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‘Progress Boston’ event results & recap



August 13th, 2017
Arts at the Armory, Somerville

Match #1: Jeff Cobb defeats Mark Andrews
A good opening match. Mark Andrews seems to always thrive the most when he’s the smaller man in the match. Jeff Cobb had his hands full with Andrews here. Cobb puts Andrews away after hitting him with Tour of the Islands.

Match #2: Dakota Kai defeats Jinny & Deonna Purrazzo
This was a fun triple threat. The night before in New York these 3 were in a tag match where Purrazzo got the win over Kai. Kai got her revenge hitting Purrazzo with a double foot stomp from the top rope for the victory.

Match #3: Jack Gallagher defeats Travis Banks
The road to Alexander palace continues for Travis Banks as he faces yet another hand-picked opponent by Pete Dunne. With the big title match against Dunne on his mind, Banks sets to avoid another singles loss heading into the place. The Kiwi Buzzsaw comes up short after the distraction by Pete Dunne missing an attempted slice of heaven that Gallagher turns into a headbutt followed by a running drop kick into the corner for the 3 count. After the match Dunne jumped Banks from behind but Gallagher runs in to make the save.

Match #4: Matt Riddle defeats Martin Stone
This match was incredible! I could watch these 2 go at it for hours and hours and be perfectly fine with it. Martin Stone has been having a fantastic 2017 making a name for himself all over the world including down in NXT as Danny Butch. This match was full of vicious chops and forearms and a few devastating headbutts. The King of Bros finally puts away the Guv’ner with the Bromission for the win.

Match #5: Jimmy Havoc defeats Zack Gibson
Pretty good match. The heat Gibson gets when he gets on the mic is just amazing. He’s definitely proven himself to be one of the top heels in the business today. After an absolute brawl the King of the Goths puts down Gibson with an Acid Rainmaker for the 3.

Main Event: British Strong Style (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate) defeat Ringkampf (Walter and Timothy Thatcher) to retain the Progress tag team titles
This was tag team wrestling at its finest. Ringkampf and BSS have gone to battle before in a progress ring and completely tore the house down. This bout was no different. Ringkampf went all out to put away the champs but failed in the end as Trent seven rolled back on a sleeper by Walter for the 3 count.

Final Thoughts
Progress hit their two day trip to America out of the park with two incredible shows. Along with putting on some incredible bouts, they also continued to pave the way to the big Alexander Palace show on September 10th. Progress just keeps proving why they are one of the best independent promotions going today with another great show like this one.

This show is currently available for your viewing pleasure at Progress: On Demand

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