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Progress Wrestling’s Hello Wembley: The Ultimate Preview



We are only two days away from Progress Wrestling‘s biggest show ever, and if you’ve been following our predictions all week, you’ll know how excited we are to see the best card Jim Smallman and co. have ever put on. We’ve put together every prediction piece into one article so you can get up to speed with who’s wrestling, who we believe is coming out victorious, and which matches are likely to steal the show.

Mark Haskins vs Matt Riddle

This is going to be one of the stand out matches of the night. Losing out on an opportunity to face WALTER for the PROGRESS World Championship to Tyler Bate, Haskins was without an opponent for the biggest event in Progress Wrestling’s history. There was no way we weren’t going to see him on the card because of his dedication and commitment to the company, and also what he means to the fans.

It’s going to be a tough match for Haskins, as The Super King of Bros, Matt Riddle is stepping up, appearing in his final match on the independent circuit before ascending to the bright lights of NXT. Even though Riddle is a superb athlete capable of integrating his MMA background with a moveset built on powerful suplexes, brutal takedowns, and strikes capable of knocking the yellow of your teeth, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t Mark Haskins that came out of this the winner. He’s a submission specialist that can execute that Bridging Armbar at any moment, and that Pumplehandle Driver is devastating.

Both wrestlers compliment each other very well, but with Haskins being a veteran in PROGRESS, and with Hello Wembley meaning so much to him, I believe it’ll be him that gets the win. Regardless, this one will be an evenly matched fight, with both wrestlers showcasing their technical prowess throughout.

Winner: Mark Haskins

Tables, Ladders & Chairs: Eddie Dennis vs Mark Andrews

After laying out his best friend at Alexandra Palace for Chapter 55: Chase the Sun, Eddie Dennis has walked a dark road in PROGRESS. To many, his former moniker of ‘The Pride of Wales’ is nothing but a distant memory; he’s become a bitter and jealous man. This match has been a year in the making, and after Mark Andrews called out Dennis at Chapter 75, the decision was made to make their match at Hello Wembley feature a Table, Ladder, and Chairs stipulation. Mark Andrews has tried so hard to resist any kind of retaliation, but Dennis has pushed him to the limt, and at Wembley, there will be an end to their story.

There’s a lot of emotion waiting to explode between Andrews and Dennis, and what better stage than Wembley Arena? I’m a huge fan of Eddie, both in the ring and through his outstanding promos as of late, portraying such a troubled character hellbent on turning all of that frustration into a victory against his former tag team partner. The two came to blows at the Electric Ballroom during the recent Chapter, showing just how much this match will likely culminate into a bloodbath. And with the recent stipulation made to make this a ‘Number 1 Contender’ match for the PROGRESS World Championship, the stakes have never been higher.

This match is going to be an emotionally driven war, filled with a lot of action from high places, and risks being taken to ensure only one person walks out of the arena on their feet. As for a winner, I can see Eddie Dennis taking this one. Not only has he grown as a performer, but his presence in PROGRESS has started to make waves within the company in 2018, and he’s one of the few natural villains we’ve seen as of late.

Winner: Eddie Dennis

Women’s Championship: Toni Storm vs Jinny (c) vs Millie McKenzie

The calibre of women’s wrestling in PROGRESS is extremely high, and this match features three of the best talents in Britain right now. If you weren’t fortunate enough to see Jinny and Toni Storm in the Mae Young Classic earlier this month, go watch it now, then come back (please) and read the rest of this preview.

Back in May, Jinny defeated Toni Storm to become PROGRESS Women’s Champion, and has successfully defended since, however, Storm is looking for blood and wants that belt back. She had a great run as champion herself, successfully defending against wrestlers like Kay Lee Ray, Laura Di Matteo, and Candice LeRae. As for Millie McKenzie, do not count her out. Her trademark suplexes light up the ring, and her character is so strong. I’m sure her buddy Pete Dunne would be happy, whether he’d admit it or not. She’s also the only woman out of the three that has yet to claim the belt, and to say she deserves it is an understatement.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the House of Couture don’t get involved here, but there’s always Candyfloss to help even the score, but regardless, this is going to be a special match featuring three excellent wrestlers all with a legitimate claim to the title.

Winner: Millie McKenzie

The Thunderbastard Tag Team Championship: Flamita & Bandido, Sexy Starr, CCKampf, Anti-Fun Police, Mills & Mayhew, Grizzled Young Veterans, The 198, Aussie Open

Oh, boy! The Thunderbastard match is one of PROGRESS’ star attractions, and after the series leading up to Wembley, we’ve seen tons of intense battles and rivalries form. Essentially, tag teams enter the ring as they would at WWE Royal Rumble, except instead of winning via exiting the ring over the top rope, competitors can pin, sumbit, or earn a disqualification. If one wrestler in a team loses, the other member loses, meaning anything can happen and probably will.

The current PROGRESS Tag Team Champions are Bandido and Flamita – two very difficult competitors to beat. It’s going to take a lot from them to keep the likes of the Grizzeld Young Veterans or CCKampf away from the gold, but there’s no reason to discount up and comers like Mills and Mayhew from potentially being crowned (providing the GYV don’t mess it up for them). The Aussie Open have looked strong this year, but if anyone is going to take this from the current champs, it’s The 198.

After Chapter 73: Fourth Shade of Green, many were left shaken after Flash Morgan-Webster turned his back on The Haskins Family, but with Wild Boar his current partner, the ring is going to explode. Both guys have excellent ability in the ring, and have shown some great teamwork leading up to Hello Wembley. God knows how anyone is going to survive this match, but it’ll be a great one.

