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‘RAW After WrestleMania’ Live Recap



The fallout from WrestleMania 34 begins live from The Smoothie King Center in New Orleans at 8 p.m. ET and we’ll be here all from beginning to end to keep you up to date on the biggest Monday night of the year for WWE. Keep an eye on this page and make sure to follow along with us @FightBoothPW.

Stephanie McMahon’s music hits to open the show. Her arm is in a sling due to Ronda Rousey sinking in an armbar to finish last night’s mixed tag team match at WrestleMania 34. The crowd is screaming “You tapped out!” at McMahon. This crowd is rowdy as it traditionally is on the RAW after Mania. Stephanie is putting herself over saying that she brought out the best in Ronda Rousey. She says she deserves at a pat on the back. Stephanie brings out Rousey. She says she couldn’t be more proud of what she accomplished last night.

The crowd gives Rousey a ‘Rowdy’ welcome. “Ronda last night, you made me tap out. The better woman won,” Stephanie says. Deafening ‘Ronda Rousey’ chants from the crowd. Steph calls Ronda a role model for girls everywhere. Stephanie tells Ronda that there’s nothing that she can’t do with the WWE machine behind her. The crowd chants “Bulls**t and Shut the f**k up’ at Stephanie. Stephanie asks the crowd to give it up for Rousey/ They give a light cheer. Stephanie offers her hand and they shake. They proceed to hug. Ronda goes from smiling to mean mugging in a split second.

She throws Stephanie to the ground and puts her in an armbar. She rips off the cast. She torques Stephanie’s arm as Stephanie screams blood murder. Stephanie is really selling this incredibly well. Stephanie taps and continues to scream. Ronda smiles again. The crowd loves it. Ronda exits and medics and referees come to Stephanie’s aid. The ring announcers asks the crowd if they could please have a little respect for Stephanie McMahon. They boo. Michael Cole gives his yearly reminder that this is a very non traditional audience. Graves says that they boo who they normally cheer and cheer who they normally boo. Exact same line that JBL used last year if I’m not mistaken. New RAW Women’s Champion Nia Jax is up next.

A commercial announces a 2-day Superstar Shakeup event for next week on RAW and SmackDown Live.

Nia’s music hits. She receives a really nice pop as she walks down the ramp with the RAW Women’s Championship. The crowd chants “You Deserve It” for Nia. Alexa Bliss is out next with Mickie James. “Well it looks like there’s no bigger bully here than Ronda Rousey. Unless of course you’re talking about Nia Jax,” Alexa says. Alexa continues to talk about Nia’s weight. The crowd chants “a**hole” at Alexa. Alexa says she was completely distraught after Nia beat up Mickie James. She was competing under emotional distress. Nia tells Alexa to shut up. Alexa says Nia doesn’t have a partner for their tag team match tonight. She says she enjoyed every second of what she did to Alexa and Mickie last night. Nia says she does have a partner. And her name is…..Ember Moon. This is Moon’s Monday Night RAW debut.

Nia and Mickie start. Nia picks up where she left off yesterday with Mickie. Alexa tags in. She gets to work on Nia. She tags in Mickie and they double team Nia. Nia is able to fend off Alexa and grab Mickie by her hair. Nia tags in Ember. She pours it on Mickie before Mickie tags in Alexa. Ember is showing off her full arsenal here in her debut. Ember hits ‘The Eclipse’ on Alexa to gain pinfall and get the victory for her team. Solid debut for Ember. Alexa sold The Eclipse like a million bucks.

We cut to Kurt Angle backstage on his cell phone. He puts over Moon on the phone to whomever he’s speaking with. Braun interrupts. Nicholas is here! Braun says they’re relinquishing the RAW tag titles. Nicholas has a scheduling conflict. He’s still in the 4th grade. Braun says they’re coming back for those titles when his schedule clears up. No Way Jose is set to make his RAW debut next.

No Way Jose is here with his Conga line. This is very reminiscent of Adam Rose and his Rosebuds. I don’t mean to be a killjoy here, but this gimmick isn’t going to last. The NOLA crowd loves it though. Great energy for the RAW after WrestleMania. They have a local talent for Jose in the ring. Jose hits his Fastball Punch for the victory. The match lasted about 20 seconds.

The Bar asks Kurt Angle for their titles back after Braun and Nicholas relinquished them. Angle says that there will be a Tag Team Eliminator with the championship match going down at the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia. That begins tonight.

We cut back to see that Gallows & Anderson versus The Revival is already underway as the first Tag Team Eliminator match. The Revival hit Shatter Machine for the victory to advance to next week.

Fresh off his big win at WrestleMania 34, Seth Rollins is out next. The latest WWE Grand Slam Champion makes his way to the ring with the Intercontinental Championship around his waist to kick off hour number two of Monday Night RAW. The crowd approves.

