three count. Welcome Back, Trent!

Winner: Trent via pinfall

Trent gets a nice ovation from the crowd in his first match back.

They announce Fox vs Paige next and Rollins vs Victor in the main event.

Alicia Fox vs. Paige

This is Foxy’s first appearance at Full Sail. Paige got a huge pop and had some signs in the crowd for her, which was another first for Full Sail. They paced and lock up to start the match. Foxy armdragged through into the mount and got a one count. Paige forced her way to her feet and then armdragged out of the lock up. The two ladies jawed at each other and went to lock up again, but Foxy ducked under into a waistlock. Paige reversed it and turned it into an O’Connor Roll for a two count, then caught Foxy in a backslide for a two count. Paige grabbed a small package, but only got a one count. Foxy tried to crawl away, but Paige caught her with an Oklahoma Roll for a one count. Paige feinted and Foxy jumped back, popping the crowd. Foxy got up to her feet and slapped Paige in the face. Paige smiled and slapped her back, then fired off a series of forearms and whipped her in looking for a backdrop, but Foxy grabbed and tossed her into the ropes and caught her coming off with a tilt a whirl backbreaker! Paige tried to get to her feet too quick and stumbled, as Foxy was one with some kicks and a European uppercut, then snapmared into a little cradle for a two count.

Foxy tried to go back on the attack, but Paige swatted her arms away and hit some forearms and went for a bodyslam, but her back went out and Foxy caught her with an elbow to the back, then hit the prettiest Northern Lights suplex in wrestling for a two count. Foxy started driving knees to the back, then used the knee to briefly apply a camel clutch. Foxy then decided to switch to pull hair and repeatedly slam Paige’s face into the mat, briefly grabbed Paige by the chin to badmouth her. Foxy got up and strutted a bit, then applied a surfboard briefly, then switched to a double underhook. The crowd got behind Paige and she got to her feet and flipped over and kicked back. Paige tried a reverse monkey flip, but Foxy landed on her feet, but Paige nipped up and caught Foxy with a series of forearms, then let out a scream and hit a clothesline and a shoulder block. Paige caught her with a sidekick to the ribs and went for a whip, but charged right into a Foxy back elbow (this sequence was way rushed.) Foxy double legged her to the mat and went to the mount looking for some type of submission, but Paige rolled through and caught Foxy in a cradle that she turned into the Rampaiger for the three count!

Winner: Paige via pinfall

They hyped up the first ever “Kassius Ohno Sparring Session” for later tonight, as well as Connor from the Ascension versus Jimmy Uso.

Then was the Raw Rebound, which showed the Night of Champions match between CM Punk and John Cena, where Cena was roundly booed in his hometown despite Punk going as far as to wear pinstripe trunks in Boston. They showed the ref at the center of all and then went to Punk and Del Rio vs. Sheamus and Cena in the main event. Cena ended up pinning Punk with the AA, but the referee, a new fella by the name of Brad Maddox, ended up missing it. Punk was incensed and showed it in the back.

Jimmy Uso (with Jey Uso) vs. Connor O’Brien (with Kenneth Cameron)

They stared each down and locked up with Connor backing Uso into the corner and the ref called for a clean break, but of course Connor went to throw a right hand, but Jimmy sidestepped it and hit some chops. He went for a whip and Connor reversed it, but Jimmy slided to his feet and hit a chop that Connor tried to shake off, so Jimmy decked him with a double chop. He followed up with a diving headbutt for a one count. Connor got to his feet, but Jimmy clotheslined him over the top to the floor, with Connor landing on his feet. Him and Cameron screamed at each other and Jimmy went for a baseball slide, but Connor blocked it and turned him around and grabbed him by the hair and pulled him to the floor. Connor then started forcing him back first into the apron, then tossed him in the ring and pounded him with right hands from the mount. Connor then hit him with a trio of headlock takedowns before locking in the hold. Jimmy managed to work his way to his feet and tried to elbow out, but Connor threw him down by his hair for a two count.

Connor then locked on a front facelock, but Jimmy fought to his feet. Connor clubbed him a few times and shoved him into the corner, but Jimmy came out throwing right hands. Connor shoved him off again but Jimmy came off with a pair of clotheslines and a superkick to the ribs, then tossed him into a Samoan Drop. Connor then rolled into the corner, and Jimmy caught him with a running Stinkface. Jimmy pulled him in the middle of the ring and went up top. Cameron tried to go over and interfere, but Jey came over and nailed him with a right hand. The ref came over to bring him back, and Cameron got up and crotched him into the ring. Connor then followed up with a pumpkick for the pin.

Winner: O’Brien via pinfall

After the match, Jey went in to check on his brother and soon found The Ascension standing over him. They double team and clubbed him to the mat, then picked him up for the Total Elimination.

