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PROGRESS Chapter 59: ‘Whatever People Say We Are That’s What We’re Not’ Predictions



Progress Chapter 59

Whatever People Say We Are That’s What We’re Not Predictions

Doug Williams issues an open challenge

At Chapter 57, after losing to Joe Coffey in an excellent match, Doug Williams told Jim Smallman that he couldn’t do it anymore. After much thought, Doug Williams decided to issue an open challenge to test himself once again. The first names to come to mind are Matt Riddle, Walter, and Martin Stone. Unfortunately though, all 3 of those guys are working in the states this weekend. So that leaves me in deep thought about who it could be to answer the open challenge. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Rampage Brown in Progress. It would be a great way for the inaugural Progress Atlas Champion to get back on his feet since losing the Championship to Matt Riddle and Rampage is a perfect test for Doug Williams. My prediction for this one is Rampage Brown returning and defeating Doug Williams.

Chris Brookes vs. Matt Cross vs. Mark Andrews

This will be a fantastic match to see. It’s really hard to pick a winner for this one. It will be interesting to see Chris Brookes in his first singles match in Progress and without Kid Lykos. I feel like Mark Andrews will come out of this one victorious. Even with his ongoing issues with Eddie Dennis, i feel like Dennis will leave this one alone and focus on his big match later on the card. Mark Andrews winning I think will set something up with whatever the outcome may be from the Progress Championship match.

Chris Ridgeway vs Morgan Webster

This will be an interesting match considering both him have something to prove. Ridgeway impressed everyone at Chapter 58 after competing in 2 matches. Webster has been on a losing streak lately and is ready to put that behind him. I’ve got Morgan Webster coming out on top in this one.

Winner earns a Championship match of his choosing: Chief Deputy Dunne vs Chuck Mambo vs Pastor William Eaver vs Jack Sexsmith vs Mark Davis vs Kyle Fletcher vs Primate vs Spike Trivet.

This should be a fun match to watch. There’s a few guys in this match who are new and are still fairly new to Progress. And then you got 3 guys who are very well-known to the Progress Ultras. Jack Sexsmith would normally be the first pick for this one, but I’m going a different route. This will be Pastor William Eaver’s return to Progress since his feud with Sebastian ended. I’m predicated the Pastor will get the win in his return and will challenge Walter for the Progress Atlas Championship.

Grizzled Young Veterans (c) (Zack Gibson & James Drake) vs. Mustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) for the Progress Tag Team Championships

It’s exciting to finally be getting this match. This is the first defense for GYV since winning the Championships at Chapter 58 from CCK. GYV and Mustache Mountain have had their issues the past couple of weeks so i expect a brutal match here. I’ve got Grizzled Young Vets retaining for this one.

Travis Banks (c) vs. Eddie Dennis for the Progress World Championship

If you would’ve told me a couple of months ago that I would be excited to see Eddie Dennis in a World Title Match, I would’ve told you to get out. Since quitting his full-time job as a teacher to take on Professional Wrestling full-time and later turning on Mark Andrews, Eddie Dennis has turned his career around and made a believer out of me. Travis Banks will retain in this match. I think Dennis would make a fantastic champion, just not right now.

Pete Dunne (c) vs. Joseph Conners for the WWE United Kingdom Championship

This is another match that I’m really happy to see happen. Much like GYV and Mustache Mountain, Dunne and Conners also had issues with one another the past couple of weeks. It’s super exciting to see the WWE U.K. Championship defended in a Progress Ring. I’ve got Dunne retaining in this one.

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