Rollins says that was the loudest “Burn It Down” I have ever heard to the audience. “After that match last night, I can finally say, Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins is back baby,” Rollins screams. “I gotta admit, Grand Slam Rollins kinda has a nice ring too it,” he says. The crowd approves again with a chant. He says that he finally caught up to Roman and Dean and now every single member of The Shield is a Grand Slam champ. Rollins is interrupted by Finn Balor.

“Seth, I’m sorry to come out here to interrupt the celebration.” There’s something Finn has been thinking about all day that he has to get off his chest. Balor congratulates Rollins and says that he deserves it. The crowd gives another “You Deserve It” chant, because, they really just love to do that as much as humanly possible. Finn says that he was the better man last night. Rollins was the winner. The Miz was the loser. And he is left wanting more. Balor says he wants to be the first person to step up and challenge him for the IC Championship. He offers his hand. Rollins is up for it. Out comes The Miz with The Miztourage.

Miz says he’s more than happy to interrupt the celebration. He says that Rollins does not deserve it. The Miz says he became a father recently and that now he realizes everything he does in his life affects hers. Rollins and Balor and the crowd congratulate him. The Miz says that his wife, Maryse, says that his daughter cried when “Rollins stole his title from him last night,” and that made his wife cry as well. It also made The Miz cry and he’s man enough to admit it. Rollins says it was man enough for him to admit that he cries. He says that is also what happens when people watch him try to wrestler. Rollins says The Miz can’t even lace up his boots. The Miz asks the crowd if they want him to invoke his rematch clause. They do. He doesn’t. He’ll invoke his rematch clause when he wants too. That will happen at Backlash. It looks like we’re getting The Miztourage versus Finn and Seth Rollins in a handicap match, then, Jeff Hardy’s music hits! The Miztourage exit. Hardy’s music plays the scene out.

After commercial we learn that GM Kurt Angle has set a 6-man tag match between The Miztourage and team of Hardy, Rollins and Balor.

Next up is a singles match between Mandy Rose and Sasha Banks. Absolution is there to support Rose. Bayley comes out to join Banks. The crowd is singing to Bayley like they do overseas. Coachman seems legitimately disgusted by Graves’ praise for Mandy Rose. I’m not sure if the mic was supposed to catch that.

After we return from a commercial break, Mandy pushes Bayley outside of the ring. Bayley swings at Mandy but she ducks. Bayley clocks Sasha and accident. Back inside of the ring, Mandy Rose hits a monster running knee on Sasha just as she re-enters the ring. Rose gets the victory. Paige takes the mic. “Some of you may know this, some of you don’t though,” she says. It appears that she’s about to announce her retirement. “Unfortunately due to neck injuries I can no longer perform as a in-ring competitor.” Paige tears up. The crowd chants “Thank you Paige.” She thanks all of the female superstars in the back. Paige thanks Daniel Bryan. She says he gives her hope that she may come back one day. She also thanks Edge. She says that he showed her that there is life outside of this. It hurts her to say this but she has to go find something else. She debuted 4-years-ago in New Orleans and won the Divas Championship from AJ Lee. 4 years later, she retires in New Orleans inside of the same building. The crowd chants “This is Your House!” Paige thanks them and says that this will always be her house. Very emotional scene. She leaves her latest t-shirt in the ring with the microphone.

The announce team talks about The Undertaker’s return last night. They proclaim that “The Deadman” is back.

Elias takes center stage. His guitar playing is a lot cleaner than it was last night in New Orleans. He asks the crowd if they want to walk with him. Who wouldn’t? There’s definitely a large overseas contingent here. The announce team continues to point it out after as they add some flavorful chants to the broadcast. After Elias plays a hateful tune to the crowd, Bobby Lashley’s music hits!! The crowd erupts. Elias attempts to strike him but Lashley counters with a neckbreaker. Lashley holds Elias up in the air for about 15 seconds then drops him with a suplex. This was a vulgar display of power from Lashley.

We head backstage to join Kurt Angle on the phone again. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are here. They want to join Monday Night RAW. Angle isn’t sure if he wants anything to do with two guys who got fired for attacking their General Manager and Commissioner. “My tag team division is full, but I hear that TNA is hiring,” Angle delivers the line of the night there. Angle says that he has one spot available and Owens and Zayn have to wrestler for it tonight. Take or leave it. They take it.

Heath Slater and Rhyno are upset that they aren’t in the Tag Team Eliminator. They were the first SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions after all. Slater needs kids. He needs this job. They issue an open challenge to any tag team in the back. Authors of Pain accepts. Paul Ellering leads Akam and Rezar to the ring. This is their RAW debut.

Slater starts hot, he kicks Akam in the face. Akam no sells it. This is gonna be fun. Rezar hammers Rhyno with a boot. They hit The Last Chapter for the victory. The match lasted about 30 seconds. Ellering looks to lead Akam and Rezar to the back but they leave him behind. Ellering shakes his head.