They went to back where Briley Pierce was set to interview Bo Dallas, but before he could say anything Michael McGillicutty came in and said that no one cared what Dallas was and had to say, and say they wanted to hear from a real WWE Superstar. McGillicutty started to talk, as Dallas backed Pierce up and nailed McGillicutty. McGillicutty pulled a Chael Sonnen and double legged him to the mat and they exchanged right hands until the refs came and broke them up.

Kassius Ohno vs. Oliver Grey in the Kassius Ohno Sparring Session

They locked up to start the session and Ohno just pulled Grey face down into the mat. Ohno stomped on him, then started working him over with elbows and kicks in the corner. Saxton commented that this looked like a normal wrestling match. Ohno posed and Grey caught him with a headbutt to the ribs and a pair of European uppercuts, but Ohno shoved him off and caught him with a boot to the face. Ohno then applied a neck crank. Grey tried to pull the hair to get out but ended up being forced to tap out.

The bell rang, but then Ohno took the mike. He said that didn’t take long, but he was willing to give Grey another a chance, as he struggled to his feet. Ohno asked the ref to check him and Grey said he was alright, but could barely hold his hands up. But they restarted the bout anyway.

Ohno grabbed Grey and tossed him in and nailed him with the roaring elbow. Ohno then applied a cravate with a shoulderlock and made Grey tap again. Ohno then readied to put the hold in again, but then Richie Steamboat came out to make the save.

Then we get a promo from the new Leo Kruger, featuring a lot of closeups oh his scary face. He said that everything was about to change and that he couldn’t wait to meet all his new friends. He said that he had so much to show them and this was going to special. If they wanted creepy, they got it.

Seth Rollins vs. Rick Victor in a non-title match

Rollins made his entrance with the whole nine yards, headbanging in front of a guy with a chicken head on, and doing the belt wave before the match. Jim Ross joined the commentary team for the main event.

Rollins went after Victor, but he ducked under the ropes to force the ref to back Rollins up. They paced and went to lock up, but Victor twisted him into a hammerlock and slapped the back of his head repeatedly. Rollins tried to back him up with a back elbow, but Victor ducked it and ran to the ropes to avoid Rollins again. Rollins then went to swiping at the legs of Victor before trying to back him into a corner. Rollins missed on two big right hands, and Victor grabbed him in a headlock takedown. Rollins worked to his feet and tried to break the hold with some forearms, but when he went to push him off, but Victor sunk down with the hold. Rollins got back to his feet and tried several times to lift him out of the hold, then rolled back to finally get him out. Rollins missed on two clotheslines, and Victor held the ropes to avoid the spinning back kick, and Victor slid to the floor, pointing at his brain. Seth then went for a tope, but Rick caught him with a forearm before he could fly! Victor then tossed him in the ring and hit an overhead Belly to Belly suplex for a two count. Victor started biting at his wrists, making Ross think he was crazy. Victor was then working over Rollins in the corner when we go to commercial.

BFC, Victor had Rollins in a chinlock. The fans chanted “Victor Sucks” as Seth fought to his feet and finally broke the hold with a jawbreaker. Victor shoved Rollins off and tried to catch him with a backdrop, but Rollins kicked it away. Both men came up stunned. Rollins got a running start and ducked a right hand and a back elbow, but Victory caught him with a Flying Knee for a near fall. Victor got him in the corner and started biting his wrist again and went for a jumping back elbow in the corner, but Seth got the knees up. Both men were down, and Victor was actually first to his feet and started working Seth in the corner with rights and lefts. Seth started to fight back with some rights of his own. Victor came back with rights, but then something came alive in Seth and he started no selling the shots. He got right in Victor’s face and Victor slapped him again like he did last week. Seth responded by double legging him to the mat and pounding him to the mat. Seth got up and dropped Victor three times with right hands, then caught him with an enziguri. Seth’s eyes went wide and he built momentum for a flying forearm in the corner, then hit the running one leg dropkick. Seth then laid out Victor with the Blackout for the victory.

Winner: Seth via pinfall

Ross and Saxton put him as Seth did his belt wave celebration to end the show.

Frank’s Take: This was another fun episode for sure. It was very cool to sent Trent here. He’s a guy whose gone on to have great success since leaving WWE, and he may be just a guy who got there too young. Also, this episode is a forgotten piece of the coming Women’s Evolution. Paige and Alicia Fox had a good little wrestling match, the longest Women’s Match so far and both women got a chance to tell a story and show their stuff. It’s a small step on the Road to Revolution. Now, the Ohno thing was a little meh. It felt like they half assed that segment a little bit. The main event was good. It established Victor as a weird guy and someone who was solid, but Seth ran over him in the end. Not bad at all.

I keep feeling like this show is supposed to go off the rails a little bit, but it hasn’t yet. When?

screenshot – WWE Network

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