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PROGRESS Chapter 55 ‘Chase the Sun’ Event Recap



Progress Chapter 55: Chase The Sun

Alexander Palace, London

Match #1: CCK (Chris Brookes and Kid Lykos) defeats British Strong Style (c) (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate) to win the Progress Tag Team Titles in a Ladder Match
The big Alexander Palace show starts off hot! This was a beautiful Ladder Match to open the show with. These two teams have been feuding with each other over the past 6 chapters, and this was a fantastic blow off to one of the best Tag Team rivalries in the last 10 years. CCK regain the Titles after Brookes’ Sunset Flips Bate off the ladder onto another ladder set up between the ropes and secures the Tag Titles. Again, just a fantastic match that had everything you could want in a Ladder Match.

Match #2: Toni Storm(c) defeats Dahlia Black to retain the Progress Women’s Title
This was a really solid women’s match. Dahlia Black had her chance to shine here, finally getting her shot at the championship. After a valiant effort by Black, Storm delivers two Strong Zero Piledrivers back to back to pick up the victory and to retain her Women’s Championship. After the match, Jinny attacks Black, showing the jealousy she has toward her former BFF.

Match #3: Zack Sabre Jr’s open challenge
It wouldn’t be a major Progress show without Zack Sabre Jr. Earlier in the week, ZSJ issued an open challenge at Alexander Palace, and his old tag team-mate Marty Scurll answered. This was a fantastic technical wrestling match with Sabre Jr. picking up the win after reversing the chicken wing into one of his signature pin variations.

Match #4: Jimmy Havoc defeats Mark Haskins in a Deathmatch
This match was great! With all the frustration these two have with each other, they finally got to beat the mess out of one another. After an intense and brutal brawl, Jimmy Havoc pics up the win after hitting Haskins in the face with a barbed wire bat.

Match #5: Walter defeats Matt Riddle (c) and Timothy Thatcher to win the Progress Atlas title
This was a really good triple threat. The big lads put on a showcase of just absolute smash mouth wrestling. Walter walks away the two-time Atlas Champ after hitting Riddle with a Reverse Spike Piledriver. After the match Wolfgang comes out to issue a challenge to Walter.

Match #6: Mark Andrews defeats Chief Deputy Dunne, James Drake, Zack Gibson, Strangler Davis, Eddie Dennis, Morgan Webster, and Jack Sexsmith to become the #1 contender to the Progress Title
This was a fun match. Tons of high spots and moves in this match. Mark Andrews picks up the win after hitting Webster with a Shoot Star Press for the victory. After the match Eddie Dennis attacks Andrews turning on his tag partner and ending F.S.U.

Main Event: Travis Banks defeats Pete Dunne (c) to win the Progress World Title
This was an incredible main event! The build to this match gave it that big fight feel. Banks and Dunne are two of the very best in the world today and they absolutely tore the house down. Travis Banks achieves his dream of becoming the Progress World champion after locking the Lion Clutch on Dunne for the submission victory.

Final Thoughts
From match one to the main event, this show was absolutely incredible. Every match made sense. Progress managed to deliver amazing payoffs to feuds while starting new and fresh ones, giving the fans something to look forward to going further. Progress never fails to deliver, and they knocked the ball out of the park with this one.

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