The announce team talks about Brock Lesnar’s resigning with WWE. They announce Lesnar-Reigns for the Universal Title in Saudi Arabia later this month in a steel cage match. Roman Reigns’ music hits. The crowd gives him hell as expected. We are informed that Reigns received 12 sutures to the forehead and 10 stitches to the scalp as result of sharing the ring with Brock Lesnar last night at WrestleMania.

“As you can see, I got my ass kicked last night. But I’m here tonight,” Reigns announces. Brock Lesnar isn’t. Reigns says he didn’t know what happened yesterday. He says Vince himself couldn’t even look him in the eye and smarten him up. Reigns says that Lesnar is one hell of a businessman. He didn’t even learn about the steel cage match until he found out on the internet. He says if they continue to put him in matches with Brock the story will end with him becoming Universal Champion. Samoa Joe’s music hits. What a night.

“Let’s break out the tin foil hats, because Roman thinks there’s a conspiracy.” Great opening line for Joe. He says Lesnar didn’t beat him, he exposed him. He calls Reigns a failure. The crowd is definitely hot for Joe. He tells Roman that he lied to his fans, his family and himself. He says that Roman gets broken and Brock gets richer every time they match up. Joe says that after Brock is done rag dolling him across the cage and he fails once again, Joe will be waiting at Backlash to put him too sleep.

Titus Worldwide is up next against a mystery team in the next Tag Team Eliminator match. The winner faces The Revival next week for an opportunity to face The Bar in Saudi Arabia later this month. The team of ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt will face Titus Worldwide. The crowd chants Delete.

Corey Graves informs Michael Cole that Wyatt was rid of the Succubus known as Sister Abigail when Hardy threw him into the Lake of Reincarnation. The crowd sings “He’s got the whole world in his hands.” Wyatt and Hardy are brilliant together. I can’t think of a better way to bring Wyatt back then this. They hit a Sister Abigail into a Twist of Fate for the victory. Twister Sister? Call it what you will. Hardy and Wyatt pose and we are given a replay of the opening segment with Stephanie and Ronda.

Kevin Owens versus Sami Zayn is up next in a winner receives a Monday Night RAW contract match. KO is out first. This was a fantastic match between KO and Sami as you can imagine. Definitely the match of the night. The chemistry between these two has “two friends that have been working together for over a decade” written all over it. The match ends with both Owens and Zayn unable to answer the standing ten count. Both Owens and Zayn are without a job.

Matt Hardy chats it up with his brother backstage. Wyatt greets Jeff as Brother Nero. Jeff says that he’s glad his brother rendered Sister Abigail Obsolete. Balor and Rollins both have a WTF looks on their faces. This was a fantastic segment.

The Miztourage is out next. Hardy comes out first for his team. He’s followed by your new Intercontinental Champion, Seth Rollins. Finn Balor is out last. Rollins and Axel start for their respective teams. The crowd pops huge for a Axel shoulder tackle. They are still very much awake. Dallas tags in. Rollins hits him with a Hogan leg drop. Jeff Hardy hits both Dallas and Axel with Poetry in Motion in each corner with some help from Balor and Rollins.

We come back to commercial to join Rollins and Dallas in action. Rollins quickly tags in Balor. The Miz is in next. He slows down the pace with a rest hold on Balor. Neckbreaker from The Miz. He gets the cover but Balor kicks out at two. The Miz tags in Axel. Axel looks great tonight in a main event spot. He tags in Dallas as they continue to pour it on Balor. The crowd is urging on Balor to get to his corner. Balor finally tags in Hardy. THe crowd chants Brother Nero. Axel and Dallas double team Hardy but he’s able to hit them both with Whisper in the Wind. Rollins and The Miz are the legal men now after being tagged by their respective partners. Rollins runs wild. He hits a suicide dive on Axel. He takes out all three men with a suicide dive. He turns his attention to The Miz now. The crowd chants burn it down again. The Miz avoids a running knee from Rollins. The Miz goes up top. Rollins meets him there to hit a superplex. Falcon Arrow from Rollins. He covers The Miz but it’s broken up. This match has completely broken down now. We’re back to Rollins and The Miz as the legal men. Rollins nails The Miz with a Curb Stomp and it’s curtains for The Miz. One. Two. Three.

After the match, Dallas attacks Rollins from behind but he’s met with a Twist of Fate from Hardy and Coup de Grace from Finn. Swanton Bomb from Hardy. Curb Stomp and a Superkick from Rollins. Another Coup de Grace from Balor. Another Swanton Bomb from Hardy on Axel now. Curb Stomp by Rollins on Axel. Game over.

That’s all she wrote folks. Hit us up @FightBoothPW to tell us what you thought about tonight’s show. We’ll be back with live coverage of the first SmackDown after Mania tomorrow night beginning at 8 p.m. ET.

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