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Progress Chapter 57 ‘Enter Smiling’ Recap



Progress Chapter 57 ‘Enter Smiling’

November 11, 2017
O2 Ritz Manchester
Manchester, England

Match #1: Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins defeat Jack Sexsmith and a mystery partner 

At Chapter 56, Jack Sexsmith was on the receiving end of a brutal beatdown by Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins. Sexsmith set out to get revenge by selecting a partner of his choosing to challenge Havoc and Haskins. Matt Riddle was selected as the mystery man. This was a very good match that started out as an absolute brawl. Haskins and Havoc got the advantage after duct taping Riddle to the ring post leaving Sexsmith to fight alone. After a series of vicious moves to Sexsmith, Haskins and Havoc finish Sexsmith off with a Super Kick/ Acid Rainmaker combo to pick up the win. 

Match #2: Joe Coffey defeats Doug Williams

Originally this match was scheduled to be Wolfgang vs Doug Williams but due to an injury some last-minute changes had to be made and Joe Coffey stepped up to the plate. This was a great match. Both men tore into each other with everything in them making this an amazing hoss fight. Coffey picked up a huge win after hitting Williams with the Discus Lariat. Putting away a legend like Doug Williams is sure to put Coffey in contention for a shot at Walter’s Atlas Title.  

  • After the match Doug Williams is in the ring with Jim Smallman. Jim hands Williams a mic and Williams says it’s been 25 years and that he doesn’t think he can do this anymore.

Match #3: Alex Windsor defeats Jinny, Candyfloss, and Dahlia Black

This was a good match. There were 2 different focus points during this match. One was the ongoing feud between Jinny and Black. They were once the best friends but are now bitter rivals. As soon as the match started Jinny and Black went at each other and brawled all over the building. The second focus of this match was Alex Windsor. Windsor was originally scheduled to compete in the Progress Women’s Title #1 contenders tournament but had to drop out of it due to an injury. Windsor had one thing on her mind and that was getting a shot and Toni Storm’s title. Windsor wins the match after delivering a Libertine Driver to Candyfloss and secured a match against Toni Storm. 

Match #4: British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, & Trent Seven) defeat Joseph Connors and Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson and James Drake) via disqualification 

This match started out as a 2 on 2 tag match, Mustache Mountain vs Grizzled Young Veterans. Early on in the bout Joseph Connors attacks Bate and Seven and then Pete Dunne runs in to make the save and this match is turned into a 6 man tag. This was a good match. At Chapter 56 British Strong Style had their issues with Connors and Grizzled Young Veterans and looked to get one up on them in this match. The match got stopped and was rules a DQ after Connors hits Dunne with a steel chair during Dunne’s attempt at a Bitter End to Drake. 

  • After the match, Dunne got on the mic and asked for a match with Connors. Jim Smallman told Dunne if he wants it, he will get it. 

Match #5: CCK (c) (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos) defeat Ringkampf (Walter & Timothy Thatcher) to retain the Progress Tag Team Titles 

This was a good match. This was CCK’s first defense in their second reign as the Tag Champions and they had a huge test going up against Rinfkampf. In the first defense of CCK’s first reign they lost and they were looking to keep history from repeating its self. CCK retains after hitting Thatcher with the SFTM. 

Match #6: Keith Lee defeats Flash Morgan Webster 

This was a great match. Morgan Webster seems to thrive the most when he’s in the ring with an opponent that’s twice his size. Keith Lee had his hands full getting Webster to stay down. Webster shocked Lee after kicking out of the Spirit Bomb but Lee responded with a Ground Zero to put Webster away and to get the victory. 

Match #7: Travis Banks (c) defeats Mark Andrews to retain the Progress World Title 

This was a good match. Andrews earned a shot at the title at Chapter 55 and was ready to finally win the big one against Travis Banks. Andrews came up short after Banks kicks out of the Shooting Star Press and turns it into the Lion Clutch forcing Andrews to tap and retains his Progress World Title. 

  • After the match Eddie Dennis attacks both Mark Andrews and Travis Banks. Dennis lays out his former FSU partner with a Next Stop Driver and reveals that he is wearing a FSU shirt under his jacket. Dennis then stomps on the hand of Banks and delivers a Next Stop Driver to Banks. 

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