Winners: The 198

ATLAS Championship: Doug Williams (c) vs Trent Seven

There’s no better division to feature the toughest and biggest men in Progress Wrestling than the ATLAS division, and with so much more on the line than the title makes this match a big one. We’ve seen the likes of WALTER and Matt Riddle hold the championship before, but ever since Doug Williams beat Rampage Brown, Rob Lynch, and Joseph Conners back in May, he’s been dominant. Facing Trent Seven is going to push him to the limit, testing his technical prowess in the ring.

If you’ve been watching NXT this year, you’ll have seen Trent Seven and fellow friend and PROGRESS favourite Tyler Bate become NXT Tag Team Champions as Moustache Mountain; Seven is no stranger to earning belts, already holding the PROGRESS Tag Team belts before with Bate and other British Strong Style member Pete Dunne, but this is a chance for him to earn gold on his own, and cement his place as a worthy singles competitor within PROGRESS.

I’d love to see Trent Seven defeat Williams here, but with Williams’ career on the line I just can’t see it happening. Seven is tough as nails, and will have many opportunities to do some serious damage to Williams, but with such a skilled technical wrestler like Williams, I can see this one going in his favour.

Winner: Doug Williams

No DQ: Paul Robinson vs Jimmy Havoc

The story of Paul Robinson and Jimmy ‘F***in’ Havoc is by far the greatest tale ever told within PROGRESS. If you’re unaware exactly why going into the match, I suggest you watch the video below because it does a great job of explaining exactly why there’s so much bad blood between the two. Jimmy Havoc held the PROGRESS Championship for 600 days, and to date has the longest reign within the company, but it was Paul Robinson that crippled the former champion, curb stomping him through light bulb tubes and sending him into purgatory for over a year. Havoc hasn’t been the same ever since, and whilst Havoc had become obsessed with Ospreay, Robinson claimed “there’d been a beast waiting here the whole time,” in one of the best promos of the year.

There is so much history between these two, and there will be a lot of blood in this No DQ match. They despise each other, and with so much rage and hatred flowing through Wembley Arena, it’ll be brutal. I can’t imagine any one of these two guys will be in any fit state when that bell rings, but I’m sure it’ll be one hell of a fight. I’m a huge Jimmy Havoc fan, but Paul Robinson has reverted to the unhinged psychopath Havoc helped to create, so it’s a tough one to call.

I think it’ll be Jimmy Havoc that gets the win, replicated Robinson’s curb stomp, but it’ll take a lot of blood to be shed before we get to see a winner crowned. Fear for your safety, Wembley, this is going to push the two wrestlers more than any other match in PROGRESS history.

Winner: Jimmy Havoc

Pete Dunne vs Ilja Dragunov

There’s no denying that Pete Dunne is the hottest European property right now, and will no doubt be one of the biggest wrestlers in the world in years to come. He’s still young, but has already been PROGRESS World Champion, also holding the NXT UK Championship for well over a year. The Bruiserweight is a tactical nightmare in the ring, picking the weakness out in his opponent and exploiting it until they either tap out or suffer a pin fall. Not only is he a skilled submission expert, but he lives up to his name by being a strong and powerful competitor.

Ilja Dragunov may be relatively unknown outside Germany’s wXw promotion, but if you’ve been fortunate enough to see him in action you’ll know he’s a more than worthy opponent for Dunne, with the ability to match his ferocity and strength in the ring. Managing Director of wXw, Christian Michael Jacobi personally challenged Dunne to the match back in May at Super Strong Style, and with the match finally being made at Hello Wembley, it has the potential to be match of the night.

Dragunov featured in the PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles, and is finally starting to make waves outside of Germany, and this match is going to prove who the best wrestler in Europe is. Pete Dunne has a challenge on his hands, but I believe he’ll get the edge over Dragunov here and walk out of Wembley victorious. Even with a loss, after Wembley Ilja Dragunov will have more of a fan base than before, and I can’t wait to see this match come to fruition.

Winner: Pete Dunne

World Championship: WALTER (c) vs Tyler Bate

The PROGRESS World Championship is on the line as current champion WALTER takes on the ‘big strong boi’ Tyler Bate in a first time ever match. WALTER has been on a meteoric rise on the independent scene, and has been dominating Progress Wrestling in both the ATLAS division and throughout the roster as a whole. It’s amazing to think these two haven’t actually met in the ring yet, and to have Hello Wembley as its host is nothing short of excellent.

It’s not been an easy road to get into this match, but Tyler Bate has earned his place, overcoming TK Cooper, Eddie Dennis, and Mark Haskins to be a part of the match. WALTER is a beast, but Bate is incredibly strong for his size, and it’s one of the only matches on the card where I’m struggling to pick a winner. This was due to be Zack Sabre Jr’s title match, but with him being tied up in New Japan, it’s Tyler Bate’s match for the taking. The NXT UK’s first Champion has all the skills to beat WALTER, but it’s going to be a tough showdown as The Ring General is more than capable of retaining.

Personally, I can see WALTER keeping hold of the belt, and doing so at Hello Wembley would mean that WALTER would be the best PROGRESS World Champion since Jimmy Havoc. That said, seeing Bate face either Mark Andrews or Eddie Dennis for the Championship would be a thrilling battle, but WALTER gets this in my opinion, and leaves Wembley the champion.

Winner: WALTER

Chris White loves to write, and is a huge fan of wrestling of all kinds. He supports the Boston Celtics, listens to hip hop, and wishes Ric Flair was his granddad. He's a pretty cool guy, just ask his mum.

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